UMD, DVD <i>Advent Children</i> launching simultaneously in Japan

Japanese PSP owners will be able to watch Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII-inspired CG movie on their handheld on September 14.


TOKYO--In recent months, Square Enix's extended silence on the Universal Media Disc version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children has sparked speculation that it may have been canceled. But today, the company announced that the CG movie will be simultaneously released on UMD and DVD on September 14 in Japan.

The UMD edition of Advent Children will cost 4,800 yen ($43), the same price as the DVD edition. At the current time, there is no limited-edition UMD package planned, meaning that consumers who want all the bonus items will have to go with the limited-edition DVD.

However, the UMD version will be getting a little bonus of its own. The disk will include a selection of battle themes from the upcoming Advent Children soundtrack CD, which will also be going on sale in September.

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