Uncharted 4 Dev Talks Game Length, Difficulty Options, More

Action-adventure game has "pretty significant legnth," possibly longer than first three games.


With Uncharted 4: A Thief's End set to come out early next month, you may be wondering how long the game will take you to complete. There is no definite answer, but Naughty Dog's Arne Meyer said during a recent livestream event that the action-adventure game has a "pretty significant length."

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This is according to DualShockers, which watched the event and has a roundup here of key points. Though Meyer did not provide an exact number for hour many hours the game will take you to complete, he said it's expected to be longer than the first three entries in the series.

It's a "pretty meaty game," Meyer explained.

Game length is almost always a tricking subject, as people have different playstyles. Meyer also pointed out that A Thief's End has things like branching dialogue options and more open levels than past entries had. If you're taking your time and rooting through the world to find all the secrets, your playthrough may be longer than someone who is only interested in completing the story. On a related note, Naughty Dog recently said A Thief's End has 10X the playable space of past games in the series for some sections.

Naughty Dog also discussed A Thief's End's difficulty settings. For example, in the Madagascar demo section, there are only snipers to square off against. Play on Hard or Crushing, however, and you'll also face enemies with RPGs--combined with the snipers, this may prove to be a tall task.

In the Hard and Crushing difficulty options, enemies are also more accurate and quicker to find you, making the game's stealth approach more difficult. Additionally, enemies on Crushing difficulty will be "much more aggressive" when trying to find you, while playing on Crushing mode also removes some of the on-screen information regarding which enemies can see you and threat indicators.

Head to DualShockers to see a full recap of the livestream's key points, including why there is no co-op, details on the game's Photo Mode, and more.

After multiple delays, A Thief's End is now due to launch on May 10 for PlayStation 4. It's the final game that Naughty Dog plans to make, but not necessarily the last game in the series. In fact, creative director Neil Druckmann said he would be happy to see another studio make Uncharted 5.

In other recent news, Naughty Dog has talked about how the power of the PS4 made A Thief's End a better game as it relates to real-time cutscenes and the game's larger levels.

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