Uncharted 4 in Real Life Looks Totally Intense

Fan-made video has all the cover-based combat and car chases you'd expect from Uncharted.


The latest video from YouTube channel Freakin Rad certainly lives up to that name. "Uncharted 4 Gameplay in REAL LIFE" is exactly what it sounds like.

Actors portray Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher on a daring mission that involves shoot-outs and car chases. All of it looks great and definitely captures the spirit of the game, including the Drake actor making silly quips after he takes out enemies. Take a look--you can even crank the visuals up to 4K if your monitor supports it (via GamesRadar):

For more on how the Freakin Rad team made this video, check out this behind-the-scenes making of feature.

Freakin Rad is behind a number of other cool gaming videos, including Halo vs. Destiny and Halo vs. Predator. Head to the channel's YouTube page to see these and others.

Uncharted 4 launched on May 10. It sold 2.7 million copies in its first week, Sony announced earlier today.

"A huge congratulations goes out to Naughty Dog for an incredible feat," marketing manager Asad Qizilbash said. "The success of the game is a testament to the caliber of the team at Naughty Dog and their unwavering commitment to their fans.

"Most of all, we wanted to give a special thank you to all of you who joined us so far on this incredible adventure, and have embarked with us on Nathan Drake's final, wild ride."

GameSpot's Uncharted 4 review scored the action-adventure game a 10/10.

"Uncharted 4 is a challenge to the medium. In its writing, in its design, in its understanding of what makes games unique, Uncharted 4 is something to aspire to," critic Mike Mahardy said. "It's a shining example. And we'll be talking about it for years to come."

Naughty Dog has extensive DLC plans for Uncharted 4 that include things like more multiplayer maps and modes, all of which will be free. Additionally, Naughty Dog is making single-player DLC for Uncharted 4, representing a franchise-first.

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