UK game charts: July 30-August 5

Cars, Liberty City Stories, and New Super Mario Bros. all hold steady as newcomers get caught up in the midsummer retail doldrums.


A lack of high-profile releases means that the UK all-format games chart for the week of July 30 to August 5 remains largely unchanged from the prior week. Cars managed to hold on as the UK's top-selling game for the second week in a row, no doubt buoyed by the movie's success at the box office. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and New Super Mario Bros. also held onto their positions at two and three respectively, while Brain Training managed to jump from five to four.

Facing the height of the summer season, new releases are faring badly in the UK games chart compiled by Chart-Track. Sony's SingStar Anthems entered the chart at number 20, while THQ's Juiced: Eliminator limped in at number 38. Faring much better is EA's The Sims, with both the original and its sequel now featuring in the top 10. Promotions from retailers such as Amazon have helped the original game to make it back into the top 10 at number six, while The Sims 2 holds steady at number eight.

FIFA World Cup 2006 has dropped steadily since the end of its titular tournament, slipping from 9 to 21 this week. Pro Evolution Soccer 5 is faring much better, though. The budget-priced rerelease of Konami's football title has helped it stay in the top 10 for 14 weeks, and the game gains two places on this week's chart. The movie tie-ins for The Pirates of the Caribbean continued to do well, despite both dropping places this week, while Sony's Formula One 06 jumps four places from 14 to 10.

The summer games drought continues this week. Dreamfall: The Longest Journey finally makes it to the Xbox, along with Panzer Elite Action, while the Cargo Pilot add-on for Flight Simulator 2004 hits PC.

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if companies released some decent games over here this list wouldnt be so embarrasing

Avatar image for ardylicious

I'm embarrased to be English when i see this chart. Yes we do have stupid people here aswell.

Avatar image for rapperforfree

Cars being #1? That the most childish game I have ever played. I mean the cars say "OUCH!" when you hit the bumper.

Avatar image for CMakaCreative

How accurate is this list? SIMS is higher than SIMS 2? Plus they got a game that's going to be released next month rounding off the top 10. Either no one is buying games in the UK or something is very wrong. I thought the US aka Best Buy charts was bad but this takes the cake & eats it too.

Avatar image for Acid_Kitsune

...what the hell are the ukestetians thinking?

Avatar image for metroidlink1030

Wait...a liscenced game at the top spot? WTF??!?

Avatar image for historywhiz4k

I'm just amazed that The Sims is six on the top ten list, and it was released more than six years ago.

Avatar image for RuneX212121

Makes sense really, here in japan the DS has been mopping the floor with all the consoles. Thier just isnt a lot out there in the UK im guessing for the 360 fans as of yet. Ofcourse, if you ask me the DS has yet to have a good game made for it as well aside from braintrain and castlevania. I think their just crazy over here personally, in the UK as well. Oh well, Japan has finally started to pick up release wise and we got some nice titles in the past few weeks. Hopefully its a sign for the other regions as well.

Avatar image for Maquis_UK

oi, we don't all play friggin cars and johnny depp games LMFAO. chavs, thats what it is. ps2-ownin' gta-playin' crazy frog cd-buyin' chavs. to hell with em. go NSMB !!!

Avatar image for lazzza

The reason is simple, all the games out at the moment are quite crap, so the only people who buy them are the little kids, hence why CARS is at the top.

Avatar image for faridmon

glad to see the DS is doing good, but the chart is lame, and i live in UK, i am very ashamed. no XBOX360? Japan and Uk don't like the XBOX360? so how could just america help this console?

Avatar image for AfterAscon

You can tell how badly games are selling by the fact The Sims is in the top 10. There are simply no decent games being released over summer Xbox 360 or otherwise. Also how can Formula One 06 be up there when its release is Sep 28, 2006?

Avatar image for MSG-Deathscythe

x360 launched, even half-baked, before the other 2 consoles to dominate the 3rd gen console wars, but it is obviously backfiring. I don't believe that the British have no taste, they have good DS games on the list. japan has sent the same message time and time again. I don't own Cars, but the reason why it is on top of their charts is because it is probably better than any of the games the x360 has to offer.

Avatar image for morororo

The charts here are lame right now because no decent games are coming out at the moment, so we have parents buying their kids Cars after watching the movie. Simple as. Once some good games get released we'll see this chart change. Still aleast a bit of variety, not just 10 american football games like the US charts.

Avatar image for War-Tex

CARS?!?! sheesh..............

Avatar image for kambion313

looks like british people are to blame for bad games being bought and made

Avatar image for azad_champ

Come ON!!!!! What the heck is Cars first for?? Two pirates on the top to! Is this a joke???

Avatar image for rulo_rezn0r

lol cars lol the sims LOL!!!

Avatar image for gamer_10001

Cars!!! Why Cars!?!?!?!?!?! Cars should have only been on there one week, its release date. So why are people still buying this game?!?!?!?

