Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 confirmed

Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Strider, and more join roster of crossover fighting game for budget-priced second helping with new stages and modes this November.


The rumors were true. Leading into this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Capcom has confirmed Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for a November launch on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Not to be confused with the Ultimate Marvel universe.
Not to be confused with the Ultimate Marvel universe.

Originally released in February, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is being overhauled for the Ultimate edition with a dozen new characters, eight new stages, and new modes. The new cast has yet to be fully revealed, but Hawkeye and Ghost Rider will join the Marvel stable, while Ghosts 'n Goblins gargoyle Firebrand and fan-favorite Strider Hiryu will be added to Capcom's side.

Beyond those additions, Capcom is promising tweaks to the game's fighting system and enhancements to its online functionality. Specifically, the game will include a spectator mode so players waiting for their turn in a group fight can watch the current match live instead of settling for a placeholder animation of gamer cards bumping into one another. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will sell for $40.

For more on the original Marvel vs. Capcom 3, check out GameSpot's review.

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Sinceramente me parece un robo!!! deberian sacar el dlc... que poco comprmiso con los usuarios que consumimos sus putos juegos!!! oja hagan lo que hicieron con SSF4AC

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Capcom, will you PLEASE give some representation to Power Stone in this update? PLEASE!?

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I don't care about the hate. I just don't. I will still buy this day one. This game is damn fun, even with its flaws. I loved the original roster. It's no secret there were problems with MvC3, but it was still a ton of fun to play.

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Dear Capcom, bite me.

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Even though I might get, it's only because I knew this would happen and didn't buy the original. Capcom is really getting on my nerves lately, especially with their sudden disapproval of Mega Man games, which is the game that made me love the company in the first place.

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After the megaman news I could care less about this; honestly the only thing Capcom can release at this point that would appease me after some of their transgressions would be a real Resident Evil game, ie 6 preferably with Leon as the MC.

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What's next?? "Super-Duper-Ultra Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3: Mega Giga Arcade Edition" ?? GET IT NOW , WITH 30 MORE CHARACTERS YOU NEVER HEARD OF AND/OR NEVER GAVE A S**** ABOUT AND 15 LAZILY DESIGNED BACKGROUNDS !!!! SAME GAME, DOUBLE THE PRICE!! AWESOME!!!! *3 months later* " Super- Duper- Ultra- Maximum- Overdrive- Ultimate Marvel Vs. CAPCOM 3: Tera- Mega- Giga- Overused Arcade Edition !!!!" SAME GAME, FULL PRICE !!! NOW WITH SPECTATOR MODE, YOU CAN WATCH THE PC FIGHT ITSELF WHILE YOU DO NOTHING LIKE AN IDIOT!!! YEEAAAAAHHH !!!!!! GET IT NOOOOOOWWW !!!!!!!!

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"It now has spectator mode!" Great, way to not make me feel cheated for having bought MvC3. I have lost all respect for Capcom fighters; I just don't think they try. Hell, DOA4, and xbox 360 launch title, had spectator mode and an interactive lobby. WTF.

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Why does Capcom insist on giving us games that are broken into parts? Lets all just wait until they release "Final Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3". And as Aurey said, lets hope X is in that one.

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It's stuff like this that makes me miss the NES, Sega Genesis, and SNES times even more!:(

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Capcom, I am dissapoint

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Great news. However, I wish to see more offline modes along with online ones

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No Psylocke, no Megaman, no X. Not buying. I'll wait until the 3rd or 4th MvS3 iteration, perhaps by then they'll be willing to sell me the entire game. Hawkeye? Please, at this rate the next unveiling will be for JJJ. And even that would be more fun than Hawkeye, by far.

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i bought the original version for 40 bucks new around release. Sold it for 30 upon hearing this news and will be buying this when it comes out. Bringing the grand total to 50 bucks spent. All i can say is thank you amazon, you make the sting of all this craziness quite a lot more bearable.

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.... anyone else starting to get the feeling that Capcom is going to the darkside to join Activision and EA? Think about it. In the past year we've gotten three versions of SSFIV, two versions of MvC 3, a lackluster Resident Evil Mercenaries game, and TWO CANCELLED MEGA MAN GAMES. What the heck is going on over there Capcom???

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Phoenix Wright or I will be very angry at Capcom.

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I'm really no longer surprised capcom would do this. they have done this in the past with Street Fighter 2, 3 and SF4. as well as most of their Resident evil games and some others. they're probably going to keep doing this with any game they make for the foreseeable future if we like it or not. we'll just have to get used to it i guess.

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It's about time Ghost Rider is included. Finally getting the recognition he so deserved

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@vengefulwilberg: Agreed the roster does leave much to be desired.

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@garland51 Um did you forget about the alternate costumes with SFIV? They were on disk DLC for SFIV, yet were still on disk DLC in both SSFIV and disk version of Arcade Edition. Also the reason I said that about Jill and Gorath is in the press release they said "the game will have 12 new characters for a total of 48 (50 with DLC)." Since MvC3 roster was 36, and new one will add 12 more, that means they only DLC characters they could mean are Jill and Gorath meaning they're still DLC only even in this verison, just like the SFIV costumes.

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Thanks for the link garland51, it appears they may include Firebrand to rep Capcom. Ghost Rider & Strider are definitely confirmed according to the video. It's very dissapointing the way they left out Spider-Man villains and Megaman. It's just as dissapointing they don't want Black Panther even though he's one of the most current members of the Avengers.

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Professor X or no buy for me.

