Umurangi Generation Coming To Xbox Game Pass On May 19

It's the end of the world, but someone needs to take some pictures of the alien invasion apocalypse when Umurangi Generation lands on Xbox.


After launching on PC in 2020 and on Switch in 2021, the first-person photography game Umurangi Generation is headed to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on May 19. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can also try out the quirky game as the shutterbug simulator will be released through that service as well.

In case you missed it when it was first released, Umurangi Generation takes place in a retro-future city that is about to face an alien invasion. The military has moved in, towering mecha have been built, and the skies of Tauranga are filled with fighter jets.

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Life still goes on though, and as a courier for Tauranga Express, you'll be tasked with taking pictures and documenting the world and its reality through the lenses of your camera. Each photo taken is judged on its color, content, and composition, netting you a cash score that can be used to cash in on photographic bounties.

Finding film canisters, recreating postcards, and fulfilling timed deliveries earn you bonus cash, and you'll also have full creative control over your pictures. Beyond the story, there's also a speed run mode that'll test your skills, and a creative mode that gives you more control over the digital sandbox.

While you'll have to wait until the second half of May to play Umurangi Generation, the first batch of Game Pass titles have been revealed. Trek to Yomi and Citizen Sleeper are already out, and on May 10 you can grab Danganronpa 2, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, and This War of Mine: Final Cut. What Game Pass gives it also takes away, so say goodbye to Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, Steep, and a few other games.

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