UEFA Euro 12 Gameplay Gallery

Take a look at our gameplay gallery for FIFA 12's UEFA Euro 2012 DLC to see what the Tournament and Expedition modes have to offer.


FIFA Soccer 12

We've a lot to look forward to in the remaining weeks of the football calendar: the climax of the City-United clash for the Premiership, seeing Juventus and AC Milan do battle as the Serie A title goes to the wire, and the closing stages of the Champions' League. After all that, Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine begins in June. Rather than bringing out a whole game for the tournament as it has done in previous years, EA is releasing Euro 2012 as a paid-for digital expansion for FIFA 12.

As we've got our hands on near-final code for the DLC, it seemed rude not to share it with you all. Our gameplay gallery kicks off with action from qualifying and the knockout stages. Then we play the new Expedition mode, in which you build, manage, and compete with a customised squad against other European nations.

Sweden v England Spain v England Expedition Mode

Let us know your thoughts on these gameplay movies in the comments box. UEFA Euro 2012 will be available to download from 24 April on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC for £15.99, 1,800 MS points, or 2500 FIFA points.

For more on UEFA Euro 2012, check out our Now Playing video below.

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