"Ultimate Gaming Deodorant" Kickstarter Campaign Launches

"We know it's something in this industry that's a really big need."


A crowdfunding campaign for what's being called the "ultimate gaming deodorant" has gone live on Kickstarter. Creator Tim L Cooley says in the announcement video that, "I wanted to do something for the community that we really needed. So we came up with a deodorant line. Because we know it's something in this industry that's a really big need."

He's asking for $25,000 to get the project off the ground. As of October 29, funding stands at $1,162. The campaign wraps up on November 24, so there is still a lot of time left. Check out a video for the deodorant, called Plus Five, in the video below (via Kotaku).

You might be wondering what Plus Five smells like. "It seems like many gamers they feel like it should smell like a combination of Mountain Dew, Cheetos, and pizza, but it actually smells really nice," Cooley said. He specified that it's a "blend of lavender, coriander, and orange flower."

Pledges of $7 get you a single stick, while pledging $13 gets you three. Put down $24 and you'll get a six-pack of Plus Five. Go to the product's Kickstarter page to learn more.

Plus Five is made in America, something Cooley noted with a banner that says, "FREEDOM."

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