UK Chart: Metro: Last Light surfaces top but fails to outsell predecessor

Dead Island: Riptide falls to second, and FIFA 13 climbs back up to third.


4A Games' Metro: Last Light has emerged at the top of the UK charts after its first weekend on sale, although the well-received sequel failed to match the numbers shifted by its predecessor in 2010.

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The original Metro 2033 was released in March 2010 and debuted fifth in the UK charts at the time.

Deep Silver purchased the rights to Metro: Last Light in January, and the publisher also notches up a second place finish with open-world zombie mulcher Dead Island: Riptide.

FIFA 13 climbs back up to third place, and 3DS-exclusive Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity enters the chart in fourth.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II is fifth, Tomb Raider is sixth, and the retail release of Telltale Games' serial adventure The Walking Dead is seventh.

The top 10 is rounded out by DC brawler Injustice: Gods Among Us in eighth, which pushed Assassin's Creed III into ninth by less than 200 sales, and BioShock Infinite in 10th.

Elsewhere in the chart, poorly reviewed movie tie-in Star Trek drops to 32nd from last week's 24th-place finish, and Medal of Honor: Warfighter reenters the chart at 37th.

The Top 20 UK chart for the week ending May 18:

1. Metro: Last Light
2. Dead Island: Riptide
3. FIFA 13
4. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
5. Call of Duty: Black Ops II
6. Tomb Raider
7. The Walking Dead
8. Injustice: Gods Among Us
9. Assassin's Creed III
10. BioShock Infinite
11. Far Cry 3
12. Luigi's Mansion 2
13. Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins
14. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
15. God of War: Ascension
16. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
17. Grand Theft Auto IV
18. Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City
19. Skylanders Giants
20: Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

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Avatar image for Elann2008

People are using that ranger mode dlc excuse to not buy it day one, or not buy it altogether, possibly pirating it or they pirated already. It's sad circumstances for 4A Games.

This game should be selling in high numbers.

Instead, they would rather buy trash like Dead Island (Techland), ironically from the same publisher, but remember that 4A Games/Metro Last Light was majority THQ. Deep Silver only acquired them in near finished form.

Let's hope Deep Silver knows how to market 4A Games and their amazing games in the future. For some reason, I am pessimistic.

Avatar image for XboxGuy1537

@Elann2008 Woah, woah, woah. A lot of people like Dead Island Riptide including me. It's not "trash", it's just a fun action game. It's not elaborte game like Bioshock Infinite, but it's a lot of fun

Avatar image for staranise

that forking over a couple of bucks to unlock ranger mode killed the sales. now everyone is waiting for the special-deluxe-golden-delicious-hyper-platinum version where everything is complete and tied with an elegant bow.....

Avatar image for tonet666

I'm playing it now and I love it.

Avatar image for jsmoke03

good for them....

Avatar image for Fia1

maybe finally people are getting tired of buying shooters

Avatar image for jsmoke03

@Fia1 you do know metro is a survival fps right?

Avatar image for WiredDreemz

@jsmoke03 @Fia1 Which by the way has a very strong gunplay focus in comparison to Metro 2033!

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

It's hit top, but it's really not selling very well. Look at the games it beat.

Nothing worth even mentioning...

It's a shame, the developers deserve better than this. The game is fantastic.

I think people are just waiting for the price to be cut in half before they cash out. The price is higher than when the original came out as well. That's something else worth noting. So if the original sold more, it doesn't necessarily mean it made more money...although... at this point in time... I think it did.

Avatar image for 2bitSmOkEy

This is truly depressing. Last Light is an incredible game. A huge step up from 2033.

Avatar image for FlameBoyBen

blame ranger mode, that was something pretty unethical right there.

Avatar image for Coheedrocks27

@FlameBoyBen if you buy a new copy of the game it comes with it. Plus based on the conditions that it sounded like that worked in, they need the money

Avatar image for Fabregasgunner

Great to see metro hit top.. It's a cracking game

Avatar image for jhonMalcovich

They take into account only physical copies. In 2010, there were more physical copies sold than today. Because today is ruled by Digital Distribution.

Avatar image for Mkeegs79

@jhonMalcovich Ruled is a strong word when physical media still outsells the same games available in digital form.

Avatar image for santinegrete

As good as it sounds, this game deserves way more. At least I hope it stays there for a good time.

Avatar image for Lazarious1988

@santinegrete fantastic game if i must say :D

Avatar image for mattress805

Oh yes the game is fantastic. It also has the best virtual lap dances of any game before it; much better than the G-rated ones in Mass Effect 2. Lol

Avatar image for PeterDuck

Hmmm, now this is something to ponder about...especially in the view of that recent piracy article by same author.

The first game released only on PC and xbox yet it sold more than the second game did on PC, xbox and ps3. I'd like to see the sale chart for each platform this time around

Avatar image for wizzzer_thy_133

play Metro alone at night, headphones and full volume. prepare a shit bucket.