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Pft, I knew this was coming out the moment Marvel vs Capcom 3 was announced. Just you wait. Next year Super Duper Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Deluxe Edition Part 2 will be in a store near you.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Capcom? Is it too much to ask that we get what we pay for? I Reserved MvC3 and I was expecting ALLOT more considering mvc rep and I was disappointed and now I'm just praying I dont get screwed out of DLC for Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D...

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Surprise, surprise! It's Capcom!

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@garland51: It's also true that Marvel suggested the Black Panther yet Capcom turned them down (idiots!). Moreover they fought for characters like Shuma-Gorath, you mean to tell me they couldn't fight for Kasady (Carnage), Brock (Venom), and some of the others? If they aren't going to do it for themselves do it for the fans who are funding their projects through buying their games. Besides you just explained about the Marvel side, Niitsuma calls all of the shots on the Capcom side. It would be illogical if this second release didn't involve one of the Megaman's considering the backlash they received from the first game.

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This is a fail. Especially since the newer version has a spectator mode. I really know the people that bought the original game was cheated now. We paid sixty dollars and we didn't get spectator mode and a full roster. And the roster still doesn't feel right. There is so many awesome candidates that Capcom left out. That is shameful. I will just buy Street Fighter Third Strike: Online Edition and an extra Mortal Kombat DLC character instead.

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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 ok its great

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Nah i'll just wait for the Ultimate Marvel Vs. capcom 3 Super omega IX edition ....i seriously ( insert banworthy curses here) hate crap like this ....now game devs think they can charge $15 for map packs $5 for individual characters and remove entire chuncks of games so that they can sell it later ......i bet you that if this was DLC its would be a 200kb file (a key to unlock on-disc content)

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@TheArcade: I'm afraid that Rocket Raccoon is true. From what I heard before MvC 3 was revealed, it was really Marvel's decision to put Marvel characters in this game, & not Nitsuma. Edit: Even Gamespot is talking about the roster in this update: [url=<< LINK REMOVED >>]Link.[/url]

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Ghost Rider should have been in the original release... release it as DLC Capcom!

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@garland51: Just caught that one, Rocket Racoon? You're joking right? They flag other more deserving characters in favor of Rocket Racoon? This MvC3 head producer Nittsuma must be a world class buffoon with his weird draft picks.

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If Capcom was going to respond to complaints, they would probably say: "Well, since the price of DLC characters is $5 each, and we are giving you 12 new characters for $40, you are actually getting a great deal!" I really regret how I got sucked into buying the original for how cool the fighting looked, only to be greeted with the anorexic content. Capcom games have been declining in quality for the past few years, and now they are just releasing priced updates for their games while leaving the purchasers of the originals out to dry. From now on, I will just wait a couple of years to get the final version of their games.

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Thanks for the tip. If this is true Capcom are truly some stubborn bastards or perhaps it's just Niitsuma & his lacky Seth Killian who can't get that stick out of their ass. You mean to tell me after all of those polls at Capcom-unity, people coming in droves to support Megaman X you mean to tell me they STILL ignored him and won't give a valid reason for his omission? In every poll I've seen X is at the top followed closely by Carnage, Cyclops, Venom, Gambit and Psylocke. Even if they were to skip the others give us back a Megaman incarnation. Rockman is Capcom's strongest representation and for them to pretend he doesn't exist insults me as a fan. While I applaud their finally recognizing Dr. Strange and Ghost Rider. They're still unwilling to deliver the definitive Marvel 3 experience. Screw you Capcom.

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@ TheArcade I agree with you and I think it is good reasoning. I wish communities would grow for other fighters. I have Blazblue CS so I will really get into it. I wish another Guilty Gear game would come out though.

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No Megaman X? Fail.

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Excellent deal.

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@TheDuskwalker: Sorry to say this, but Jill Valentine & Shuma-Gorath will most likely be included in the next version for free. Capcom wouldn't be crazy enough to have those same two characters for DLC in the next version when they've already been DLC before. Plus they were included on the disc for MvC 3; you just have to buy them to unlock them.

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I'm excited right now.. although i don't know if i should be

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BEHOLD!!! ...another proof that Capcom just wants to rob our money, my friends! :D @Chico_Azteca is right. You only should buy a Capcom game after it has completed a year!!!

Avatar image for KillbombX

Only way I'll get this is when it hits $20 or less.

Avatar image for TheArcade

Don't forget people, you don't have to limit yourself to Capcom fighters. If King of Fighters XIII is on the horizen and offers a different experience all together. Also, unlike MvC3 & SF4, KOF XIII is true 2D! If you wish for Capcom to get their act together, protest by buying other games. It will force them to become even more competitive and take their time and create quality releases. It's better than buying Street Fighter IV every year.

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Crapcom at their best , lesson of the day: don't ever buy a crapcom game at day one.

Avatar image for dicegamer

man ghostrider man it will be a honor to play with him hawkeye they can keep him

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@TheArcade: The other 8 characters are rumored to be Doctor Strange, Frank West, Iron Fist, Nemesis, Nova, Phoenix Wright, Rocket Raccoon, & Vergil.

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should definitely be released as a DLC add-on as well, its not fair for the people who were waiting for so long to get MvC3 and bought it immediately just to have to trade it in for another version

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This is absolutely ridiculous for those who already spent $60 on the first game. How greedy can you get Capcom? I used to love you guys, and now you're no better than Activision. And what's with excluding Mega Man yet again?

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This better get the same treatment as Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. I'd pay $15, to add this to my current edition. The $40 price point for a retail version isn't terrible, but if there isn't a DLC option, or if this doesn't at least use my original edition saves, I will be terribly disappointed.