Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 confirmed

Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Strider, and more join roster of crossover fighting game for budget-priced second helping with new stages and modes this November.


The rumors were true. Leading into this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Capcom has confirmed Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for a November launch on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Not to be confused with the Ultimate Marvel universe.
Not to be confused with the Ultimate Marvel universe.

Originally released in February, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is being overhauled for the Ultimate edition with a dozen new characters, eight new stages, and new modes. The new cast has yet to be fully revealed, but Hawkeye and Ghost Rider will join the Marvel stable, while Ghosts 'n Goblins gargoyle Firebrand and fan-favorite Strider Hiryu will be added to Capcom's side.

Beyond those additions, Capcom is promising tweaks to the game's fighting system and enhancements to its online functionality. Specifically, the game will include a spectator mode so players waiting for their turn in a group fight can watch the current match live instead of settling for a placeholder animation of gamer cards bumping into one another. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will sell for $40.

For more on the original Marvel vs. Capcom 3, check out GameSpot's review.

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All i ask is for them to go get Vargil from Devil May Cry and Blade from the Marvel Universe. Also allow fighters to watch matches from the sidelines.

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TBH if done right this game update thing Capcom are doing with SF4 and MvC3 can actually be pretty cool. But only if existing owners can get the upgrade for liek 10-15$ via DLC and only if the new boxed version is no more expensive than new copy of the original. Sadly it is probably not going to be like that.

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Not the least bit interested after the extremely bare bones version they gave us earlier. I especially love the hype for the spectator mode which should have been standard to begin with. Buy the first game for $70 and then not even a year later, buy it again for $40. Not falling for this garbage again. Here's hoping it tanks hard and Capcom learns to finish their games before release.

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They should include a specialized D-pad controller with the game

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You're singing my tune. Ever since the SF4 fiasco everything by them is rushed or incomplete and aims to be remade. Sure it was bad during the SF2 days but this is ludicrous! However it's a necessary evil in Marvel 3's case. That game was an incomplete mess. They needed to release a better product. For some reason I don't think Capcom is going to deliver. =(

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what no pc again

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Glad I learned my lesson with Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition and I used that as a future reference concerning certain Capcom games....I wait.

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As much as i've waited to play as Ghost Rider, I have to pass on this game cuz of the tatics used by Capcom. I already payed 70 bucks 4 the special edition for Jill & Shuma. I dont wanna pay 40 more bucks 4 12 new characters.

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So..... does this mean they are going to start selling ultimate costume packs for all characters as well?

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@Evilnator That would be a waste of money ! I much rather wait for Super Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom HD Remix Arcade Edition: Director's Cut

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I wish I could have DLC for this, then I would get it.

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They better release all the new stuff as DLC !!!

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You tightwads. I will NOT purchase this. It should have been in the "regular" edition. I'm sick of all of this add on nickle & dime crap, Capcom. I have to think that I'm not the only one out there who feels the same way.

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$40? Ripoff for those who already own the first one.

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I hope x would be in this game

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I'm gonna wait for Super Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom HD Remix Arcade Edition.

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Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. I will never fall for this again, after buying SF4, never again...NEVER! NO MORE FIGHTING GAMES FROM CAPCOM!

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There's not just new characters but also new stages and game modes, this revamp is a thousand times better than the ''Super'' and ''Arcade'' editions of Street Fighter IV. And with a budget price you can't really complain.

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Where the f*** is Venom? If he's not in this, I guess I'll have to wait for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Arcade Edition. -_-

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HAWKEYE???? UUUUUGHH! I hate HAWKEYE!!! Ghost Rider kicks arse though.

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At least the re-releases of Street Fighter 4 had a year between each product. Us gamers that bought MVC3 though? Didn't even get a year before being milked.

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@X_Colbert_X If Capcom released these characters as DLC, they would've gone for 5 dollars each. That's 60 bucks right there. But for 40, you get those 12 characters, 8 stages, spectator, and a revamped online/offline interface. I bought the SE of the first game, but I'm not feeling ripped off about this. ************************************************************************** If you could trade the old game in for this one, it wouldn't be a rip off at all, since it's obvious this was suppose to be the final game. Capcom should let us send the first game back to them so they can send the new one to us.

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Guys if you REALLY want to know who got in...well...be my guest take a look at this list. You will be upset if you are megaman x fan...and yes...fanboys got thier wishes.... << LINK REMOVED >> This game will be an improvement..so I am seriously hoping that all the cheap shots that the first one had will be removed..

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I look at games like these as "Late Ideas" Clearly, this is all stuff that should have been been in the first game, Even tweaking the gameplay could have been done through patch updates. But why am I not suprised? This is Capcom where they released 10 different kinds of Street Fighter II, 3 Different Street Fighter III, 3 Street Fighter 4 and now They are releasing a new Marvel vs Capcom 3. But why whine? People are going to continue to be stupid and keep buying rehashed crap, instead of NOT buying it and forcing Game Developers to think "How come people aren't buying this?"

