Ubisoft's Ninja Turtles emerge from the shadows

Publisher's French-Canadian studios set to bring film-based TMNT game to small screens next March.

Leonardo mixes it up.
Leonardo mixes it up.

In January, Ubisoft announced that it had secured the rights to make games based on the upcoming movie adaptation of the indie-comic-turned-late-'80s-kids'-fad Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Nearly a year later, the publisher has finally dropped some details on the project.

Set to release ahead of the movie next spring, the game is being developed at Ubisoft's Montreal and Quebec City studios on the Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, GameCube, Game Boy Advance, and PC. No mention was made of a PlayStation 3 version of the game. The publisher is promising a diverse group of adversaries pulled from both the movie and the original comics and environments designed around acrobatic navigation (something Ubisoft should be familiar with after developing the Prince of Persia series).

It won't all be fighting, as Ubisoft is emphasizing
It won't all be fighting, as Ubisoft is emphasizing "acrobatic navigation" as well.

"The TMNT movie is all about the emotions associated with family and teenage angst," said Nick Harper, the game's creative director. "We've taken that philosophy and turned it into gameplay mechanics that will be fun and challenging."

One aspect of the game in which the familial theme will be played up is in the collaborative team-ups. The turtles will use each other's assistance to pummel their foes as well as to gain access to new areas.

The TMNT game is set for release March 13 of next year, with the movie it's based on arriving in theaters on March 23. The game has not yet been rated or priced.

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