UK Game Charts: May 7-13

FIFA World Cup and Tomb Raider: Legend hold on to the top spots, with a football theme running through the rest of the chart.


EA's 2006 FIFA World Cup maintained its stranglehold on the UK charts again this week, with Tomb Raider: Legend sticking around at number two. Football fever has taken over, with four out of the top 10 titles based on the beautiful game. Championship Manager 2006 has climbed up to three, Pro Evolution Soccer 5 has reentered at four, thanks to a budget release, and FIFA Street 2 holds onto its longtime chart position at nine.

Disappointingly, there are no new entries in the chart this week. The Sims 2 managed to fight its way back into the top 10 at number eight, forcing Metroid Prime: Hunters and Buzz!: The BIG Quiz out of the listing. Every other game in the chart, which includes The Godfather, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, Animal Crossing: Wild World, and Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, fell down the chart. Next week's major releases include X-Men: The Official Movie Game and Urban Chaos, so check GameSpot UK to see how well they fare.

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British people love their soccer.......... being from mexico I understand your passion

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I can't believe FIFA is at the top, c'mon you morons buy Pro evo and then realise how crap fifa really is! Your only buying because it has FIFA on the box...durr...dribble!

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Yeah if Spore gets the right publicity it will dominate the charts for years- The Sims series hasn't in my memory left the UK top 20 since the game's launch in 2000, and another innovative game like Spore will probably do the same. As for Ice Age 2, it just awfully embarrasing to see it there

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Movie licenses and big franchises sell well in britain plus we tend to go nuts for anything EA and the sims 2 is now on consoles so thats why its higher expect Spore to do as well

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I'll explain Ice Age, Alot of kids in Britain think its cool to own a PS2 and thus shun other consoles like Nintendo's offerings (except for the GBA or GB Colour) and Xbox. They Want PS2 because its the most comprehensive console at the moment, it cater's better to younger and older gamers, with such crappy titles like Sponge Bob, Crazy Frog Racer, Bratz and the like. Thats why kids go wild for PS2 and PSP as the PSP is the must have present. I know kids who come into the shop i work at and want a Ceramic White PSP even though they already have a black one. Kids how have rich parents affect the chart because they want crummy happy games. I am an avid gamer, and you will find all the kids and chavs (townies whatever) have PS2's because they like only Football and kids games. Ice Age 2, well Ice Age 2 is really there because of nagging kiddies and their rich parents

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ice age is a poular film in britain BRITAIN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for bobreturns

what is wrong with that football is british so we like it i am british so it doesn't suprise me

Avatar image for Gohanmohan

LOl we love our footy mate. Still doesn't explain Ice Age...

Avatar image for faridmon

so those who buy madden (i don't know whta the heck it is) aren't casuals? just because u americans like american football, doesn't mean the whole world find that sport exciting, i have been in japan, norway, egypt and even sauidi arabia, they all like football (and if i ask them about american football they say, those guys are bunch oxes who slam into each other) football is what real sport all about. do u get it america, oh no u don't because u'r freaking far from other continents.

Avatar image for nsoufiani

yer i live in teh UK and its very strange. I mean people here love football and they will buy ANYTHING as long as it has football in it. EVEN FIFA! its very weired and I wish i was in America where PROPER games get released alot earlier! I HAVE TO WAIT OVER A MONTH FOR NEW SUPER MARIO BROS!?!? NO WAY im importing it I aint waiting!

Avatar image for darkera

having lived in boston the early years of my life and now living in England, and being a neutral i see where the yanks and the brits are coming from, both sides have different tastes, u just gotta pick ur choice, i like my footy(soccer) and adore my Footbal, so i got both, Madden n Pro EVo, u can call it the best of both worlds, lol

Avatar image for ralphh

yeh football is! wierd combinations in that list! Ghost recon on #6 what a suprise!! comeon its amazing!

Avatar image for dbzevil

world cup forever too

Avatar image for GameQ22

To all that live in the UK, i would like to appologize for my fellow ignorant Americans brothers that don't understand other peoples culture. USA is going back to the quarter finals, and MLS will be the best league in the world! I live and die by my New England Revolution, and laugh at all who sit in that stadium durring the winter! Do Americans LOVE the true football, well there's at least one (: ~GameQ

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I dont understand the people in the UK at all Ice Age 2. But some other games on the listed or ok.

Avatar image for NeoJedi

You can actually smell World Cup fever in the UK... dayum!

Avatar image for Manatassi

Blegh its just because of all the Chavs that own PS2s Kwzy please dont make it worse lol

Avatar image for Kwzy

UK people have cool tasty.. americans su..

Avatar image for dcl1993

ps is still better.

Avatar image for NextGenAdam

Wow seeing that makes me ashamed to be british... To be frank, there's so much cr*p!!!

