Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 confirmed

Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Strider, and more join roster of crossover fighting game for budget-priced second helping with new stages and modes this November.


The rumors were true. Leading into this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Capcom has confirmed Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for a November launch on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Not to be confused with the Ultimate Marvel universe.
Not to be confused with the Ultimate Marvel universe.

Originally released in February, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is being overhauled for the Ultimate edition with a dozen new characters, eight new stages, and new modes. The new cast has yet to be fully revealed, but Hawkeye and Ghost Rider will join the Marvel stable, while Ghosts 'n Goblins gargoyle Firebrand and fan-favorite Strider Hiryu will be added to Capcom's side.

Beyond those additions, Capcom is promising tweaks to the game's fighting system and enhancements to its online functionality. Specifically, the game will include a spectator mode so players waiting for their turn in a group fight can watch the current match live instead of settling for a placeholder animation of gamer cards bumping into one another. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will sell for $40.

For more on the original Marvel vs. Capcom 3, check out GameSpot's review.

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Oh Capcom... Is it really needed to launch 70 versions of every game?

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DAMMIT!!!!!!! ima have to buy the new one now!! >:(

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I know I'll be getting this... You know why? Phoenix Wright has been confirmed! << LINK REMOVED >>

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To my consent, I want the entire new game to be as a patch for people who obviously wasted money on a half broken product. I want the dlc to be like as much as SSFIV AE. I dont know why they stay doing this, eventually people are gonna forget capcom ever existed if they are not gonna listen to what the fans have to say....This game shold be as no more then 20 dollars not 40. Gamestop should have an offer for trading in the original for the new at half price. I would do that if the patch is not avalible. Still....another complain...No megaman X...come on capcom..you wont let your mascot be in game but you will let a secondary charcter like zero be in...cut me a break...crapcom.

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Yet another fighting game from Capcom that will release 5 versions of the same game & people will blindly buy them like brain dead fanboy idiots. Keep buying & the will keep pulling crap like this.

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Capcom double dipping the nacho at its finest. Oh this brings back memories of Street Fighter II and its countless versions on SNES.

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and still no Cable! UGH!

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this should be at least $20.

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Capcom wtf happend to you ? :(

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@X_Colbert_X By that flawed logic the first game should have costed $190. No. This should be a $20 or less add on for xbl/psn, not a full game that comes out in the same year.

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well, time to sell the first one, any bidders?

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No PC version, Capcom is a joke!!

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If this is not dlc, capcom can go.... you know. Seriously they are releasing this in the same year. Why? I already bought it once this year. Why the hell would I do it again? Capcom is just slipping this year bad.

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If Capcom released these characters as DLC, they would've gone for 5 dollars each. That's 60 bucks right there. But for 40, you get those 12 characters, 8 stages, spectator, and a revamped online/offline interface. I bought the SE of the first game, but I'm not feeling ripped off about this.

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New characters leaked! EDIT: Pictures are removed.. AWWWW! Rocket Raccoon << LINK REMOVED >> Phoenix Wright << LINK REMOVED >> Dr.Strange << LINK REMOVED >> Frank West << LINK REMOVED >> Vergil (HOLY MOLY!) << LINK REMOVED >> Nova << LINK REMOVED >> Iron Fist << LINK REMOVED >> Nemesis << LINK REMOVED >> That's 12 characters in all Frank West, Vergil, Nova, Dr.Strange, Phoenix Wright, R-Raccoon, Iron Fist, Nemesis, Firebrand, Hawkeye, Ghost Rider, Strider

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YES!!!...wait.......Strider IS BACK TOO!!!!!..........WOW!!!! CAPCOM 4 EVER :)

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Are you serious?

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Wow Capcom .... you never cease to amaze at how much you're willing to screw over you're fans .... doesn't this crap just lead to more trade ins? Get rid of the old one for the newer version, so really, some game devs are just adding to the problem, not trying to help it.

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To everyone saying Capcom has a history of doing this, guess what, they don't. Not with the Vs. series. The last Marvel Vs. game to come out before MVC3 was MVC2, which came out in 2000. It's obvious Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 wasn't complete, they didn't even put in spectator mode when it's been in every other game they've made already. Now they release the completed version.

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Thats why I waited to buy, rented it, and it sounds like they are fixing the issues I had with it... Can't wait for this though

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Done. With. You. Capcom.

