Ultra-Rare PS4 Winning Bidder Backs Out

But Sony steps in to pay the $129,000 bid fee and a matching gift, with all proceeds going to charity.

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The person who "won" the online auction for what might be the rarest PlayStation 4 on the planet has backed out after submitting a top bid of $129,000.

The system in question was a 20th Anniversary PS4 console, but not just any unit; it was the first of only 12,300 ever produced, making it the ultimate collector's item.

It remains unclear, however, why the anonymous bidder pulled out of the auction after pledging to pay $129,000 for it. However, Sony has stepped in and agreed to not only cover the $129,000 bid, but also match it. All proceeds from the auction, which total $258,000, will go to Save the Children Japan.

In addition, Sony will keep the ultra-rare PS4 at its offices in Japan.

Sony released the 20th Anniversary PS4 in December 2014 to celebrate the original PlayStation's launch in Japan in December 1994. Units sold out in a matter of minutes. For everything you need to know about the console, check out GameSpot's unboxing video below.

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