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So I'm still not going to get spectator mode for the game I purchased last spring!!! You know what capcom, I feel ripped that I was sold half a game and then instead of patching the broken crap you released, you instead release another game for more money. I feel cheated and I will not buy this, I hardly even play the first one because it was so bare bones. Capcom, there are many other games by developers releasing FULL games this November to buy rather than to buy this.

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GFY Capcom I already spent $60 on that garbage that is MvC3.

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Guys why are we whining? It's only $40 bucks for chrissake. Would you prefer if they release each character as a DLC for $10 each? Besides, Capcom's been doing Super versions of their games since the SNES era, don't act like it's unheard of blasphemy.

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Ha ha milking suckers.

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DLC characters for any fighter are never less than 400 points/$5 a pop. 12 new characters would cost more than this game's confirmed retail price. Balance changes on top of that and new modes means whining is unjustified. That's all I'm going to say.

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This is getting ridiculous. If the original wouldn't cost me $60 hard earned dollars it will be in the garbage can now. I'm sick of this lucrative rip-off, this is a fraud. Capcom is using early buyers as prototypes; they spent more for a product with a lot of flaws and after the complains they launch the same thing they way it should have been.

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Damn, those who bought the regular &/or collector's editions of MvC 3 for $60 or $70 plus wasted more money or MS points for characters or more modes got screwed over, because they were most likely going to be included in the next version for free (along with more modes & more characters in the next version for free). I'm just lucky that I held out on buying the original version, because I knew that Capcom would pull this stunt.

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Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Dr.Strange, Nova, Iron Fist and Rocket Raccoon Vergil, Phoenix Wright, Frank West, Firebrand, Strider and Nemesis, rummor new character and 8 new stages, Add all those as DLC like capcom did with arcade edition or ppl will be pissed off.

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To hell with this. I'm sick of this crap from Capcom.

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Still love the game even its not as the second one with all the characters but still might buy the game, i was thinking if its on the online store instead of anew disk but will see ones its come out. ^.^

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what a joke they cancel megaman legends 3 then decide to milk their other franchises if this doesn't show pure greed i need to find the rock you live under

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add them as dlc on other side, nicee ghost rider, as for ultimate version add more characters then. it's not street fighter that we are enjoy with only 6 new characters "icnlude jill and big eye freak".

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Where's the downloadable patch like with SSFIVArcade? I'm not paying $40 for a whole new game. Are they nuts? You might as well just wait, because you know a 3rd game will come out "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Arcade". Capcom should allow you to trade the old game in for the new one for FREE. Mail the old game back to Capcom and get the new one at no extra cost. That would make fans very, very happy.

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Ghost rider....cool

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12 new characters, eight new stages, new modes, fighting engine refinements, and online improvements sounds pretty good for $40 considering 5 multiplayer maps will run you $15 these days and new Mortal Kombat characters cost $5 a crack. If you disagree with the price, wait for a price drop/sale/trade in your original copy for cash/don't buy it at all. I honestly do not recall people being this angry about Super Street Fighter 4 (it sold very well and had a metascore of 91 on 360 and 92 on PS3) which was the exact same concept. Personally, I'm pleased with this because I never bought the original release earlier this year. $40 for everything I missed plus all these enhancements is awesome. Considering the amount of longevity these enhancements will add for fans, the $40 will probably be worth it for them. If you don't feel the enhancements will add $40 (less once you trade in your copy of the original) worth of longevity to the experience, you probably don't play the game enough to make it worth your while to spam comment threads with complaints.

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I'm sick of this milking crap with fighter games for money... I'm not buying any of them. Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV, Super Bend You Over 4.726

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I think this is Capcom's plan to make Activision look good. There's no way they're doing this for fans because it's a spit to the face.

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No Mega Man yet? looks like I'll be waiting for the Ultimate Super Duper Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Edition

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I expected this to happen I said it back when MvsC3 1st came out that they were gonna do this. I didn't buy the 1st and I'm not buying this, the only thing that looks different is the huds they like alittle like the one in MvsC2, everything looks the exact same only with 12 more characters, there is nothing that they are doing to this game that couldn't have been do in the 1st. On that note congratulations to those of you actually looking forward to this for whatever reason that may.

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Knew this would happen. I always felt MvC3 was a little rushed. And there is still no Megaman. Said this before but Megaman is dead. R.I.P. blue bomber. :(

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@Poodger: No REAL fighting game fan would want some dude with a camera and a baseball bat in a game with super powered characters, get over it...I would however like to see Phoenix Wri---OBJECTION! Yea, i guess not

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I wanted venom and carnage also......maybe in the next "arcade edition" in 8 months....

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 then ULTIMATE Marvel vs. Capcom 3 what's next "ULTIMATE Marvel vs. Capcom 3 ARCADE EDITION"

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bahaha suckers. i knew they'd do something like this. glad i waited.

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Sounds like the review will say the usual. "If you don't have it yet, buy this one. Otherwise it's really not needed." I don't actually have the original MVC3, but I don't have the systems it's on either...