UK game charts: May 13-20

Ahead of the World Cup in Germany, football titles dominate the top five; X-Men: The Official Game is the highest new entry.


It was all about football this week as 2006 FIFA World Cup held on to the top spot in the UK sales chart, with Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (on the Platinum label) in at second. In addition, Championship Manager 2006 was fifth, FIFA Street 2 was 11th, and Football Manager 2006 climbed back up to 13th.

Elsewhere, Tomb Raider: Legend continued to capture the imagination of gamers, although it fell one slot to third place, whilst DS favourite Animal Crossing: Wild World climbed back to fourth.

The highest new entry of the week went to X-Men: The Official Game, which jumped in at the sixth spot, whilst Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter continued to campaign in seventh. Evergreen title The Sims 2 held on to eighth.

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown and The Godfather rounded off the top 10 all-formats chart in ninth and 10th respectively, but the big surprise of the week was the poor debut of The Da Vinci Code. Given the hype surrounding the movie's launch, it's a little odd that the game of the film didn't rank higher than its 12th place.

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Shouldn't that be Football Manager 2006?

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I know the sort of people who buy these crap games shown on this chart, the sort of people who buy PSP's because 'they are cool'. The sort of people who don't know the meaning of good games. The sort of people who think the DS is crap because: 'da grafix iz well crap- innit?!' I'm the only person in my class besides one who actaully plays decent games like Zelda, Halo or MGS. If only there was a lesson where all the class has to play Halo 2 on LIVE against one another, then i'd kick everyone's ass.

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Living in the UK. I feel the shame. Those dirty chavs. Good to see Animal Crossing up there though.

Avatar image for WolfieSelkie

it's all the fault of the chavs i mean, thats why Ice Age is there... gotta buy something for their 7 year old kid they had when they were 12 ;)

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I love British Football (Soccer).

Avatar image for sora_cloud_XD

chart=games bought every week hardcore gamers=buy games that are well made/last a while therefore chart=games bought by kids/people who dont care much unless week includes lots of well made games that last a while... eg gta , ff near enough everyone who is of youth plays computer games in the uk.. just most dont play all the time ... like us :P

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I have never bought a football game (or any sport game), and never will. I can't stand them.

Avatar image for Shtinky

curse those chavs!!

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You guys know nothing ... football was a big part of this country even before chavs ... thats why we have thousands of football clubs ... even in all chavs suddenly dissapeared football would be the no.1 game ... Also, Its obvious that football games would be at the top - its the fricken world cup year ... jeeez

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I love football, it's in my blood and I'm not a chav! god if I was I would kill myself!

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Its the world cup guys, deal with it. Just take a look on all the adverts on television at the moment, everyone is trying to cast in especially mars(sic) so just let it wash over you and wait for next months. When a 'new' football game will top the charts Sensible Soccer, a welcome return for the old amiga throwback. And whats the deal with Sims 2 still being in the charts!!! Everyone in the UK surely has a copy already! Stop buying extra copys!!!!

Avatar image for kem2000

God Damn, too many casual Chav gamers who are duped into buying the same old crappy EA Fifa Games OVER and OVER. This just goes to show how EA make their money, because their biggest selling games are not necessarily good, just that the majority of the population of the UK are Casual Gamers and they will keep buying a new version just to 'Keep Up'. It pisses me off...damn chavs, its all their fault!

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That chart is about as exciting as an episode of Columbo...boring as hell. Damn the people who buy games based on advertisements alone...

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Avatar image for Platyphyllum

Wow! Brits sure like their sports games, I only have one! Well, it should be their choice to play the games they want to even though some of them are bad like Ice Age 2: The Meltdown and X-men: The Official Game.

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Hope this chav nonsense only refers to fifa, man does that game suck. I think this sample of comments show how unrepresentative of gamers the gamespot community really is. In my opinion Pro Evo is one of the best games around and just because it is not a FPS set in the near future or an RPG with random battles or even a stelth game with nice light effecs doesn't meen it sucks.

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Man... I hate football games. They just bore me to death.

Avatar image for Kwzy

British have a good tasty!!! they don't play Madden games!! heheeheh and, wow, PS2 dominate all the world, even 360 already in stores, the PS2 continue to make it's path... Sony is the Best

Avatar image for zhuojloh

where's xbox 360

Avatar image for comthitnuong

europeans love soccer huh

Avatar image for NeoJedi

Soccer dominates the charts in the UK... plain and simple. But good to see a great game like Tomb Raider holding on.

