UK game charts: February 18-24

Final Fantasy XII hits the top slot, becomes the UK's fastest-selling game in the series so far; Crackdown debuts in the second spot.


Square Enix's Final Fantasy XII beat the only other new entry, Microsoft's Crackdown, to number one in the UK all-formats top 40 last week. FFXII grabbed 53.5 percent of all full-price PlayStation 2 sales, making it the fastest-selling game in the series in the UK so far.

The week's highest climber was Sudoku, which rose 19 places to 16, whereas the biggest plunge of the week went to Football Manager 2007, which fell 18 spaces to 39, almost disappearing from the chart altogether.

Budget software was a hit in last week's chart, with publisher Grabit/GDL making the top 10 with Bad Boys 2 at seven, along with Sudoku at 16, Sheep at 17, Warrior Kings: Battles at 27, Warrior Kings: Remastered at 40, and Ford Racing 2 at 34.

Electronic Arts maintained a strong presence in the all formats top 40, with FIFA 07 at three, Need for Speed Carbon at five, and The Sims 2: Pets at six.

Next week sees the release of several big titles, including Sonic and the Secret Rings for the Wii, The Sims 2 Seasons for PC, Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2 for the PS2, and Resident Evil 4 for PC.

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i am a bit late knowing the FF series. I think FF X and FF XII are the best series in the game. It's the only reason i still appreciate my PS2 console.

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Final Fantasy is the only reason I have a PS2, haven't got XII yet but I'm still happily playing Wario Smooth Moves and Wii Sports so the PS2 is sitting unused for now.

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Another reason that there are no FPS is that as most games are sold on the PS2... FPS's on PS2 suck harder than a $10 whore, the only decent one on there was..... was..... I'm struggling.... certainly wasn't Killzone....

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Every country has its differing sales charts, preferences are varied but of course the mass charts do not account for everybody's taste within that region. Lots of folk in the UK (myself included) love fps games. The uneducated views of people from elsewhere are merely false assumptions !

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[quote]FPS's never do good in UK. The violence tolerant level is lower there than in north america.[/quote] What?!?!?!?! FPS games do very well in the UK and the only reason none are in the top 10 is because the FPS market has been dry for so long. Wait until Stalker comes out, that'll go straight to the top.

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gd gd final fantasy beats the rest and rightly so ..fifa 07 good.. evolution soccer 6 nice to see still there... sega megadrive collection i was expecting at no.2 but fair enough ... and mario still hanging in there.. nice collection of games in the charts this week

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'Violence tolerance is lower there'?. Have you ever actually been or met anyone from the UK?. I'd love to see some proof to back-up such a ridiculous claim. FPS's don't sell well in the UK because most of the time they're only released on PC's and PC gaming in the UK is fringe at the extreme (with the exception of the sims franchise). I also don't believe that Crackdown sold because of the Halo 3 beta. I believe it sold because of over-rated media hype and the fact that since the (middling-success) title of Lost Planet there really hasn't been any significant releases on the console since November (GoW).

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I dont see what the big deal is with all those final fantasy games. They are all the same and I find them all very boring. On another note it is true that Crackdown will sell well just because of the Halo 3 demo. That is one smart move by Microsoft. I cant wait until Halo 3 come out!

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final fantasy 12 is cool, but i cant seem to get into it as i used to with rpgs. and the only reason crackdown sold so high is cuz the halo 3 demo...cant wait till that comes out

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FPS's never do good in UK. The violence tolerant level is lower there than in north america. Props to square enix, for making such a sick game.

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Yes well done to all the clever Final Fantasy players. I spend most of my free time on it at the moment. Today is the only day I haven't played it, I can feel my hand moving to the controller now... I am level 25, wasted loads of LP :( My only criticism of the whole game is when epensive gambit slots appear on the licence board getting in the way of progress. I really don't need them! Lol @ the Tomato Bandit guy, when I first got to that bit I tried to kill the T-rex thing as well. I hit it and saw it take off 0 damage, I ran like hell but it killed me. Annoyingly I hadn't yet saved it so I had to start from the beginning.

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I Bought this game, its awesome. I have bought nearly all of the FFX Games on the PS2 and they have all been fun to play. So far im on the part i have to go out side the city to destroy the Tomoto Bandit lol. :D

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I salute each and every person responsible for getting FF12 to the top spot. *salutes* I made sure I bought it on day of release, and haven't stopped playing it since.

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I don't think there was quite this much hate for Sony when the PS2 came out though, the competition was Dreamcast who'd sort of made all the mistakes that Sony are making now.... Sega were fond of quoting "up to 6 billion players" and then didn't release a decent on line game for over a year, Sony has just dumped rumble, backward compatability, Dualshock pads that everyone loved, and added a huge price tag and a blu-ray player that not everyone wants.

