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Uncharted 4 Copies Show Up in the Wild Two Weeks Before Launch

Some retailers are reportedly selling the game early.


It appears that retailers in the United Kingdom have broken the street date for highly anticipated PlayStation 4 game Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Copies of the game have started to show up in the wild two weeks before its scheduled release on May 10, according to reports that emerged recently.

No Caption Provided spoke with a person who purchased A Thief's End from a CEX store this week, informing the site he intended to buy a camera lens, but noticed the game was on sale and picked up a copy. He says he's played the first two chapters of the campaign and the game is "running fine."

A Thief's End's multiplayer mode is not yet available, according to this person, while Trophies aren't synching and the full Tropy list is not available. Additionally, a Day One code for extra multiplayer DLC isn't working right now. None of this is surprising, given the game's release is still weeks away.

One possible explanation for why the retailer sold the game so early is that April 26 was A Thief's End's release date before the game was delayed to May 10. It could be that this delay was never updated in the store's release date database, though this is not confirmed.

Reports from and also claim that Amazon is sending out copies early, while pictures of more copies in the wild have emerged on Twitter.

Given that copies of A Thief's End are starting to show up, it's possible gameplay footage and story details will be posted online. If you're worried about spoilers, and it sounds like A Thief's End will have a dramatic ending given the subtitle, be careful out there.

In other news about A Thief's End, the game's final trailer has been posted. Additionally, developer Naughty Dog has joined Snapchat.

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