Avatar image for DRUNK_CANADIAN

quoting Empty Ski "ps2 and ds my favorite systems dominate the top ten!! Heck yea. " If you havnt noticed the games accompanying those systems suck (the ones mentions on the chart at least) And no offense to the UK, but W-T-F is wrong with them!!!! GTA: LS only decent one of them all, and the PSP version was better

Avatar image for azza29

Who is still buying copies of the Sims? Does anyone not have it yet???

Avatar image for d-suhiti

What the hell is Cars still doing there???

Avatar image for EmptySki

ps2 and ds my favorite systems dominate the top ten!! Heck yea.

Avatar image for pwnr

Wow... they got bad taste...

Avatar image for Ices100

Loco roco bombed everywhere, and tekken is the same old game we have played what about 10 times already...although that still can't touch mario for some reason or another.

Avatar image for TintedChimes

Where's the love for the PSP? What about LocoRoco and Tekken? Is it out yet?

Avatar image for automaticsnake

No taste in the UK lol

Avatar image for iceydragonuk

@REVOLUTIONfreak Poor taste? Hardly the case I think. Besides being a multiformat chart, the chart is compiled based on nationwide sales, not just from one chain of store. So this includes dedicated video game stores, toy stores, supermarkets and so forth. This usually means you get more young kids screaming at their parents for a new game in toy stores and supermarkets, and Cars is just one of those popular kids franchises. A lot of really young kids dont read reviews, so they dont know the meaning of a poor game.

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As a person who lives in the uk I know exactly why these game are all here. Cars only came out like 2 weeks ago here so that's why that game is doing so well. Also Grand theft auto is just about the 'coolest' game you could own in this country *sigh* But think about it, it's summer time and not many games come out in the uk.

Avatar image for kinncolts

yea....for everyone making fun of XBOX 360 not having a insgle title up there....Cars has been in the Top Ten for like a bovisouly gaming tastes in the U.K. arent that good

Avatar image for Dekuxutu

The UK is so casual...

Avatar image for Oktoberfest

ooh I want F1

Avatar image for Zaxex

Can't believe sims is their :O, sure it's a good game but it was much better 6 years ago, a major classis in this case. Cars/POTC are poor games on there for their movies. Glad to see brain age is selling as you wouldn't expect the average person to pick it up instead of super mario etc. Down to one footy game i wonder how long the charts will continue with it in the top ten. Also there're two ds games a psp game 2 pc games and 6 ps2 games. Lastly i can't believe not a single 360 game or even xbox for that matter reached the top ten. Seems people are waiting for the PS3. PS2 seems majorly popular here in the UK.

Avatar image for comthitnuong

yea! go cars!!!

Avatar image for assassinX01

wow. Talk about cashin titles. So much for Xbox's success world wide. . .not one title.

Avatar image for Shady3011

I'm surprised that a PSP port is doing so well. Maybe they should port New Super Mario Bros. to the GameCube and see how well it does.

Avatar image for Paul_TheGreat


Avatar image for Kingofunrealuk

I hate the people who live in my country. Its basically Sony fanboys and easy movie cash-in's buyers. *sigh* I'm ashamed...

Avatar image for REVOLUTIONfreak

UK obviously has poor taste, even if cars is multiformat

Avatar image for jofy

sony,sony, sony,very good

Avatar image for rocklegacy2

At least New Super Mario Bros is up there.

Avatar image for OmegaOrtega

such horrible taste... Cars is back...

Avatar image for TorugotoShinsan

There are no 360 games because the 360 is so freaking expensive over here. The cheapest 360 I've ever seen was £250 (About $450-470). Even then the games are £50 (about $70-80) each

Avatar image for P2L5NM

As Thorsen said that's a multiformat chart so CARS is not no.1 for PS2 but no.1 all formats combined. Otherwise Single format games would be higher.

Avatar image for garydbzfan

good 2 see mario still there but what the hell why has the sims suddenly become popular lol its 6 years old

Avatar image for thorsen-ink

These are ALL format charts--the rankings are pased on combined sales of a single title across all platforms. They do it that way in the UK and not the US, for some reason.

Avatar image for pyro-geek

lol the sims made it in the top 10, thats just great

Avatar image for takeo_miyazaki

really happy to see the DS games still in there near the top-hopefully the christmas sales charts will look similar except with a lot more 360 and Wii

Avatar image for shasam712

Hmmm, Xbox arn't doing too well here in the UK. I will buy an Xbox and put their sales up for them. And cars sucks, I havn't even played it but I can sit here without fear of being wrong because I am 99.99% sure that its a rubbish, cash in title. Also, the release for F1 06 must be wrong because according to the chart it isn't even out yet.

Avatar image for Kayrod29

No Xbox games .... Cars???? WTF????