Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 confirmed

Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Strider, and more join roster of crossover fighting game for budget-priced second helping with new stages and modes this November.


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The rumors were true. Leading into this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Capcom has confirmed Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for a November launch on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Not to be confused with the Ultimate Marvel universe.
Not to be confused with the Ultimate Marvel universe.

Originally released in February, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is being overhauled for the Ultimate edition with a dozen new characters, eight new stages, and new modes. The new cast has yet to be fully revealed, but Hawkeye and Ghost Rider will join the Marvel stable, while Ghosts 'n Goblins gargoyle Firebrand and fan-favorite Strider Hiryu will be added to Capcom's side.

Beyond those additions, Capcom is promising tweaks to the game's fighting system and enhancements to its online functionality. Specifically, the game will include a spectator mode so players waiting for their turn in a group fight can watch the current match live instead of settling for a placeholder animation of gamer cards bumping into one another. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will sell for $40.

For more on the original Marvel vs. Capcom 3, check out GameSpot's review.

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Just like Super Street Fighter IV, indeed. I liked Street Fighter IV's gameplay enough to pay $40 for Super. I don't know that I feel the same way about MvC 3.

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its not worth it unless it has a proper story mode like in mortal kombat (9) or Blazblue , and i cant consider it that great of an upgrade either without that necessary function. :[

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MOTHER F*****S !!

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@true_hurdler Think again. People were pissed the first time around when Frank West wasn't in the game. Especially considering the fact that he was an almost completed character but had too many bugs to iron out before their rushed release date. Frank west was one of the most raged about characters when this game came out.

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you know what i was mad but i calm down and said to myself i don't wanna hurt myself as a gamer and not enjoy playing games i like so from now on, from this moment forward i am buying all capcom games USED. There everybody wins

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Here it goes again... just like Super Street Fighter.

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Wow. I'm glad I stopped buying Capcom's games because it seems they still don't get it. They're the biggest rip-off gaming company ever. Always were and always will be.

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I've been a fan of Capcom since the NES and right now I don't know what to say. Waited 10 years for Marvel vs Capcom 3 and honestly thought it was okay, but lacking-but now this? I understand from business standpoint you need to make a profit, but this is NOT the way to do it. Sell for $40.00?! I would rather wait another year or two for a COMPLETE game than a slap in the face and numerous updates of the same game (see Street Fighter IV). Very disappointed:(

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All these "Super ultimate AE mega edition" jokes are gettin old ppl

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@Poodger: No they won't, actually

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I'm getting fed up with these bastards. If this had been a dlc I might have been able to semi tolerate it but this is some BS right here. They think we're in the 90's still.They announce a follow up to MVC3 that will be released in the exact SAME year that will have all the features that the first game should of had. They blatantly sold us a beta for $60. And 8 new stages, wow, just wow.

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still waiting for the master blaster super awesome game-of-the-year edition.

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I play only single player anyways, or couch multiplayer, so I figure I can wait for this version to go back down to 20$, or pick it up at a unknown store for 17$ like I did with Super Street Fighter 4.

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Thanks capcom for ensuring that I'll never buy one of your fighting games again...I'm sick of getting ripped off. I do appreciate it though, since my money can now go to all the great original, one time release games coming out.

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I see a lot of people complaining about this "new" release, but hey! this is what CAPCOM have always done, don't you guys remember the street fighter 2 era? every year they release another version of the same game charging the full price, in the other hand ,their games are most of the times very good (when it comes to fighting games they are excellent) so I really have no problem buying this new version, even at full price.

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Darn, and I just paid $60 for the other game.:(, And if I buy this they'll probably come out with another version of the game?

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Frank West better be in. ALOT of people will be pissed if he isn't in it.

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I was just about to pick up MvC3.. November is a long way off, but I'm not buying a game when an updated version is due within half a year. Ah well.

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Did Phoenix make it?

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Ooh, looks cool!

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Venom please!

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I will wait until march 2012 for Super Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3...fearing that after buying it, Ultra Super Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is announced.

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enough about megaman, jesus man. He is dead get over it.

