UK Battlefield 2 tourney announced

Multiplay will be putting 1,000 GBP up for grabs to the best BF2 team at its next LAN party.


UK-based online and LAN gaming company Multiplay today announced that it will be hosting a Battlefield 2 tournament at its upcoming i25 LAN party event. The top team in the league-style tournament will take home 1,000 GBP ($1,775), as well as tickets to next year's i26 LAN party and a "Big Cup." The i25 LAN party will be held on August 26-29 in Berkshire, UK. In addition to the Battlefield 2 tournament, the event will also host Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source, Call of Duty, and Unreal Tournament competitions. For more on the Battlefield 2 tournament and i25, check out Multiplay's Web site.

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