UK game charts: July 9-15

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories holds on to top spot for a fourth successive week, despite strong pressure from Prey.


The week of July 9 to 15 has been an interesting one for the UK games chart. With the end of the World Cup, football fever is on the wane and both 2006 FIFA World Cup and Pro Evolution Soccer 5 are slipping down the chart. There have also been three new entries, with 2K Games' Prey making the highest debut at number two.

However, all this movement has done little to disturb the number-one selling game in the UK. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories has dominated the charts for four weeks since its PlayStation 2 release last month.

The cinematic release of Pirates of the Caribbean movie helped the tie-in games do particularly well, with the handheld Dead Man's Chest titles sitting above The Legend of Jack Sparrow on the PlayStation 2 and PC. Another film-based title, Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth II, made a reappearance in the chart at number nine thanks to its Xbox 360 release. THQ's Cars did less well, entering the chart at number 16, but the release of the film in the UK on July 28 may help it reach the top 10 yet.

UK chart company Chart Track reports that Prey's high entry has mainly been due to the Xbox 360 release, which accounted for 77 percent of the game's sales. However, as a game that was originally conceived 10 years ago and one that has dipped in and out of development limbo ever since, Human Head Studios and 2K Games will be pleased to see the game's strong performance at retail. Chart-Track also reports that despite dropping 34 percent in sales over last week, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is still holding onto number one thanks to the budget-price PS2 release.

Eidos' titles Hitman: Blood Money and Tomb Raider: Legend both finally dropped out of the top 10 during the week of July 9 to 15, after a considerable showing in the last couple of months, but perhaps the most notable drop is Sega's Chromehounds, which took a huge fall from 10 last week to 29. There are no high profile games scheduled for release in the UK this Friday, so it's unlikely there will be too much change in the charts next week.

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kids are on holidays... hence godawful disney fare and chav budget games for younger, on-a-budget chavs.

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Again....these charts are SO misleading because GS don't mention that it's a Multiformat chart. It's got OtH for PS2 but that's the combined sales for every console at no.5 not just the PS2 version. Same goes for PRey and PotC.

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Once again let down embarassingly by my country's poor average... I would never consider buying most of the games on that list. Apart from the DS ones.

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it seems GTA is doing well in the UK

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Think you guys are underestimating the serious lack of games comin out on both the ps2, psp, and xbox 360 at the minute here in the UK, the reason why GTA:LCS has been number one for so long is it's big name title that people assume has quality and at a bargain price is far more attractive to buy than the slew of overpriced games that fail to gain interest, as for prey, i was majorly disappointed with the game, and so are most of my friends, i expect prey to stay in thetop ten for about 2-3 weeks but thats only beause there are no other new titles worth taking it's place.

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Chavs and their DSS money from the government + no job (don't want one) = time to play **** games which they think are cool, thanks to the ability to beat up hookers. It's like a Friday night out for them but sitting in front of the TV.

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Pro Evo 5 still in the charts even after 9 months. Well's finally more popular than Fifa :)

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Meh. GTA:LCS.........:lol:

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Wow, poor UK. They seem to have no taste in games if GTA: LCS is STILL their #1 selling game. And it's for the PS2! WTF!? Do Europeans need two versions of the same game? They need to look beyond the cookie cutter titles and see the rare gems that are so often overlooked.

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Wow. I still don't understand this Liberty City Stories thing in the UK. It's pretty amazing actually.

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Can you say BRAND RECOGNITION? Mario. GTA. Soccer. 4 movie games. And to wrap it all up, Brain Age. It doesn't seem UK has very many people paying attention to games. "Hey, Pirates of the Carribean! The movie was great, I bet the game is too! Let's get that!"

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liberty city stories is still #1? what?

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Thank God that Prey is selling well, I kant wait for a sequel. This gem deserves a 9 at least and GS gave it 7.5!!!!

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I always feel sorry for Europe, just like I do for the US against Japan: always getting the games last.

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GTA finally gets off US charts and now its on UK charts. One day there will be a day where GTA isn't on the charts.

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sony rules again and again and again;I cant wait for the ps3

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maybe america is passing on it's traits to the UK in terms of what kinds of games they like.

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How come america is so slow to realize that Pro Evo is better than FIFA? It sells so pathetic here yet in Japan and Europe its #1. I guess it makes sense since america is one of the only countries that doesnt know anything about soccer, I guess its only natural that the worst soccer game sells the best.

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Nice LCS selling strong.

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gta again

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again proof that gta rocks on the ps2 , its still no1 from 4 weeks, and sony says they dont worry about gta4 being released on the 360, what a joke sony . we can see it clearly that gta sells the ps2. its time that non gta fans should start accepting this fact that gta is the best game on the ps2 whether its gta3 , vice city , san andreas or lcs. its true

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Glad to see NSMB & Brain Age staying on the list. Don't be suprised when you see Pirates of the Caribbean games fall off the list soon. Also, they need to stop buying GTA games!!

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UK = casual

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Prey all the way

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uk loves gta even tho there only just realising the new ones crap.

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The UK version of LOTR: BFME 2 just came out in the UK a couple of days ago so how is this thing right?

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wow . GTA still rulez

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I didn't like the demo of Prey, I thought it didn't have very good graphics. I'm not into that engine either. I feel like I can never shoot right.

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its only a matter of time when NSMB conquers GTA....

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Stick with it Prey, you'll be number one soon enough! :)

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NSMB is still going strong, not only in japan and america, but in europe too, well, english people don't usually have high end PCs so to see the XBOX360 up there is not a suprise, but the PC version is better, right?

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NOT surprised to see chromehounds drop after that Xbox Live demo. Yikes!

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Well GTA up on the top list again.I my self liked the one for the PSP more.It was built for the PSP over being built for the PS2.The reason I do not like the one for the PS2 is because it is just that a PSP game it does not take any thing from the PS2 one and make it really shine.So for me the PSP one is better.Nice to see Pirates of the Caribbean games up there still bringing in cash on the wake of the big money the Movie is still bringing in. Its to bad Prey in second place I liked that game but I guess you can't take down GTA that easy.Other then that I thought the LOTR game was a good one well maybe not as good as the PC one but still is good so maybe it did not sell that well but still is cool to at least see it up there.

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Yay comments

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prey wow... that game isnt worth all the money they have to pay

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^ You mean Soccer, right? ;)

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European people seem to be richer than us.

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Because not everyone in the UK owns a PSP, and because more people would own a PS2 than they would a PSP. Also, the PS2 version is cheaper and loads faster than its PSP counterpart

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Why are the british public so blind. Buying GTA: LCS for the PSP is ok, it is a good game that eeks out a lot of performance from the PSP. But on the PS2 is is awful, the graphics are dated, the missions are boring and everything you do/see is a rehash. Still, at least Mario Bros. is holding strong. Nothing else is surprise. Football games (however old) still sell in the UK and plenty of movie tie-in games are always a regular. Prey is the only notable entry, a solid game that deserves some attention for the simple fact that it tries to be original.

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about time a decent 360 title comes out, glad prey is high up

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Dumb people generaly dont think they are Dumb, Funny thing that... I'm not saying that you are dumb or anything its just an observation.

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I have it and i like it, It was cheap and im enjoying it i dont think im dumb at all.

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6 games on a sony console, way to go sony!

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ahhh... football fever is subsiding at long last.

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how dumb can u be to buy liberty city stories for the ps2