Uncharted 4 Goes Gold, Dev Calls It "Most Visually Stunning Game Ever Created"

The long-awaited PlayStation 4 exclusive comes out in May.


Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Naughty Dog's long-in-development PlayStation 4 exclusive that was at one time scheduled to debut in 2015, has "gone gold." That means development on the base game is finished and discs are now headed to manufacturers for mass-production ahead of the game's May release date.

Naughty Dog shared the news today on Twitter.

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It's been a long road to release for Uncharted 4. The PS4-exclusive was first scheduled to launch in 2015, but was later moved to March 2016 and then again to April 2016 before its latest delay to May 2016.

Uncharted 4 is the final entry in the series that Naughty Dog plans to develop and the last one to feature Nathan Drake in the lead role. However, the series may live on with another developer.

Uncharted 4 director Neil Druckmann shared this picture of what appears to be one of the first discs with the full game on it. Check it out:

Additionally, the game's other director, Bruce Straley, said in his own tweets that Uncharted is is possibly the "most visually stunning game ever created" and the best Uncharted ever.

In other news, just this week, Naughty Dog released the latest Uncharted 4 mini-documentary.

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I really cannot wait for this title looks Phenomenal, breathtaking, and emotionally enticing. I guess seeing how the franchise has evolved since the beginning makes this all very compelling to say the least. I am glad Naughtydog have allowed more time to develop a masterpiece, cause I believe this one will blow us away, why cant more developers create stunning games like this?, the gaming world would be a better place.

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Guys I just bought a PS4 and need game suggestions. The only series I want no part of is Call of Duty. Anything else is welcome. Trying to branch out this year so to speak.

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Depends on the type of genre you're interested in.

If you want something unique, they have "Gravity Rush" for about $30

"Ratchet and Clank" ($40) is an excellent option for those who like action/adventure platformers, but releases April 12th.

"Bloodborne" ($35 Amazon) is a must for anyone either a fan of the souls series or for those who aren't turned away by a "little" difficulty. Also the Lovecraftian gothic horror take is some of the most aesthetically best looking art in gaming today.

PS4 also has "God of War 3" ($23 Amazon), "InFamous" ($20), if you like graphics and don't care about short length and poor story try "The Order 1886" ($25 Amazon)

PS4 has the biggest line-up of Japanese oriented games, mostly JRPG's like "Tales of Zestiria" ($40) or "Persona 5" or SRPG's (Strategy RPG) like "Valkyria Chronicles" or "Disgaea 5" ($50).

It has great fighters like "Street Fighter V" ($55 Amazon) and "Guilty Gear Xrd" ($27 Amazon)

Alot of PS3 games are being remastered for the system too like "The Witch and The Hundred Knight" ($40), "Heavy Rain", "Beyond Two Souls" both interactive movie games, just released at $20.

Another interactive-movie game, "Until Dawn" ($40) is a good pick if you can stand horror and high amounts of gore.

"Driveclub" ($30) is good if you have a racing wheel and don't mind driving simulators.

You can prepare for Uncharted 4 by getting the "Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection" ($35~)

Even has "Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune" ($60 Play-Asia) (Import) for the sexually unashamed, anti-censoring chosen.

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Is that when it's running on the high end PC dev kits or on the PotatoStation 4?

I'm sure it looks nice but it would look better if you let PCs have it.

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From the first gameplay demo, I thought UC4 was the only game so far to finally reach the promise of rendering real time graphics that actually look like pre-rendered CG. Nothing that I've seen up to now can touch it. Yeah, some PC games run at a much higher res and render a solid 60 fps. But none have such a natural look as UC4 has managed to achieve. The lighting and character animation is just staggering. And so is the art direction. The Naughty Dog guys are true masters of their craft. Can't wait to play this game.

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Can't wait. Whiners gonna whine, haters gonna hate. F' 'em. This game is going to be glorious.

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Imagine the potential if it would come out on PC then, would be really sweet. (Calm yer titties console warriors, I'm still getting this for my PS4). One of the few games if not the only console game this gen I've felt hyped for. Looking forward to it.

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"Most visually stunnning game ever created" ??

I believe you.. Now i want to play!

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@daxterfox: I agree it is going to be amazing!! Yeah the 30 fps for the single-player is a bit of a drag-- months ago I wouldn't have minded, but after just recently replaying the first 3 at 60fps kind of made it difficult to bare.........anyways, it will still be amazing! I am in no way a fan of multi-player nowadays either, but after playing the beta for it, it is actually decently enjoyable.

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Just in time for PS5

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Of course it'll be visually stunning, they have to take focus away from the game's mediocre gameplay mechanics and bare bones multiplayer which runs on laggy P2P servers, has microtransactions, runs at 900p and will be a ghost town after 2 weeks

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@natieurz: I'll say again what I always say about Uncharted 4, "I can't wait to watch this game on Youtube". :/

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Next step is making it 60 fps. I prefer a constant frame rate myself, so its all good. One step at a time. I'm hoping the game turns out great overall.

Avatar image for NbAlIvEr10000

@Veemon_X: Well, if this "PS4.5" actually hits the market, chances are they might update with a patch to get the game running at 60fps/1080p for those consoles.

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Congratulations Naughty Dog. This will be amazing and I was thinking it may b game of the year and I hope so. I'm still enjoying the uncharted collection every bit

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This game looks better than anything on PC.

