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Ubisoft Won't Stop PC Players From Running The Crew at 60fps

The game's developer is working to ensure the full game doesn't include the 30fps cap seen in the closed beta.

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Provided you've got the necessary hardware to make it happen, you'll be able to play The Crew at 60 frames per second on PC.

Given how averse the PC community is to any kind of artificial restrictions on how games can run, this comes as very good news. The game's closed beta imposed a 30fps limit that players were able to circumvent. Fortunately, barring any issues, you won't have to jump through any hoops to play the game at a higher frame rate in the full game.

Speaking with TechRadar, The Crew lead designer Serkan Hassan said the game's developer is working to ensure PC players can run the game at 60fps. "Ultimately the performance and the frame rate will be down to the players hardware," he said. "A few people in the closed beta found ways of unlocking the frame rate. My understanding at this moment is that we'll be allowing players to do that come the full version as well, unless some other issue comes to light which would block that in any way."

This gives the open-world racing game a leg up on the console versions; on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, The Crew runs at 30fps. That's the same frame rate that Forza Horizon 2 and Driveclub, the respective console's big exclusive racing games this fall, run at.

The Crew was recently delayed, pushing its release date from November 11 to December 2 on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Xbox 360 (but not PS3 or Wii U).

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