Uncharted 4: Get an Extended Look at New Co-Op "Survival" Mode

All the details about Uncharted 4's horde-style co-op mode.


With the launch of Uncharted 4's co-op Survival mode coming out this month, Naughty Dog has now shared more information about it. In the PlayStation Experience video below, Naughty Dog designer Vinit Agarwal speaks at length about Survival as footage of the horde-like mode plays.

As announced previously, Survival challenges players to progress through 50 waves of enemies. This is broken up into 10 stages, each with five waves. Agarwal said some horde-like modes require you to commit as long as multiple hours, but Survival can be played in chunks to make it more "digestible." Each stage should take you around 15-20 minutes to clear, according to Naughty Dog.

Survival isn't just about killing enemies. There are five different types of objectives, including, "Survival (kill everyone), Siege (kill enemies from a certain location), Treasure Race (collect treasure spread across the map), Marked Man (kill a particular target), and Boss Waves (kill pirate ghosts). The Boss Waves begin with an intro cinematic setting up the particular villain.

Pulled from the game's campaign, these bosses include pirates like Henry Avery; the pirates can use Uncharted 4's mystical abilities and each has a specific tactic that it uses.

It's also confirmed in the video that you can play Survival online with other human characters or by yourself with an AI "buddy" partner. Agarwal said the AI character is no slouch, as it can revive you and perform melee attacks. Another thing to note is that Survival includes drop in, drop out support, so you can start a match with an AI partner and add a real-world friend when they come online.

Survival supports up to three players online--unfortunately, there is no split-screen. Watch the full video above to learn more.

Survival, like Uncharted 4's previous expansions, is completely free. It arrives in mid-December, and people who attended PlayStation Experience over the weekend got to try it out. Check out the roadmap below to learn more about what to expect in the future.

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In addition to more multiplayer content, Naughty Dog has announced a standalone DLC Uncharted game called The Lost Legacy starring Chloe and Nadine--learn more about it here.

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