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Always Capcom

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Wow! I got some of what I wanted! Firebrand is showing up and so is Ghost Rider. Wasn't expecting them to have much of a chance. Strider was more of a given. And Hawkeye...well, I'm actually concerned he's going to be too much like Taskmaster (or is it Taskmaster too much like HIM?) but I'm sure he'll be a solid addition. Three cheers for having patience! :)

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haha, this is so lame. I'm not falling for this crap, it's the same freakin game!

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screw you capcom!

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mmm....I think I will wait for Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Arcade Edition Reloaded :?

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ahhhhh capcom, i caught on to your marketing schemes along time ago, and i refuse to buy your products, you love to churn out the same title quite a few times before you move onto the next sequal for whatever game your currently milking capcom may have some great titles, but they truly are garbage in how they run & conduct buisness, sry, but i will not aid capcom in their profiteering, they can juss go suck a fat one b4 i buy another one of there titles

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Strider Hiryu finally made it but no Captain Commando and Jin Saotome? Seriously -_-

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Really... really...... really. Guess Capcom is feeling the stress induced by Mortal Kombat huh, I mean they even threw in king of the hill, oh sorry, "spectator mode." Come on Capcom, we buy your games and support your products, can't you at least have some respect for your customers? Some of us even pre-ordered the game and bought the many dlc's for both Street Fighter and MVC3 & this is what you do? Couldn't you just wait till next yr and add these characters, new modes and stages & call it MVC4, even if it's to fool us? BTW, I'm stiull waiting for Capcom vs Snk 3

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I'll wait for MegaSuperUltimateMarvelvsCapomTriple3FightingLegendsNowWithMoreMegaMan. A******S!! I hate crapcom.

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wutRfightergamez? Hysterical comments so far. SSF4 was a fantastic value at $40 and this will be too. Cry more.

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I'm strictly renting capcom games from now on. I bought MvC3 with hopes of character dlc and got screwed, i'm officially done. It's pretty hard to shy me away from any games Marvel related but Capcom has found a way to piss me off when it comes to comic book videogames.

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And holy sh*t, i just saw a video and apparently the characters are getting new moves as well! Google UMvC3 now! lol

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OH FOR F**KS SAKE, I JUST BOUGHT NEW MVC3, just f**k off capcom

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Megaman is still not here ....thats smash bros without mario ....

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It better be a full game.

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I can see why so many people are irritated by this...this damn article doesn't say much of anything about it. If you google it, you'll see that its going to have 12 new characters, tons of new costumes, new stages, rebalancing, and new game modes including spectator mode (finally!), and who knows what else... So theres plenty to be excited about

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I'm confused... Is this a full game, or an expansion?

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WTF!! .... i paid full price pluc (13%) tax now this ...greedy game devs ....i'm never buying DLC again unless it can stand on par with BC2 vietnam in terms of content .

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Well there goes my support for Capcom...I am tired of this garbage from this company...We had 3 Streetfighter games...What next huh...3 MVC

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Wait till you see the hyper deluxe supreme omega edition.

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I should have known Capcom would do this, they been doing it since SF II so its not surprising.

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competitive gamers will buy this again cuz we have no choice

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I got my copy of mvc3 free and even though i got it free i still feel bad for the people who bought it full priced. I'm gonna sell my copy though and use the money to get UMvC3 though i know i suck but i just love this game. I agree though that they should have added this as DLC i wouldn't mind paying 10$ for this as DLC maybe even 15$ but 40 is wayyy too much. Sorry guys i feel sorry for you!!

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Damn it Capcom! We paid $50-70 for an unfinished game that you would re-release the REAL version of the game that people have been wanting less than a year later at $40! You better make the update got us who bought the original FREE, and put some version of Mega Man in it! Only then may you start to bring back the fans you are continuing to lose!

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To those whining about this release so close to the original MvC 3 ... wait. Capcom is not inflexible. They did change their minds earlier about DRM on the PC version of Super Street Fighter IV, and the extra characters in SSFIV:Arcade are available as DLC to those who bought the original (and if you get a used copy of SSFIV, you'll probably wind up better off). There's every real chance the new UMvC 3 characters will be made available as DLC to owners of the original.