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Ubisoft Will Set Its Own (Virtual) World On Fire To Raise Awareness For Climate Change

Ubisoft will start a forest fire in Riders Republic to show the devastating power of wildfires.


Ubisoft is helping to promote awareness for climate change through events inside Riders Republic and Skull and Bones.

For Riders Republic, Ubisoft will light the game world on fire, and the company won't announce when this will happen, as a means to highlight how real forest fires can spread quickly and without much warning. The wildfires will take place on the outskirts of the game map and players will be equipped with a gas mask by default. Additionally, part of the map will be totally inaccessible due to the wildfires.

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Players will be called upon to work together to help prevent Sequoias from burning down by first identifying the most fragile and flammable areas of the forest and then protecting trees by placing aluminum foil on trunks, among other things. The event is described as "short and intense."

This event will take place sometime by the end of 2022 or early 2023, but again, Ubisoft will not disclose the specific timing for the live event.

As for Skull and Bones, the first event will focus on resource exploitation and specifically overfishing of sharks. The timing of the event hasn't been announced yet, of course, since the game's own release date has not been revealed yet.

"Our first activation will address resource exploitation, showing what happens in the game world and the real world when the demand for sharks’ fins results in the overfishing of sharks. Players will have the choice to contribute to marine wildlife protection and comprehend the destructive nature of the shark fin trade," Ubisoft said. "Like our current societal challenges, changes need to be collaborative, raise awareness, and encourage others to learn of and consider additional ecological causes that need attention."

This will be one of Skull and Bones' seasonal live events; players will work together for this community challenge, and players can earn rewards depending on how many people take part.

After this initial shark fin event, Ubisoft will work with marine conversation NGOs for other campaigns to help raise awareness inside Skull and Bones.

In other climate news, the United States Supreme Court just this week announced a ruling that many believe could have a major negative impact on climate change.

All of this is part of the Playing for the Planet initiative from the United Nations. Formed in 2019, the group works with the gaming industry to find new ways to inspire young people to help support the environment. In addition to Ubisoft, its members include Bandai Namco, Microsoft, Niantic, Sega, and Sony, among others.

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