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ragrdoll21 said "PS3 can never replace the PS2 because the attitude Sony has now is different and that is causing a negative effect. Haters have increased, websites are taking the mic, websites are constantly posting bad info after bad info etc. Never happened to the PS2. " Thats pretty much what happen to the PS2 when it came out too. "------ yeah i agree but things were differet then, ps2 didn't have any real competition. xbox didn't come untill later and when it did it was more expensive and had far fewer games on it while the gamecube..........well it was a gamecube. now however the tables have turned and sony really need to get their act together and stop hoping that customers are still going to buy their console despite their common sense and rattional thinking telling them otherwise. sony actually have to work to be successfull this time around, both the 360 and the wii are amazing machines.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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"PS3 can never replace the PS2 because the attitude Sony has now is different and that is causing a negative effect. Haters have increased, websites are taking the mic, websites are constantly posting bad info after bad info etc. Never happened to the PS2. " Thats pretty much what happen to the PS2 when it came out too.

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i loved Bad Boys 1

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"PS3 will never replace the PS2" Remember people saying that about the PS1 when the PS2 was launched, boy were they wrong.

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Yeh, I contributed to getting final fantasy to the top. :)

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PS3 can never replace the PS2 because the attitude Sony has now is different and that is causing a negative effect. Haters have increased, websites are taking the mic, websites are constantly posting bad info after bad info etc. Never happened to the PS2.

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kavadias1981 ''The PS3 will never replace the PS2. Just look at the charts for chrissake!'' Yep, Sony sure have the long term intention of investing more in the PS2 than the PS3 to keep it alive for longer don't they ?

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Final Fantasy has made a triumphant come back after the disappointing Final Fantasy 10 and 11. It's so streamlined and accessible to play, great to look at and the voice acting is a lot stronger too. Finally, the UK chart is representing our taste in games. I would love to see the back of FIFA, Need For Speed and The Sims for good but thats not going to happen any time soon :(. It's good to see Sega Mega Drive Collection in the top ten still as well as New Super Mario Bros but the chart is missing a few titles. I would like to know the position of Okami and where it stands in sales as well as Gears Of War. :D But finally, the charts are finally looking like they should do!

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By random battles I meant that you can be running along a road nicely and suddenly you find yourself in a battle against 1,2,3,etc creatures that appear as if from nowhere. I did not mean fighting against something on a different screen or whether the outcome was random. It always annoys when you can be travelling from place to place and the game decides you have to fight now, if you run away from the battle 20-30 seconds has passed, so you run away and carry on your journey for another few seconds and wallop... another battle. So despite travelling over clear plains or an empty road suddenly there are creatures around that want a scrap. I've lost count of the number of times travelling from one village or location to another takes 30 minutes because the game decides you should have a scrap.

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For those who do not know in FF XII you can see the monster and you fight on the same screen so if u get into a fight u can run away with no hassle IT IS NOT RANDOM thoughg the place where the monster summon and how many are in that spot is random.

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TTDog, no it does not have random battles...

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Had heard that the story is FF12 falls away a little, due to the bloke in charge of the story itself leaving halfway through development to work on Blue Dragon. I'm assuming FF12 still includes the "Random Battle" element that has put me off playing them too much in the past.

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I might pick final fantasy xii

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I knew it would sell well, its a great game. Wonder how well it went in Australia.

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Good to see that Final Fantasy XII is being recieved so well in the UK.

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Only one game in that list deserved to be there, and it got the top spot too. Nice going Square Enix.

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Go Final Fantasy XII!

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Bad Boys 2? They just got that game now?

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yes Crackdown does come with halo3 mp beta over here however i didn't think crackdown was an amazing game it had a really good idea but i just found it a bit boring with no storyline. i can totally see why FF XII outsold crackdown its a better game plus there are still probably at least 10 ps2s to every 360 so the install base is huge. i don't think it was ever going to be the other way round.

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this just proves that no matter how good the graphics and no matter how many explosions in however high definition, a good story is always going to sell the games. FF XII is just a very well done overall package.

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Bad Boys 2 in the top ten?????? What's really going on in the UK?

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Final Fantasy series can not be is one of best games around --

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FFXII beat Crackdown and FIFA? Guess the stereotype of soccer (football)being above all else only goes for part of the year. One question that I do have though is did the Crackdown come with Halo 3 multiplayer tryout like here? Also, Bad Boys in the top 10? How does that work?

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No Gears? Thats surprising.

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go FF...

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Final Fantasy XII Rulez!

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Great to see Final Fantasy atop the charts. Also, how on earth can anyone call Final Fantasy chav-like? I mean, are the fanboys THAT deluded and they would convince themselves that FF appeals to chavs and that's the only way it could top the charts? Please, you people are sad. Final Fantasy topped that chart because it is a great game.

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I'm really glad FFXII is being received well, despite all the flak it's been receiving about it's licence/gambit system, and well the game itself. I know that Dirge of Cerberus tanked, but I really hope that this game joins its predecessors (all ps1 ff games from seven (i think it starts with 7) on is in the top ten for the ps1 ranks. How mad is that?) in the halls of glory. And it's nice to note that today its 19 out of all the games in the database... makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, even though I had a few reservations about it. Keep it up Square, because I'm gettin my ps3 just for XIII and versus!

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bad boys!!!!!! woooooooooo!!!

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DAAAAaaaaammmn. Gotta finish Okami first though. :S

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I see crackdown dropping way down after this week. All of my friends bought crackdown because they were too late signing up on-line. Now the freaking game is collecting dust.

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Bad Boys 2? Lol, that game is old and has been for sale brand new for $9.99 since it came out. I'm glad FFXII is number #1, I'm sick of seeing Gears at number all the time.