Ultra Street Fighter 4's $15 upgrade works with Xbox Live/Plus freebie SSF4

The latest game in the Street Fighter IV series will be available in early June.

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Before it's released as a standalone game later this summer, Street Fighter fans will be able to upgrade their existing games to the latest version of Street Fighter IV, Ultra Street Fighter IV, at a discount in June. Xbox 360 owners patient enough to wait for mid-June, however, won't need to already own any of the old games to be entitled to the discount.

The Ultra Street Fighter IV digital upgrade lands on June 3 for PlayStation 3 players (June 4 for those in Europe) and June 4 for Xbox 360 players. At that point, It will be available only to those who own Super Street Fighter IV or Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition and will be priced at $15.

Full digital and disc-based versions will be available for both systems on August 5 for $40. PC players won't get the game in any form until August 8; starting then, they'll have their choice of the digital upgrade (for $15) or the full digital version (for $30).

As noted above, Xbox 360 owners will have the opportunity to purchase the digital upgrade for $15 without having bought either Super Street Fighter IV or Arcade Edition. That's because, as revealed earlier this week, Arcade Edition will be one of three Xbox 360 games that Xbox Live Gold members receive for free in June. Capcom confirmed to GameSpot that this version is eligible for the Ultra upgrade, but with the freebie not coming until June 16, it will require waiting until almost two weeks after Ultra's launch to begin playing. Capcom also confirmed that those with the free PlayStation Plus version of Arcade Edition can upgrade to Ultra just the same as anyone else.

Ultra Street Fighter IV adds five new characters--Poison, Hugo, Elena, Rolento, and Decapre--six new stages, new modes, and balance changes. Those who opt to purchase the full version (either as a download or on disc) will get a bonus in the form of every bit of costume DLC released for the Street Fighter IV series to date. Preorderers will receive the five costumes seen in the trailer above.

For more on Ultra Street Fighter IV, check out the series of videos Capcom recently released offering up tips on the new characters from pro player David Hinds.

This story has been updated with details on upgrading the PlayStation Plus version of Arcade Edition.

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