UK Chart: DmC tops the charts with only a third of its predecessor's sales

Ninja Theory's reboot knocks FIFA from the top spot.


DmC: Devil May Cry, Capcom's warmly-received but slightly controversial reboot of the Devil May Cry series, has taken the top spot in the UK charts in its first week, knocking FIFA 13 down into second place after its two-week stint at the top.

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It's Capcom's first UK number one since Resident Evil 5 in 2009, even though Ninja Theory's DmC could only manage just over a third of what Devil May Cry 4 sold in its first week way back in 2008. DmC even had a three-day head start thanks to its worldwide Tuesday launch - games in the UK are traditionally launched on Friday.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II rounds out the top three, with Far Cry 3 dropping two places to fourth and Need for Speed: Most Wanted sticking in fifth.

DmC is the only new release to chart in the Top 40 this week, although 2K's NBA 2k13 returns in 19th, Paper Mario: Sticker Star pops in at 35th and Battlefield 3 enters at 39.

The Top 10 UK All-Format Ukie Games Charts for the week ending January 19, 2013:

1. DmC: Devil May Cry
2. FIFA 13
3. Call of Duty: Black Ops II
4. Far Cry 3
5. Need for Speed: Most Wanted
6. Just Dance 4
7. Football Manager 2013
8. Hitman: Absolution
9. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
10. Assassin's Creed III

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Avatar image for FreedomPrime

I really hope this game tanks. hard.

Avatar image for karin_2049

DmC tops the charts in UK? against what?! there are no other "big" releases right now, and FIFA was released like 4 months ago btw

Avatar image for bongsyas_23

this series did not need a reboot, the original was doing just fine. besides, the old dante looked way better.

Avatar image for deactivated-57fce817a4cf5

The only DMC I liked was the very first one. The second was a let down, 3 brought back a little bit of credibility. And 4 buried it.

This revamping of the series is just what I needed. I loved the demo, I now own the game. And for the first time since DMC1, I have respect for the series again.

Getting rid of that floppy, white haired, Japanese anime freak was the best thing they ever did.

Avatar image for chasind

@kavadias1981 I completely agree 100% I guarantee all who don't like the new DmC haven't played the entire series or haven't even tried the demo to the new reboot. I was a skeptic at 1st with the new Release, honestly thinking it was going to be the same crap DmC4 was loaded with- the japanese anime/overtones which was really old. I even didn't like dante's new look at 1st but now- I prefer it. For those who won;t play the new DmC bc of the way he looks, or bc ninja theory helped develop it; TRY THE DEMO 1ST.

Avatar image for zfair89

@kavadias1981 I still don't understand why Dante is the main object of criticism for a lot if people. I had this crazy notion that it was the combat that made DMC the series it is today, not that 'floppy, white haired dude'. Maybe I was wrong.

Avatar image for evil-zodiark

@zfair89 thing is DmC sucks at both...

Avatar image for AdrianJNYC

It's good to see DMC having great success and topping the UK charts. Hopefully, with this early success will come a sequel in the future - perhaps on the next-gen consoles.

Avatar image for DarkSaber2k

@AdrianJNYC To be fair, it wasn't exactly hard to top the charts in a week where literally NOTHING ELSE of interest was released.

Avatar image for AdrianJNYC

@DarkSaber2k @AdrianJNYC Nevertheless, DMC is selling pretty well and this game has taken so much criticism throughout its development cycle.

Avatar image for DarkSaber2k

@AdrianJNYC @DarkSaber2k "Pretty well"? It struggled to barely beat a game that has been out since SEPTEMBER. It'll be gone & forgotten by next week for all except the bitter "you changed it now it sucks" types..

Avatar image for 179107199999

@PSYCHOV3N0M @Coco_pierrot DOA2 ultimate was the best because you unlocked everything by playing.I hate what DOA 5 did.

Avatar image for cfstar

Well, those 5 million units you wanted to sell do look very close now, don't they Capcom?

Avatar image for jark888

When Capcom has too many post-released versions of a game, they won't make a good sell on the first version of the game. There're not many people buy new these days. Especially not from Capcom!

Avatar image for isaacyassar

Capcom pissed off many loyal fans = Capcom deserves piracy. Nuff said.

Avatar image for tightwad34

Topping the charts after the holiday rush is ho hum, though I suppose someone has to be #1. Topping FIFA in Europe is impressive.

Avatar image for Mortz_88

@tightwad34 Its not impressive because Fifa has been out since September 28th in the UK, and in the third week of January DmC has just barely outsold it.

Avatar image for tightwad34

@Mortz_88 Well, it's still impressive to me seeing how FIFA is huge in Europe. These are the numbers for the last month, correct?

Avatar image for Mortz_88

@tightwad34 Nope, just for the week ending January 19, 2013

Avatar image for cfstar

Do note that the HD Collection of the original series outsold this on Amazon. Lol

Avatar image for steelmouth

is it just me or this martin gaston really looks like dante, have anyone checked if they related

Avatar image for Mortz_88

@steelmouth He looks like Gok Wan mixed with Dante

Avatar image for musalala

@steelmouth LOL i noticed as well

Avatar image for tgwolf

That would be because Dante was modeled after your's truly...Yeah, the face and swagger wins again, forget all the action...

