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Uncharted 4 Is Coming To PC, Sony Document Shows

Following the releases of Days Gone and Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC, a recent investor report shows that PlayStation might already have its next port lined up.


Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4 is coming to PC at some point, according to a recently published Sony investor document. This document is available on Sony's official site, with the intent of giving investors a view on the state of the PlayStation brand, and it highlights many of the successes that the PS4 and PS5 have had in the last year.

Since 2020, PlayStation has removed the strict barrier between consoles and PC, making the days of pure PlayStation exclusives behind us. First with the releases of both Death Stranding and Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC last year, Sony Bend's Days Gone also made its way to PC just last month. As one of the PlayStation's most iconic brands, Uncharted 4 is one of the highest selling games on the PlayStation 4, and it makes for a prime candidate to bring the game to a new audience on the PC. While this doesn't outright confirm that Uncharted 4 is most definitely on the way, it does highlight that PC ports of PlayStation games will be something to expect more of in the future.

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Along with details about more PC ports, the investor doc also detailed that the PlayStation 5 has been successful so far, with the standard edition of the console projected to break even by the end of June 2021. Other details of note in the doc include mention that despite the shortage of superconductors due to the massive change brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, engagement in the PS5 is still high even though consoles are in short supply. Another note is that the PS4 is a big earner for PlayStation, with most PSN sales coming from the previous-gen console.

With Sony's May 2021 State of Play stream and E3 2021 coming up, we may hear more about what's coming up for PC releases of PlayStation games. Regardless, the weeks ahead are looking to be an exciting period for all that's to come with PlayStation 5. Along with our coverage of the May 2021 State of Play focusing on Horizon: Forbidden West, we can also expect a wave of reveals and announcements for the future of PlayStation in June.

GameSpot will be continuing coverage of what's come with all things PlayStation, which will be a key fixture for our Play For All 2021 coverage. Be sure to check back with us for more info as it comes.

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