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it's quite sad this, it proves tht this country's lame obsession wiv football is still going strong due 2 the rise of the chav (thnks 2 the imported hip-hop) and tht PS2 is still selling strong, which just makes me think, hu (except me) doesn't hav a PS2?

Avatar image for nintendorocks

Not much of a surprise there. I don't want to seem like a sterotype but it's a no-brainer that a soccer game would be the #1 seller in the UK.

Avatar image for nacho4511

Good i love soccer.

Avatar image for mrjasler23

FIFA is number 1 because Pro Evo is not an official World Cup game... having that license is important as people like me want to play through the tournament with my team til the final etc.. If Pro Evo had a WorldCup label, then it would be number one probably. Those in the states.. wouldn't understand why a WorldCup game is important because they are too into sports that are only popular in their own country.. what a joke! haha

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"RobertBowen Really, really sad to see a chart like that. It's disheartening to see that recycled crap still sells - so we can look forward to even more recycled crap" Yeah, they are called casual gamers.

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FIFA is number one??? whatever

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You've really got to blame the recent release list for the state of the charts. If we had any reliable source for providing sell through numbers I expect the figures would be low - soon as anything worthwhile releases you'll see it break up the monotony. Hopefully Table Tennis or Hitman on Friday will shake it up a little. Can't see Chibi Robo making much of a dent sadly, though having said that, *any* GC releases seem to do OK, being as there are so few of them.

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I sense many chavs are awaiting the they can buy the latest recycled graphical glory ^^

Avatar image for RobertBowen

Really, really sad to see a chart like that. It's disheartening to see that recycled crap still sells - so we can look forward to even more recycled crap.

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"It would help if the latest NHL, NFL and NBA games were all released in the UK, and were all fully live enabled... Absolutely no baseball games to speak of either. Hint Hint, Wink Wink." I dunno if those games would have much market here,its like releasing a cricket game in the US

Avatar image for jake21

Chavs = dole money they didnt earn + plenty of time coz the scum dont work = stupid games like FIFA being in the when will this country change

Avatar image for zsimo64

It would help if the latest NHL, NFL and NBA games were all released in the UK, and were all fully live enabled... Absolutely no baseball games to speak of either. Hint Hint, Wink Wink.

Avatar image for cjek

fix the chart please... im not sure wheather to believe the text or the chart table- they are saying totally different things.

Avatar image for squallff8_fan

ps2 still doing great at 6 years of its life span. awsomeness is all I got to say for the system. :)

Avatar image for pr_master

what the deal? the same thing happend here in US with Madden :|

Avatar image for FFObsessed

PS2 continues to dominate UK, I dont see that changing for a while.

Avatar image for highflyer800

wtf are half of u on not all football lovers are chavs but fifa should not really be number 1.

Avatar image for kekejefferis

wtf its all football rubbish...bleeding chavs. good spot for tomb raider that games awesome and deserves to be high up.

Avatar image for rocklegacy2

They all fricken suck. I am ashamed.

Avatar image for dapsycho

Oh, for those who read the text before the chart, youll notice the chart that is supplied is totally wrong... PES5 should be 2nd and Champ Man 5th... looks like this is last weeks chart...

Avatar image for dapsycho

Expected really since we are a footballing nation... though I do agree that PES5 should be top.

Avatar image for No45

Hockey and Basketball (And 'Football' and Baseball, for that matter) have virtually no penetration into the UK market as a sport, which is why the games don't tend to do that well. They do have their fans, but they're likely to be those small few who actually follow the sport anyway.

Avatar image for MedevilDragon

I wish the UK would show more respect for other sports games like NHL 2K & NBA 2K.

Avatar image for w_reflection

I agree, chavs with money will buy every football game out, and they normally buy the fifa range. But you have to consider that here in europe and south america, football is considered a religion (to many people), that is how highly some people are into it. To d_black comments, yes we will buy the same thing again because its been marketed in a clever or strange way, but that does not make the game any good. If you look at the fifa world cup game on the list, once you played through it once and the world cup hype is gone, there is no way that you wil pick up that game again. Why? because you finlay figured out that it was just good when the hype was around, apart from that, its just an expensive dvd disc.

Avatar image for P2L5NM

ANimal Crossing fourth? How come it's 7th then.

Avatar image for anamnawshad

Wha! Brits play Godfather in teh PS-2? :o

Avatar image for Satanmar

expected, bring on the World Cup! and I agree, Pro Evolution Soccer 5 should be first!

Avatar image for Universquall

At least they aren't Madden games.

Avatar image for d_black

Clearly we in the UK have no imagination when we keep buying the same rehashed football games time and time again.

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