Uncharted 4 Branching Dialogue Limited to a "Few Spots"

This is not a BioWare game.


At The Game Awards last week, a new trailer for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End revealed that the action-adventure game would feature branching dialogue. However, it wasn't known at the time if this would be widely featured in the game or only seen in certain segments.

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Now, Uncharted 4 co-director Neil Druckmann has stated that Uncharted 4's branching dialogue will be limited to a "few spots" in the game's campaign. He tells Kinda Funny Games that such scenes are featured only where the developer felt they would provide "something interesting."

In the Uncharted 4 Game Awards trailer, branching dialogue is depicted in a scene where series hero Nathan Drake and his brother Sam meet for the first time in 15 years. Nathan Drake presumed his brother was dead before he knocked on his door. Naturally, they have a lot to catch up on.

In this scene, the player can then choose to tell Sam a story recapping Nathan Drake's adventures in previous Uncharted game. Branching dialogue here seems very natural, but where the player-driven narrative system may also appear in the game remains to be seen.

"What's awesome about Sony and how they treat us is they let us make whatever game we want to make" -- Druckmann

Branching dialogue is common in role-playing games, but this is the first time it's shown up in an Uncharted game. Whether or not your choices have an impact on how the game plays out is unclear.

Also in the interview, Druckmann talks about bringing Nathan Drake's story to a close with Uncharted 4, which is also the last game in the series that Naughty Dog plans to develop.

"Each Uncharted has been more successful than the [last]. So if you think about it, it's a horrible business decision [to end the franchise]," he joked. "What's awesome about Sony and how they treat us is they let us make whatever game we want to make. With Uncharted, these characters are real to us. When we're writing for them you can hear their voices in your head. It's actually quite easy to get in there. But it felt like, it's time to wrap it up. Nathan Drake is letting us know, 'Tell the final story.' And we felt like we really came up with something that looks at the three previous games as the start of an arc and this is the finish."

Uncharted 4 launches in March 2016 exclusively for PlayStation 4. The game's multiplayer beta is running now and ends on December 13.

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