Ultra Street Fighter IV to contain "edition mode"

The information surrounding USFIV keeps on piling up, and today Capcom revealed that the game will give the player the ability to chose what SFIV version of a character they wish to play in a brand new mode dubbed "edition mode".


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Capcom has announced that Ultra Street Fighter IV will include a so-called "edition mode", which lets players pick any previous version of a character from the SFIV franchise against the new characters in USFIV, or any other character currently in the game. All-in-all, this means that characters present in every edition of SFIV will now have five different versions of it present in USFIV, which gives the player almost an unlimited amount of options when facing re-balanced or even new characters.

USFIV was most recently broadcasted at the SoCal Regionals tournament, where Chris King walked away with a first place finish.

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