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I don't trade-in games out of principle, but this leaves me no choice. If you want Gamespot and Best Buy Trade-in to cut out your bottom-end, then I have no problem with that.

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Yeah, there's no reason to buy this, unless you didn't buy the first one. I'll wait. If they are doing what they did with Street Fighter 2 and 4, then there will be other versions later to buy

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OH I AM SO SURPRISED! CAPCOM NEVER DID THIS BEFORE! BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT! Actually I just realized Capcom never did it this fast before, wasnt it like 4-5 months ago that MVC3 came out? haha.

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I don't know whether I should be happy I held out for this, or mad at how greedy Capcom has become. Don't tell me, after this they're going to release "Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Arcade Edition". I called it if it happens ;)

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I'll pass on this iteration and wait until the final version comes out.

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Good job Capcom not finishing your games. And sucking money from all of us.

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Wow, November? Not even 10 months after the original half finished release? Releasing the same game twice in 1 year? Capcom aren't even trying anymore and have truly became a parody of themself, and especially not even trying to hide the fact they rushed MvC3 out when it was clearly unfinished. Charge 60$ for a half finished poorly tested game, charge another 10$ for 2 more characters, let gamers find all the serious glitches with the current product, then spend the next 10 months polishing the game and adding the content it was supposed to have the first time, and then release the finished version for another 40$. And yet there is people that still don't understand while the state of gaming is on a huge decline and why Capcom isn't the one great company they loved (look up a developes called Platinum Games, they're a large chunk of the actually good Capcom of the past). Oh and apparently Jill and Shuma-Gorath aren't going to be included on disk with this version, you still have to buy them as DLC. I assume it will be like SSFIV with costumes in that if you have them already you can re-download them for this for free at least. What a joke....

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They should just sell it as DLC

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Great, now we have a game 1.0 and before the end of the year a 1.1 version with stuff that should be in the first game anyways, and the sad part of this is that the gamers themselves fuel this business practice by buying the games all over again. Developers are so lazy that they don't even build a whole new engine they just add stuff to milk the cow again. PATHETIC!

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Gonna get it probably. Didnt get the original.

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gamers expect DLC. "They say Milk does a body good, but not this type of Milking."

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This is exactly why I stick to Namco's fighting games...

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Sounds Great, gonna get it...used of course, Capcom has no right to own my money if this verion will be once again obsolete in 6 months.

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@MrCoolGuy420 probably not man, they did this with SFIV when they came out with Super SFIV. The original SFIV can't even play online with the new one let alone download any off the new characters or other stuff.

Avatar image for Chaos_Dante_456

smh they should did this the first time. there aren't enough cuss words to express how pissed i am

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i think i'm going to wait until super mega blaster street fighter vs Teken to buy it

Avatar image for palmakoy

game devs are so stingy

Avatar image for Dezuria

I'll wait for Really Truly Ultimate Super Marvel vs Capcom Turbo Arcade FES Gold edition.

Avatar image for MrCoolGuy420

I Already Have The Original Marvel vs Capcom 3 Will This Updated Verson Be Avalible As DLC ? Because I Really Dont Want To Buy A New Copy Of The Same Game.

Avatar image for punisher70

So whats next the Marvel-vs-Capcom-Super-Street-fighter-crossover lol? Glad i waited to buy MvC3

Avatar image for Double_Wide

-sigh-...Why do I feel like I wasted my money the first time around? :(

Avatar image for Hey_Jay

Darn, I was totally confused with the Ultimate Marvel universe. Aw, man... Well, I suppose this is still cool, too.

Avatar image for Egotte

Too bad Capcom isn't cool like Netherrealm Studios, adding more characters to their EXISTING game, so that we don't have to buy an entirely new addition every time they spit a new color onto the palette.

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Next year it'll be Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom: Tournament Edition.

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Geez I was just going to buy the original MVC3. Looks like I'll be waiting a few months though.

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@Chris_Williams Except Capcom...they don't get jack from used game sales ;)

Avatar image for Cantido

No balance = no buy. Capcom is an empty shell of itself.

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and this is why I didn't buy MVC3 when it came out. Capcom has a tendancy to do this ever since Street Fighter 2. When are ppl going to learn to wait on about year on Capcom fighting games because they re-realease the same game with a ton of new stuff for 3/4s the price.