UK Game Charts: April 23-29

EA's FIFA World Cup enters at number one, knocking Tomb Raider off after three weeks.


Electronic Arts' 2006 FIFA World Cup has made its debut at number one on the ELSPA Chart-Track best-seller list. The game, which was released on the PC, Xbox 360, Xbox, PlayStation2, GameCube, and Nintendo DS last week, knocked Tomb Raider: Legend off the top spot after a three-week reign. The PlayStation Portable version of the game will follow on May 19.

Other than FIFA, there was not much change to the Top 10, with only one other new entry in the form of Guild War: Factions at number seven. EA's World Cup game clearly had some effect on FIFA Street 2, however, as it suffered the furthest drop in the chart from four to nine.

Continuing the football theme, Sega's Football Manager 2006 enjoyed a healthy rise from number seven to number three this week. Film tie-ins fared less successfully, with both Ice Age 2: The Meltdown and The Godfather dropping down the chart since last week.

Aside from Football Manager, the only other game to rise up the chart this week is The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, gaining two places from last week's 10 to this week's eight. Nintendo's Animal Crossing is also remaining popular at number four, dropping only one place since last week. Buzz!: The BIG Quiz also managed to drop only one place but is clinging on at the bottom of the chart to the number 10 position.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and The Sims 2: Family Fun Stuff both dropped out of the Top 10 from last week.

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They say the lastest Fifa is good, but it will not beat the 2007 version of Fifa. EA Sports will only get money out of me again, once Fifa 07 is out. But Pro Evo will lose its crown to sensible soccer, once its out.

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Wow! I haven't bought any of the games on that list, they mostly suck! And yes, importing is actually cheaper in the UK where its 37.99 for Sonic Riders which is $70.6278, its freakign insane what they get away with! (UK gamer)

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The UK is full of casual gamers, naturally since hard-core gaming is considered a minority. You'll also find that most hard-core gamers in the UK import, so their purchases seldom affect the charts.

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American football SUX.... a lot!!! so riduculous!! ...... soccer is very best!!! we have a WORLD CUP!!! american football doesn't... and, by the way, PS2 dominate UK market!!

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boo, EA catering for poeple who care more about branding (World Cup) and trying to look cool (street) than actuall gameplay (in which case they'd get PES). Oh, and to whoever said NFL is the real footy - which type of football is almost entirely about kicking the ball (hence football?)

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lol..... UK gamers are casual. look at that list!!!!!

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Tomb Raider will climb again when the Nintendo versions are released. EXTRA CONTENT on GameCube = late coup for the Nintendo faithful. eat that, ps2.

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football all the way, at least in norway and uk, american football is kind of boring when i wached that once. well no ofence.

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Pretty sad to see that thing at number one. EA's tournament-specific footy entries are usually despicable, including this one. foofightersrule, your NFL is not 'real football'.

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Europeans sure like their footy! It's like hockey here in Canada.

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foofightersrule I declare that you're talking out of a certain part of your anatomy.Oh and er game charts bore because they're always full of generic rubbish.

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Lots of little kids play games in the UK thats why ice age 2 is there.. As for the football games fifa street is okay but the other two football deserve to be there, they are both good games

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UK people have odd taste on games 0.o

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WOW is that game that fun or is it just a UK thing and other country's like that Soccer in the States is a no show. No real teams that are for each state.Even though I think it would be a hit if there was a real team. Not a fan of Soccer but good to see it selling well.

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European gamers errr... are so weird wtf ??? Ice age 2 ... nuff said .

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We can all tell, as evidenced by your #9... FIFA STREET 2?? who the hell plays street soccer honestly?? Well I guess that's where the money is at in Europe. Have fun with that.

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Football, football and more football. Well least all three have different gameplay...(in some way). Animal Crossing is doing great. I don't think I've seen a Nintendo game stay in the UK charts for that long for some time now. foofightersrule - "Don't like real football" You better not be talking about American football there... ...Im not going to or start an arugement here about sports...

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In Europe, they love real football. In America, we hate real football. I love football. (Soccer, to you Americans.)

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It's just because in Europe they don't like real football, why don't they do something important like watch the NFL draft?

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Football rules in UK. :)

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isnt that GW fractions instead of "GW factions"?

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Fourth Post, WOot

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Not really FIFA has hard time with konami exelent game PES. Is in America where FIFA win over Winning Eleven. But is true is not that surprise, if you remember the world cup is around the corner.

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WTF is a game like Ice age 2 doing there? pff.

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To be expected, really. Anything FIFA sells like hotcakes..., make that anything EA sells like hotcakes (regardless of the actual content).