Avatar image for alonso84

It does make sense that there are Football (yes I call it football,not soccer beause I'm mexican) games around the UK chart considering that the World Cup is coming, June 9th if I'm correct.

Avatar image for slayerofshadows

im outraged, i live in UK and bought DQ on release day, and its never hit the top ten :(

Avatar image for Saimoon

I'm from the UK and I find this really amusing: You see, until about 6 months ago I'd never heard of this Madden game, I couldn't figure out why it had releases on *every* platform. Over here it's football/soccer games. I don't play any myself. My recent game purchases were TR:L, Prime Hunters, Galactic Civilisations II and Advance Wars DS. I know loads of friends who game quite 'seriously' (don't you get tired of Counterstrike players? :P) and none of them have bought any soccer games. I guess that isn't representative of England as a whole though.

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one DS and 0 posp.

Avatar image for rbarahona

It seems that they are eager for the World Cup to start!!!

Avatar image for NightRain

Real football is cool. And yeah... I can't wait for the World Cup. Go France and Brazil!

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It makes sense when Football(Soccer) is their numberone sport. When Madden comes out in the US, it will be the top selling sports Title. Right? We all love Laura Croft, but it does help her sell even more because she is Brittish.

Avatar image for Raymin4

I understand the Soccer game being at the top....but Ice Age????? What???? Are there tons of little kids over there that enjoy that kind of game????

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and it looks like PC gaming is doing badly in the states by looking at these charts << LINK REMOVED >> not a single bloody PC game.............tsk least it doing not badly in the UK and is bloody huge in the rest of europe........:)

Avatar image for crozon

i am confused how come sim 2 is eight place in all format charts but only at 6 place in the pc charts, and guild wars factions is no 1 in the PC charts but doesn't show here................... check this for the charts << LINK REMOVED >> P.S. the PC charts here in the UK look a bit better..........:)

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you say that the UK people are wier 'cause they play soccer games, imagine what they say about the US for playing madden

Avatar image for almighty_master

Yeah they're called non-chavs

Avatar image for Lewis-Morgan

You'll find in the UK alot of people play games, they just tend to be movie licened, Need for Speed or Football games, but in the minorty, there are people that play decent games.

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Schillinger Only casuals exist in the UK. ... I own 3 DS's, an xbox, a gamecube, an N64, a saturn, a dreamcast, a gamboy color, game boy advanced, playstation one and 2, mega drive and a master system.. all with classic games from streets of Rage 2 to horribly poor selling games like killer 7. Explian to me what is casual about this? Oh and all those games are classics or are major sports bar one. ONE! How is that strange?

Avatar image for azad_champ

agreed with Manatasi. all the games they buy are just famous movie or fifa titles.

Avatar image for Manatassi

*sigh* the Uk charts are governed by all the stupid parents who go and buy games for their kids, none of the adults I know are buying ice age or to be honest anything but FIFA and tomb raider. And all the children play PS2's its pretty marketed at the older children and teens over here and theres so many of the things hence all the PS2 games knocking oblivion and other far better games off the charts. Its embarasing.

Avatar image for thebusstop

ha, thats funny faridmon, I live in America and I think he exact opposite! As in soccer (UK football) being boring, and american football being the best. But I'm looking at this in a video game perspective. Both games as a sport are amazing, I played soccer for 8 years, and played american football for 3. For me, comparing the two, I believe that American football is better. It's just so much harder! Then again, I was a defender while I played soccer, so I didnt really do too much.

Avatar image for Schillinger

Only casuals exist in the UK.

Avatar image for faridmon

why do they hate nintendo? no metroid prime hunters, thats just plain stupid from UK (and i live in UK,) but football is the best, american football is boring in my opinion no offene though)

Avatar image for Tamz

Yeah the people in the UK have a strange taste in games, Football (Soccer) is the main sport so nearly all football related games sell like crazy, and we have far fewer adult gamers than the US so many games are kiddy ones like Ice Age.

Avatar image for azizrulez

i cant believe people prefer games like ice age 2 over OBLIVION

Avatar image for gastof

well what can you say.they like it noone can stop that from happening.

Avatar image for CreatureDude

what do you guys want?!Socker is a very impotant game in the UK!...more so than american football or baseball combined!:)...But ya i think they went just alil over the top time

Avatar image for Lilac_Benjie

[quote]I dont understand the people in the UK at all[/quote] Football anything sells like crazy. Godfather is considered a classic film. Tomb Raider is still surprisingly popular. Sims has become a cult religion.

Avatar image for youwillbesorry

ice age 2?

Avatar image for larsypoop

hmmm..... i always knew Brits had a strange taste for games..

Avatar image for haloj

Does anyone have a link for the American sales charts?

Avatar image for Freakazoidian

weird tastes compared to the american charts

Avatar image for fordius12


Avatar image for kingmachmuddena

I dont understand the people in the UK at all

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