UFC: Tapout announced for the Xbox

The new Ultimate Fighting Championship game has been confirmed for the Microsoft Xbox.


Crave Entertainment has announced Ultimate Fighting Championship: Tapout for the Microsoft Xbox. The game features several new fighters and new modes of play. UFC middleweight world champion Tito Ortiz will be joined by an entensive roster of new and classic fighters. Additionally, the game's career mode has been enhanced and new modes such as eight- and 16-player tournaments have been added to the game. According to Crave, the Xbox game will use the console's advanced shader technology to highlight such detail as blood, bruising, and swelling.

"Ultimate Fighting Championship: Tapout is like no other fighting game ever created," Holly Newman, executive vice president of publishing at Crave Entertainment, said. "The Xbox has allowed us to detail the characters in such a way that every minute detail is displayed. UFC: Tapout has proven to be a tremendous franchise, changing the face of fighting games altogether by mixing both standing and ground combat, combined with the most realistic gameplay and graphics ever created. Our first-generation UFC games have already won numerous best fighting game awards, and we plan on continuing that success with the Xbox. Crave will be represented in full force in the first wave of Xbox titles."

"The first-generation UFC title from Crave earned its place as a kick-ass modern fighting game," J Allard, general manager at Microsoft's Xbox division, said. "We're excited to be working with Crave on the next installment of UFC; the power of the Xbox will bring fighting to an unparalleled level of realism, speed, and intensity."

Crave plans to release UFC: Tapout for the launch of the Xbox this fall. The recently announced Dreamcast version of UFC: Tapout is currently on hold. According to a Crave Entertainment representative, "the Dreamcast version is on hold right now--not cancelled--as [the developers] focus on the Xbox version."

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