UK game charts: November 5-11

Need for Speed: Carbon spins its wheels on the top spot; three new entries arrive in the top 10.


EA's multiformat racer is still in pole position at the top of the UK All-formats game chart, hanging on for a second week at number one after the release of the Xbox version.

There were three new entries in the top 10 this week: WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 at two, Call of Duty 3 at three, and Medieval II: Total War at nine. Call of Duty 3 has the honour of being the UK's second fastest-selling Xbox 360 game--the first being Pro Evolution Soccer 6. Other new entries include Nintendo's Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue at 14 and Buzz! The Sports Quiz at 31.

The PlayStation Portable version of LucasArts' Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy was launched this week, and has propelled the title back into the top 10 in its 10th week since the game's launch.

The biggest climber of the week was the Nintendo DS title Nintendogs: Dalmatian & Friends, up six places to 21, perhaps inspired by the trainable Nintendo plush dogs seen for sale at counters in UK game shops this week. The biggest downward mover of the week was Neverwinter Nights 2, down 24 places to 38.

There are plenty of child-friendly games in the top 40 this week, including two Bratz titles--Bratz: Forever Diamondz, on its second week of PS2, GC, and GBA release, sneaks in at 37, and previous game Bratz: Rock Angelz tags along behind its buddy by reentering the charts at 40. A DS version of Diamondz will be released next week, which may well keep the title in the top 40 for a little longer.

Next week will see the release of the highly anticipated Xbox 360 title Gears of War, which is a strong contender for the number one slot. Other titles out next week include Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII for the PS2, Tony Hawk's Project 8 for the PS2 and Xbox, The Sopranos: Road to Respect for the PS2, Harvest Moon DS, and Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2 for the PSP.

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oops, I forgot that NFS carbon was out

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Gamespot really needs to sort out it's listing of the charts and have a big ALL FORMAT banner above them .. reading the posts sooo many people have not read the report Call of Duty 3 is, until next week, only out on XBOX 360 and PC and ranks at 3 !!! 360 games are selling well in the UK The next exclusive title is GTA VCS on PSP at 7 which is very respectable for the number of PSP's out there If the last 3 years are anything to go by Need for speed will Remain at the top of the charts for the next 6 -7 weeks. And the real problem with that is that it's not a bad game peeps enjoy it .. just because there are far better games on the market to spend your money on doesn't take the enjoyment away from it ... CURSE YOU EA !!! CURSE YOU FOR YOUR HIGH PRODUCTION VALUES AND PLAYABLE , INOFFENSIVE PAINT BY NUMBER BIG RELEASES !!! i really wonder how many people that buy carbon have finished Most wanted , or Underground 2 , or 1 . ~sigh~ at least Pro Evo is outselling FIFA .... howevr to any 360 owners out there people remember that Fifa is the better football game on your machine ! for anyone with a PS2 PRo Evo is a cut above as Fifa slowly improves up to it's standard.

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Um, i dont see how you people figured out that the "PS2 is killing the xbox 360". The PS2 has a installed userbase thats 20 times bigger in the UK, ofcourse they are gonna sell more software.

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the fact that the u.k version is an all format chart make the exclusives even more impressive.

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very cool

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"dstars44b hey, there european, go figure" Learn to write English before you try and abuse the people who created it. Thanks

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Hooray for vague lists!

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wait a tick! cod 3 isnt out on the ps2 in europe yet :S

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eurpoe is better than america, i mean look at president bush lol what an example to follow

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is just me or they aren't posting the whole charts these days...

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PS2 is still going strong in the UK.

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rightfully on top!!

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hey, there european, go figure

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wow i didnt expect people to buy cod 3 for the ps2

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if GTA: Vice city stories was on PS2, it would have been #1. the reason the psp gtas dont sell as much is because hardly anyone has a psp yet

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Mariokart64fan cant you read the fact is its a all format chart so they count all the formats together so we wont get a stupid situation like madden in america getting 7 of the 10 places when that was released.

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What the hell... only 2 football games!? There's a glitch in the system!

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i hate these charts all they do is invite retarted fanboys to come and post some crap, console wars are stupid dont fight for a console fight for the game.

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GTAVCS on 7? :shock: Carbon on 1, seems kinda obvious, CoD3 on 2, also obvious. But i expect Gears of War to kick all these games back to the bargain bin.

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Go GTA : VCS , kill em all :P

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Gears of War will own all of these games.

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ps2 killed x360.............great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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such bad tastes gta looked like a ps1 game of driver 1 , had to say that , and whats with the ps2 version of carbon up there , lol there is an xbox360 version that looks 10x more better then ps2s version what idiots are english ppl from uk i dont see one ds or nintendo game up there all boring rehashes

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Carbon is the top game. And raw is second lol. I can see this. I look at what my more casual friends play. But its hard to imagine FF 12 is not in their. Or was it even released their yet? Either way, these game charts are gonna be a mess. In till at least late next year. When all the systems are going full almost full steam. They wont be truly full steam till sometime in 08. I mean how can a game make a top list, when only so many units will be out to play it on?? So will run into that im sure.

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vice city stoies IS the best game ever made...

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casuals are lamn. they have no taste

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go carbon!!!

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NFS:carbon sucks

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Oh wait naw your right, my bad I guess gamespot changed it's format so it wouldn't have to put Madden in 6 of the 10 top spots.

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No it's not that's a PS2 game and nothing else up there in the #1 spot, if it the 360 version did sell well they would they would give it a spot on the top 10 but they didn't so obviously it's not on the top 10. And now the DS is down and the PS2 oh well it will change around with the titles they get.

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PS2 rules AGAIN!! ahauhauhahauahauauhauhuhahaua

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I believe Gears Of War will most likely be up there next week as well. Other than that their chart is mostly junk and has terrible game choices that im surprised they would subject themselves too. I hope they learn to get some better games.

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@ jofy It is a multiformat chart, when it says PS2 for games such as Need For Speed it relates to all versions of the game, including the 360. So there are 6 360 games and 8 PS2 games. Next week, expect Gears of War to be up there, somewhere....perhaps number one.

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blech. most of those are boring... particularly NFS:C which is boring and lacklustre even on a top pc. but Greetings to Lego SWII

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Not bad.

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Some good taste there.

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Why does the UK game chart only look good about twice a year??

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Bully should do better next week,it's an awesome game which needs to be owned by every rockstar fan.

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that' cool 8) whats left?

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@jofy how is it would have all 10 positions....

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I wouldnt look into which format it says because it is random if im not mistaken like i highly doubt that pro evo 6 has sold more on the 360 than ps2 and it is saying call of duty 3 on the ps2 but it isnt even in the ps2 top 10 or xbox top 10 so the majority of the sales are for the 360.

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sony rules,one psp game,no ds,one 360 and 5 ps2;a perfect success again for sony

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Good list, at least most of us are buying good games :) and the PS2 is still fairing well, should be interesting if the wii gets a good start.

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