Avatar image for Henrique2324

@wizzzer_thy_133 The Dead City comes to mind. That radio in the first ruined building....."If you hear the noise, run, and save yourselves!". That there was legendary. Not counting the other 10 hours worth of masterful moments.

Avatar image for mattress805

I was just doing that at 2 o'clock this morning. And you know what? I just realized something right after the part with the fisherman and the shrimp. This game is a masterpiece!

Avatar image for Poison-tooth

@wizzzer_thy_133 Well said.

Avatar image for pal_080

If Dead Island: Riptide outsells this game I will eat my right foot.

Avatar image for Lazarious1988

@pal_080 the people buying riptide must be more rabid then the in games zombies.... sorry but dead island was to be nice not my kind of game yawwwwwwwwwwwwn i think ill join u m8 if that happens metro is a great game

Avatar image for EKGProd

What a damn, damn shame that such a fantastic, original, brilliant game like Metro: Last Light can't even manage to sell more than the original did 3 years ago...What a damned shame. And then we all wonder why everyone is jumping ship to "Free" to play mobile games. If a fantastic core game like Metro: Last Light can't sell even half a million in its opening week, then the core gamers market is truly done for.

Avatar image for M-S-M-S

@EKGProd Don't forge that these number don't include digital sales, which are huge in the PC market.

Avatar image for mattress805

Yeah but it's the end of a console cycle and history dictates poor software sales. I'm proud to say I purchased Metro: last light on Friday and its amazing. It's almost like walking around Disneyland when you are a kid; except substitute mutants, Communists, and prostitutes for Mickey, Goofy, and Donald duck!

Avatar image for XxTheEvilxX

@Imperiacommando I know what you mean. Damn Demon Souls. I still can't put that down. Though I have tried... I still have yet to try walking dead too.

Avatar image for Mojira7

I'm guessing the issues ofs amd card compatibility I heard about this game may have made some PC gamers who use those cards decide to wait and see? Or was that nvidia? I can't remember :) I just heard one of the cards work better with this game than the other one...

Avatar image for rmartinezdl

@Mojira7 it was amd cards, but I think they fixed this by now.

Avatar image for Lazarious1988

@rmartinezdl @Mojira7 yep fixed i use amd and no issuse on max

Avatar image for OurSin-360

I may have bought it, but I can no longer get the first game to run on my system at a decent framerate. (phenom ii x4, hd7950). It used to run fine(besides crashing at startup all the time) I just don't trust their games stability.

Avatar image for spammehardo

@OurSin-360 Just completed the first game with my 7950 on ranger hardcore again. It's probably just your computer.

Avatar image for rmartinezdl

@OurSin-360 it must be seomthing wrong on your side , I have a weaker system, and I was able top lay it on high preset, at 1080p (I could have gone maxed out but at lower resolution, i just love 1080p) I capped framerate at 35 fps, looks smooth. (30 is choppy dont try that shit).

My system:

CPU: FX 6300 (Weaker than yours i think since mine is a tricore, and yours is true quad core)

GPU: GTX 660 non TI, 7950 beats the crap out of the gtx 660.



Avatar image for vadagar1

wow this game should be placed on a golden pedestal and worshiped as a god

dead island is a piece of S***T compared to metro I can't believe its 2nd place, people in Uk really need to work on their gaming tastes, cause its embarrassing, dead island should not EVEN be in the list

Avatar image for Shadownk

Metro Last Light is a masterpiece, gameplay is much better than its' predecessor. SO GO BUY IT PEOLPE!!!!

Avatar image for XxTheEvilxX

@Shadownk Amen. Truly one of the most original games I've played in some time. Some of the best environments I've ever seen in a game. Just trying to get away from those damn spider-scorpion things while running on top of a subway car is well worth the price of admission.

Avatar image for I_ArCh0n_I

So it is 4 places higher on the chart then the original but, still sells less. Does that mean less people are buying games overall?

Avatar image for SteamyPotatoes

@I_ArCh0n_I Think it's more to do with the type of Game, CoD & Fifas will sell much more, sad truth i know, also there isn't a UK PC Boxed copy for some reason making all them digital and not included in this chart.

Avatar image for hateyourface

@SteamyPotatoes @I_ArCh0n_I Good points but that being said there have been growing slumps in VG sales both in North American and the UK.

Avatar image for Hurvl

I always read these articles to see what spot Skyrim is in, glad it still doesn't look it'll drop out of the top 20. Lol at Star Trek's 24th to 32nd place drop, but a bit of a shame that Bioshock: Infinite is only at tenth.

Avatar image for LOVERPS3

i will try this game on my pc

Avatar image for Saidrex

@LOVERPS3 yup, PC version looks better and don't listen people who says that you need top-end computer to play it, they lie! My average PC with GTX460 runs it on full graphics settings and with 70-80fps

Avatar image for acelogan1989

great game