Avatar image for ALLIAMOS

@Richard841: yes and I have both, PC$ and PS4, and by the way did you try to play crysis 3 with 144hz monitor/2560x1440 resolution G-sync tech ?, try to play the witcher 3/ rise of the tomb raider on Samsung 4k js9500 ultra setting 60fps,

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Up hea teasn folk n makin us WAIT 4 a Game dats Done so y not go bak to Nxt mth Aholes??WtH we waitn 4

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@lonesamurai1: after playing uncharted 3 remastered , I think naughty dog can do anything about amazing graphics, the problem is I hate the 30 fps things ,,,,,,

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@lonesamurai1: you don't play games. you are a tech enthusiast and nothing more.

Avatar image for kiddoblivion

@Xristophoros: Then does that mean everyone who likes Uncharted is a "tech enthusiast"? Because mediocre gameplay wrapped up in pretty graphics is all it's ever been, right

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Nah, the best visuals will have to go to either "Until Dawn" or "The Order: 1886." Those are two very gorgeous looking games lol. Uncharted 4 is looking good though!

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@sonypony4eva: Until Dawn is a story driven game that doesn't utilize the gameplay elements that games like Uncharted have....therefore, it doesn't need to render things at a faster rate so it can utilize better graphics (if they really are in fact any better). The Order had to sacrifice A LOT to get graphics as good at they did.....sacrificing resolution with letterbox format and dropped to 30fps; now I know U4 is doing the same for FPS, but they are not holding back what the PS4 can do.

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@sonypony4eva: Naw, the best visuals will deffy go to Uncharted 4.

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TLOU was alright, i think its one of a few games by ND that i bought. TLOU wasn't perfect, it was good, but i had to be in the mood to play it. I own Uncharted, but didn't get in to it, for me, its over rated. I most likely wont be getting Uncharted 4 as i never bought 2 and 3, well, i might have bought number 2, but i can't actually remember lol. If i do have it, i never played it.

Avatar image for NbAlIvEr10000

@Mickeyminime: Well you've clearly made some bad choices then. I'll admit, I played the first Uncharted and didn't like it much-- albeit, the graphics were amazing at the time, but I just didn't like the controls and the aiming was a bit off. Years later I ended up getting Uncharted 2 (by certain means) and played a bit of it and it was simply AMAZING! They seemed to have fixed the controls to make them much tighter and the graphics only got better! Got about an hour into the game and figured I should stop while I'm ahead and go back to the first Uncharted. I did and got as used to the controls as I could and it too was an amazing games-- great set pieces and story line. Went forward with Uncharted 2 and, simply put, it is probably one of the greatest games ever made, period!! And as far as TLoU, it was probably one of the most intense story-driven games I've ever played-- and I agree with you, you need to be in a certain mood with it, because it's intention is to hit you at an emotional level.

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Metal Gear went PC, why not Uncharted?

Avatar image for NbAlIvEr10000

@Pelezinho777: Yup, as @Berserk8989 said, you will never see a PS exclusive come to PC unless the dev themselves go all-around with every platform......sort of like what Konami did with the Metal Gear franchise. In the past that would have never happened if Metal Gear stuck with $ony.

Avatar image for Pelezinho777

@NbAlIvEr10000: Gotcha.

Avatar image for Berserk8989

@Pelezinho777: Because it's a Playstation exclusive, not Xbox or console exclusive. Those never come to the PC as far as i remember.

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Will there ever be another EARTH WORM JIM

Avatar image for domiddian

@millzy203: Ah, the memories... Thanks for the nostalgia trip.

Avatar image for ahpuck

That headline, I think "It's the worse headline ever written"

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I never played any of the Uncharted games since I was solely an Xbox 360 owner during its time, but now that I have a PS4, I may just have to pick up the Collection of the first 3 and then get the 4th one later on. Naughty Dog was responsible for the best games of my childhood, being Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter so I'm sure this was/is a great series. I'm excited to play it, but I wouldn't want to start with number 4.

Avatar image for NbAlIvEr10000

@jayskoon93: DO NOT start with 4! This game at it's heart is to be enjoyed as an epic set-piece driven game with a great story; so starting with 4 would only ruin the experience. Because truthfully, ever single one of these games is perfect! With the remastered collection, not only are the graphics sharpened, but also the controls (that frankly plagued the first game on PS3). Plus, if you are even the slightest bit interested in the series, you can't go without playing Uncharted 2, one of the best games ever. You won't be disappointed.

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I quite liked TLOU but haven't been able to get into Uncharted. Shame because the game does look really good, but given that I haven't been able to get past 1 yet, let alone 2 and 3 I can hardly justify rushing out and picking it up. I wish I'd had a PS3 earlier in the last gen, I probably would have missed less games like this as a result.

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like he would say the game looks great, for a ps4?

it's the most ok looking game ever?

Avatar image for mike300zxt

I bet it's an epic game, but looks pretty cartoon-y, and being on PS4, no where near as "visually stunning" or realistic as some of the PC games running at higher resolutions and higher framerates. Sure it will be a great game, and I look forward to playing it, but claiming it's the most stunning looking game ever seems a bit silly!

Avatar image for scooby_dooo

@mike300zxt: I have no doubt this will be better than just a great game...more like masterpiece. Guess we'll see when we play it but I also think it really will be the most visually stunning game, ever. Even if it does only run at 1080p. As for the frame rates, I can't tell even the difference between 30 and 60fps.

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Actual quote

"I can't wait for you guys to see what I think (keywords "I think") is the most visually stunning game ever created. "

It's so crazy to me Eddie sliced this guys quote the way he did.

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Probably going to be my GOTY. Can't wait!!!!!!