UFC Champion Wants to Stream Games Full Time

"Gaming helps me calm my mind. It's like it stimulates my brain in a different way."


The UFC flyweight champion, Demetrious Johnson, recently made headlines when drug testers showed up at his house and interrupted one of his Twitch streams. Now, it's been revealed that Johnson wants to become a full-time video game streamer when his fighting career winds down.

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Johnson recently made an appearance on the Three Amigos Podcast, where he talked about his history with video games and streaming them on Twitch (via Kotaku). He credits his wife with pushing him to stream, which he now spends at least 15 hours a week doing.

"I would rock [my son Tyren] to sleep at night, and he would take a while, so I downloaded the Twitch app to watch. I saw guys playing games I grew up with like Mega Man X and Zelda: Ocarina of Time," Johnson explained. "Next thing you know, my wife was like, ‘You should get into it baby, what do you want to do after you're done fighting? Why don't you try streaming?'"

Johnson goes by Mightymouseufc125 on Twitch and has nearly 20,000 followers. He's most well known for streaming Bloodborne, though he has played other games including Rainbow Six Siege against former UFC light heavyweight champion Rampage Jackson.

Some of Johnson's favourite games include Super Contra, Diablo II, and Dark Souls II. He also mentioned in the interview that he has played Starcraft: Brood War, Counter-Strike 1.3 and 1.6, and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

"I would have to say fantasy RPG and MMOs are my favourite types of games," Johnson said.

You can read a transcription of the interview on Bloody Elbow.

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