UK game charts: May 13-20

Ahead of the World Cup in Germany, football titles dominate the top five; X-Men: The Official Game is the highest new entry.


It was all about football this week as 2006 FIFA World Cup held on to the top spot in the UK sales chart, with Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (on the Platinum label) in at second. In addition, Championship Manager 2006 was fifth, FIFA Street 2 was 11th, and Football Manager 2006 climbed back up to 13th.

Elsewhere, Tomb Raider: Legend continued to capture the imagination of gamers, although it fell one slot to third place, whilst DS favourite Animal Crossing: Wild World climbed back to fourth.

The highest new entry of the week went to X-Men: The Official Game, which jumped in at the sixth spot, whilst Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter continued to campaign in seventh. Evergreen title The Sims 2 held on to eighth.

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown and The Godfather rounded off the top 10 all-formats chart in ninth and 10th respectively, but the big surprise of the week was the poor debut of The Da Vinci Code. Given the hype surrounding the movie's launch, it's a little odd that the game of the film didn't rank higher than its 12th place.

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These are the people who buy every single football game that comes out, specifically the EA tripe, and even more specifically FIFA Street: << LINK REMOVED >> I have no excuse for why Ice Age is even in the top 50, nevermind 10. ;_;

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interesting how the people in uk really loves soccer games

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ice age again ?

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pro evo should be number 1...but its doing great for being out so long

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very nice sale for Tomb Raider: Legend can what

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