Avatar image for robbiejones

@Plasmid_king @robbiejones criticising peoples spelling on "game" websites is lame

Avatar image for Sampawende

Fairly deserved

Avatar image for tibbydriver0540

Great game. Beat it once already. Playing it again on easy just to upgrade my health and weapons more so I can tackle the higher difficulties.

Avatar image for speedcrysis

@Simplythebest12 listen broo.......i m from is the one of the great country in the world may be ur nation is not popular but dont talk like this.....

Avatar image for ranzikiel

I like this DMC but i like the older one better.
DMC 3 gave me alot of headache but it was fun and challenging..
this one was uhmm...easier i think??..or i'm alot better than i supposed to be than last time =D

Avatar image for deactivated-58bd60b980002

Well since it is #1 it may be considered a success but if that game sold one third of DMC4 ... someone may conclude that gamer buy less game now than ever ... and NO wonder ... so much great franchise became aweful and plagued by DLC ...

The gen EA, Activision and Capcom are the one to avoid

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

@Coco_pierrot You probably worked this out already, but that fact that it's in the #1 position means that in its 1st week, it beat Fifa 13's *16th* week.

That really isn't aaaanything for them to brag about, and certainly not any reason to think it's doing well. Some of the guys on here just refuse to think beyond the first piece of information they see.

Avatar image for deactivated-58bd60b980002

@naryanrobinson Yeah I did see that after my post and it was too late. and you are right

Avatar image for 179107199999

@naryanrobinson thank you.I was wondering about that.Its funny how Gamespot and other Major Review companies try to put a positive spin on how bad the game has sold.If it sold that poorly in the UK I wonder how it is over here...

Avatar image for deactivated-58bd60b980002

@chipwithdip Seriously dude ??? Street Fighter wasn't saved at all ... 3 Street Fighter games in a very short amound of time. All of them crippled with DLC and at each new incarneation they put the DLC of the previous game as starting caracters ... yeah ... Capcom raped every game they made this gen

Avatar image for YoungPrinceT

Who wants to pay $60 for a 6-8 hour game? I don't understand developers these days.

Avatar image for deactivated-58bd60b980002

@YoungPrinceT You obviously never play videogames during the NES days ... because a Mega Man games lasted no more than 2h when you know what you do... and it costed 70$ ... I remeber buying Mega Man 3 with Christmas money in 1989 it was the first game I bought with my own money.

The problem isn,t the lengh of the game ... because they created very long game but they feel shallow like an empty shell. Once you beat the game and got every Acheivement/Trophy there is no reason to play it ... While I played so many hours of MegaMan3 I could finish the game with only the mega buster and do kinda a perfect run.

Or in the past gen ... there were collectible that gave something in the game not just a stupid Acheivement ... stuff like that that make a 10h game a shallow experience while a 1h game could be so fun

Avatar image for 179107199999

@Coco_pierrot @YoungPrinceT agreed totally agree. In the age after Carts we got more content with more hours when disc based games came out and we pretty much were getting what we paid in this generation we get less.All this new tech and the greatest thing lots of companies learned to do is rip off consumers and expect us to pay full price.

Avatar image for Mortz_88

@Coco_pierrot We're not playing NES anymore, games have advanced a lot since then, so to expect people to pay £39.99 for a game that you can finish in a day, and apart from higher difficulty, offers very little in terms or replay value, is ridiculous.

Avatar image for deactivated-58bd60b980002

@Mortz_88 What replay they have now ??? Tacked on Multiplayer ? Right now I'm playing Final Fantasu 1 and Final Fantasy Tactics ( the PSOne version ) and I still love it. I still play My Mega Man Collection on PS2 from time to time and still enjoy it. The moment I finised Uncharted I didn't care for it anymore

It's been a very crappy Gen outside of a few gem like Demon Soul.

Avatar image for 179107199999

@Mortz_88 @179107199999 totally agree.Before it was stolen I had Dark Souls.I absolutley loved that game.

Avatar image for Mortz_88

@179107199999 Just one example but Demon's Souls is one of the better games to come out in a very long time. The combat is very smooth and can be mastered fairly easily. It has good replay value through making new characters or exploring hidden areas. Also its one of the most challenging games I've ever played. I think that this was more the direction DmC should have gone in, and not taken the steps back in terms of combat and simplistic design.

Avatar image for 179107199999

@Mortz_88 @Coco_pierrot Funny how advanced they got that that some games you still can beat in a few hrs and you still pay full price for it.And on top of that some games have sections locked away only for you to buy it as DLC. I'd rather play an NES game because the rewards for victory were sweeter.Those games back then were challenging.And the Music...they were so limited with Tech but a lot of that music is still memorable. This generation is trash well close to it anyway.

Avatar image for YoungPrinceT

@Coco_pierrot Ok.

Avatar image for RustedTruck650

@Strider8009 HA!!

Avatar image for Lotus-Edge

Go DMC....

Avatar image for burn_oren

they like what?? get a life dude. everybody got OPIUNION

Avatar image for 179107199999

@burn_oren No that's not what it means.It beat out a game that was 16 weeks old.Fifa's sales were already beyond slow at that point.In other words DmC didn't do anything remotley special