UK Game Charts: November 12-18

Gears of War raids the top spot, becoming the fastest-selling Xbox 360 game ever.


This week Gears of War ousted Halo 2 as both the top title on Xbox Live and the fastest-selling Microsoft game ever in the UK. It's now not only the third fastest-selling game of 2006 (behind Pro Evolution Soccer 6 and FIFA 07)--but also the week's top seller, edging aside Need for Speed Carbon on the UK all-formats chart. It easily beat out the week's other two new entries--Activision's Tony Hawk's Project 8 (18th place) and Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus (28th).

The highest climber of the week is THQ's Bratz: Forever Diamondz, which after the release of a Nintendo DS version, climbs 28 places to nine. The title taking the biggest tumble of the week is Vivendi's F.E.A.R., freefalling 18 spots to 38.

It was a good week for Nintendo, with all four DS-only titles in the top 20 enjoying strong sales. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue is up two spaces to 12, the irrepressible Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training is up three spaces to 14, Nintendogs: Dalmatian and Friends is up four to 17, and New Super Mario Brothers is up two to 20.

Next week sees the release of controversial horror game Rule of Rose, which the mayor of Rome is trying to ban, as well as Guitar Hero II, both for the PlayStation 2. Other releases set for Friday include multiplatform game Eragon, based on the Twentieth Century Fox film, World War II shooter Call of Duty 3 (Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2), Sonic the Hedgehog (Xbox 360), Cricket 07 (PS2, PC), Justice League Heroes (PS2, Xbox, DS), and the expansions Warhammer: Mark of Chaos (PC) and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Knights of the Nine (PC, Xbox 360).

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I had a feeling that GOW would be #1

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F U _screamsoftly_ ppl buy games for there little kids you know games are for everyone

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Bratz: Forever Diamondz? Dirty Europeans :D

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Well, it's about time a next-gen title ousted Halo 2.

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LOL bratz

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The UK has a HUGE market of casual gamers and so games that appeal to casuals will do a hell of a lot bette rthan good games. Look at that chart, I can't name a single game on it that isn't targeted at a casual audience. Shame Nintendo only go for niche markets with thier consoles. The DS appealed to casuals and sold well here yet they haven't even considered bringing out a Wii game that appeals to casuals that isnt' called Wii Sports.

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The Europeans are known for their love of sports games & ecletic fare (hence: Bratz: DF being on the list) while shunning console RPGs & niche games. I wonder if Xenosaga or .hack//G.U. will ever see a release there? :(

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WOAH! gta vice city stories is 10?! This surely cant happen! last year gta liberty city stories was at the top for a long time... Must be alot more 360 owners now.. two 360 games are on the chart... and alot of the ps2 games there are on the 360 aswell... infact ALL of the ps2 games are on the 360... Its great that gears of war get the number 1 spot. Games of this genre don't typically get the #1 spot very often... I wonder whats going to get the christmas #1? Guys, what do you think the Christmas #1 game will be? I have a guess that it's going to be Gears OF war still.. with some Wii games popping in to say hello at number 2 (possibly zelda).

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lol @ bratz!

Avatar image for Irve

Zelda , the UK doesn't like nintendo games .. no matter how good they are .. the launch of the Wii will put Zelda up there for a week but after that the UK public will go "oh that's a naff kids game" and get right on back to buying their 4th version of Need for speed in as many years to sit on a shelf next to their 5 versions of fifa. If the gamecube version of Zelda actually comes out over here it's going to be my one and only crimbo game !

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Chavs buy all the PsP crud here, so yeah, it's not surprising to see that sorta thing in the charts here, in fact, im always seeing freaking PsP top ten charts in stores, where in the same stores the DS is a freakin side attraction barely habiting it's own shelf. Rediculous.

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Well GoW is top for a week at least .. hopefully for 2 weeks till NFS carbon comes back to number 1 for the next 10 weeks !! I would be interested to see how well the 360 version is selling compared to the PS2 ... the same goes for smack down .. there are no PS2 exclusives in the top ten. I would like to see people abandoning their rust PS2's for 360's and Wii If only gamespot would sort out their links for the UK top ten so we didn't have lots of posts saying PS2 roolz without knowing that these are multiformat charts where all sales for a title combine irrespective of format.

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LE-FISH Just you wait till Wii is launched, Zelda TP will be no.1 for quite some time ^-^ you obviously dont know the UK mate. It wont reach 1. And if it did, it wont be for long.

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Wow , GTA : VCS is still holding :o Hurray for the PSP :D

Avatar image for anamnawshad

Great job Epic & MS ! :D

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When the Wii will be released, there will be a large move imo ...

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Interesting indeed

Avatar image for taino1128

im surprised that the current gen need for speed carbon is selling better

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Avatar image for Sagacious_Tien

Gears is just too good to mis out on.

Avatar image for ElZilcho

check it out, no madden game in sight for any system! haha!

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Not suprised to see GOW at top spot.It's an amazing game.

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well 'shaststxxxxx' I tell you its nothing like tea and cones over here

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not suprisingly gears is first

Avatar image for 4X6X9

wha....what....what...WHAT!!! shasam how DARE YOU!! saying whats gears of war. 4shame...

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What's Gears of War? I am too busy play Bratz! Shame it wasn't numero uno. :(

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got to say that gears deserves it, it is one of the few FPS (even if it is really 3rd person but hey I dont care) that gets close to halos quality and pure fun. Oh I am talking on consoles since the PC is flooded with quality FPSs

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Good to see Gears take the top spot. Definitely a quality game.

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bratz? BRATZ? wow, that's awesome!!! (insert sarcasm)

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darunia106 drangel_jam good to know that the british have delightful tastes Yes, I can just imagine them just finishing their tea and scones (great food tea and scones) and then proceeding to tear apart alien forces with a chainsaw. Lol you got that half right im just busy having a cup of tea now with a smoke(cigarette) not a scone and i don't speak like the snobs(stuck up brits) in fact where im from newcastle(north east of england) we speak more like the scottish than the typical stereotype brit i speak geordie, you more than likely speak better english than me. Infact i can't remember ever hearing a british person speak like they do in american films. Oh well im off to finish my tea then chainsaw some locust straight back to hell toodle-pip.

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Avatar image for abdulgamemaster

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drangel_jam good to know that the british have delightful tastes Yes, I can just imagine them just finishing their tea and scones (great food tea and scones) and then proceeding to tear apart alien forces with a chainsaw.

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good to know that the british have delightful tastes

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I almost forgot that Europeans have a taste for good games. Thanks for refreshing my memory.

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Haha, "Bratz"!! Well if it's selling well I might as well get it then! ... Or prehaps not.

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Finally a quality game is selling in the UK. I am proud to be called a British citizen this week...sob

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Release a patch!!!!!

Avatar image for LordAndrew

I don't think anyone's trying to ban GH2. It's a game that was released.

Avatar image for ZombieDr

i can understand banning rule of rose but why guitar hero 2

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I can see why GOW would become the best selling 360 game ever. It's simply the best action game ever. GOW easily takes the top spot as my favorite intense action game.

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Hell Yeah! Gears is amazing.

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terrabreak13 "Where is the US chart? I'd like to know how Gears did here." I think they have all the sales charts in the news section :)

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I can't believe more people want bratz over GTA.

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Hail Gears!

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Nice Gears doing great

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Wow Gears is doing great.

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Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just you wait till Wii is launched, Zelda TP will be no.1 for quite some time ^-^

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