UK game charts: May 28-June 3

Hitman: Blood Money stares down the opposition as Eidos keeps hold of the top of the UK charts.


Hitman: Blood Money, the stealth action game from Eidos, celebrates another week at the top of the UK All Formats Sales Chart this week. There was little movement in the rest of the top 10, with The Da Vinci Code dropping to 13th place and Half-Life 2: Episode One entering the chart in eighth place.

2006 FIFA World Cup held on to second place ahead of the start of the tournament in Germany this week, but Pro Evolution Soccer 5 dropped one place to fourth. Another Eidos title, Tomb Raider: Legend, jumped up two places to third, giving the UK publisher two entries in the top three.

X-Men: The Official Game and Animal Crossing: Wild World both moved up one place, to fifth and sixth, respectively, while The Sims 2--released back in September 2004--moved back up three places to seventh.

Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis fell to ninth this week, possibly suffering because of its single-format release, and Championship Manager 2006 rounded off the top 10.

It was a slightly disappointing week for Polyphony Digital, the maker of the Gran Turismo series, with Tourist Trophy: The Real Riding Simulator making its debut in 14th place.

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60-70% of Ep.1's sales occured via Steam, so a #8 UK retail spot speaks volumes. It's doing well.

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Eidos really lucked out this month,considering they were on the verge of being bought by U2's frontman,Bono.Glad that did'nt happen.

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play more DS!!!

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yep, we can read it.

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I think the americans can read this aswell, judging from previous charts comments and the fact that we can read the US and Japanese charts NextGenAdam

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Looks like PC gaming is alive and well in the U.K. though I do wish we could see the sales numbers aggregated by title rather than having each platform of a multiplatform count as a separate entry. (e.g. one Oblivion entry rather than four: XBOX 360 or PC and standard or Collector's edition)

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Hitman still standing strong at the top

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what!!! half life is on 8th place. it should under 10th place

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Animal Crossing doing well. If it didnt with the amount of adverts for it in the uk, id be shocked to be honest. Gamespot need to fix the chart. Pro Evo, Hitman etc sales are multiplatform, not console specific

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Just UK.

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i'll buy hitman so it has a right to be no. 1....

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Not bad for DS: Brain Age, NSMB aren't out yet... ACWW going strong (3months later). Is this readable by everyone or just us in the UK?

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While I can't speak for the rest of my countries choices, at least Fifa isn't top. Table Tennis and Epsiode One should be higher, but at least they are in the top 10 at all.

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wow who would thought animal crossing would be this popular in UK? I am certainly surprised (a lot) :-)

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When you say that Half-Life 2: Episode 1 is on the 8th place, do you consider the on-line sales, or just the retail?

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Europeans are different from Americans. You can't expect people from over seas to have the exact same gaming habits as we do. But yeah, Half Life Ep 1 should be in 1st.

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Animal crossing is selling ok! I guess New super mario bros. isn't in the charts because it isn't available in europe. ... yet (rubs hands)

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Unbelievable that The Sims 2 went up 3 spots this week, that game is definately a classic. And I'm surprised at Half-Life 2: Episode One's poor debut.

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The Sims 2 has been out since the end of Q3 04, and it is STILL in the charts. Wow

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Pro Evo is still up there! get in! maybe they can get some more licensed teams now. Also ep 1 should be waay higher.

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HL2 Ep 1 should be number 1. WTF is it with the football games?? The are ****!

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Hitman forever!

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This is only retail sales, episode one would be higher if the steam sales were included.

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Pro Evo 5 still up there, as it should be. A real game, should be top. A game you people dont know nothing about...tut tut

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hitman is great

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Episode One is 5 spots behind Legend? Right....

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I love that game.

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So episode one at 8th place?

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Not too surprising really.