UK Gaming Deals: White or Black PS4 Just £280 at Amazon

Britain's second-fastest selling console offered at a £50 discount.

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The UK branch of online retail giant Amazon is selling new PlayStation 4 consoles for £280, representing a £50 saving on the RRP.

Shoppers can claim either a white or black system for £279.99, which is notably lower than the going price across a range of other retailers, from GAME (£330) to John Lewis (£310). Some reports circulating online suggest that Amazon is adding a free digital copy of Driveclub with each system, though this bundle deal appears to have expired.

Meanwhile, UK retailer Argos is also selling the system (black only) for £280, with the console available to pick up in stores straight away or delivered at the additional price of £4.

The PlayStation 4 has been recorded as the second-fastest selling console in the UK since hardware sales records began, having sold one million sales after 42 weeks of trading.

By comparison, the PS2 (the best-selling console of all time, at 150 million sales worldwide) reached its first UK million after 50 weeks. Microsoft's Xbox 360, which held a dominant position in Britain's games market for eight years, hit its first million after 60 weeks.

Only the Wii, a phenomenon at the time of its release, managed to hit a million faster in the UK, achieving the feat as quick as 38 weeks.

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