Ubisoft whipping up Call of Juarez prequel

Subtitled Bound in Blood, new installment in Techland's Wild West franchise will ride onto PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 later this year.


For years, games set in the Wild West appeared to be an extinct species. After both Gun and Red Dead Revolver failed to rustle up much in the way of reviews or sales, both games' sequels were put out to pasture indefinitely. That left Call of Juarez, the PC and Xbox 360 first-person six-shooter game from Polish developer Techland.

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Although it sold barely more than 137,000 units domestically according to the NPD Group, Call of Juarez got decent reviews after Ubisoft published it worldwide in June 2007. Apparently that was enough for the French publisher, given that it announced today that it has commissioned Techland to ready a prequel, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. The game will ship out later this year for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Unlike the first game, which was set in the Civil War-ravaged South, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood will take place before the Confederacy decided to break away from the Union in 1861. It will also switch locales, leaving behind the wooded hills of Georgia in exchange for the harsher terrain of Mexico. Other than the news that the game's story would be "full of greed, lust, and lawlessness," no other details were available. However, the first piece of art from the game (pictured) indicates that its Indiana Jones-like whip will return.

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Ah am indeed, blown away by it's sheer magnificence.

Avatar image for havocmerc

Hehehehehe, them there boyz look like cousinz o mine. Ah can't wait ta play em.

Avatar image for Handsome-Hall

I hope you still play as the reverant

Avatar image for ozzmarkk

Sweet! I loved the first one. Well, minus the stealth missions.

Avatar image for vmfstorm1

yes rockstar announced that its a sequel to red dead revolver called red dead redemption. it will be using the RAGE engine and features open-ended gameplay on the scale of GTA4

Avatar image for ASSASSIN0009

great game ill wait it

Avatar image for gijas

"Hills of Georgia?" More like the hills of Western Texas and Mexico was in the first one towards the end of the game when you meet your outlaw father? I think GS may have it totally backwards.

Avatar image for sortacanadian

i want to know if rockstar is still working on "untitled western shooter". I think the market is in need of shooters that dont take place in either the future or WWII. I think sci-fi and WWII are starting to get played out. I want some pre WWII stuff for once and maybe a decent vietnam era game.

Avatar image for sortacanadian

so damn psyched. i think the first one is a seriously under-rated game.

Avatar image for ahm85

good news. I'll buy it.

Avatar image for JDWolfie

I wish they would make another Red Dead Revolver...

Avatar image for TehUndeadHorror

Coolies, never played a western shooter before!

Avatar image for VengfulOne

And Hermes33, I completely agree. I would love an oblivion/fallout 3 style western. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

Avatar image for VengfulOne

What a coincidence, I've been thinking about playing COJ again. It was a pretty good game, especially for a fan of such an underrepresented genre. I hope Rev Ray is bringing hell in this one too. 21 years younger of coarse.

Avatar image for akiwak

Gun was a good game I loved the way the horse handled and I have yet to see anyone else do as good a job. The game was too short though and really didn't have any replay value to it.It had a decent story and great voice acting. I really liked it and would love to see them expand on what they offered on the first one. Red Dead Revolver was also a good game but I wound up only renting this one and never bought it(shame on me). CoJ is also a decent game that *sigh* I also only rented. Yes I know 1,000 lashings and 200 hail marys, that should make up for it right??? Make this prequel good and I will buy it. This isn't the only game to get treated like this Beyond Good and Evil also had poor sales, even though it was a great game but is also getting a sequel. Thank you Ubisoft.

Avatar image for Hermes33

Call of Juarez was a good game so looking forward to this. But even so... it's crazy that even now there's still nothing on the market in the way of a proper "epic" Spaghetti Western RPG/Adventure set in the style of say Oblivion, rather than a no-brainer shoot-em-up FPS that takes a few hours to finish. I'm not a games designer though so I guess I'll just have to keep waiting...

Avatar image for Tuco_Ramires

To whoever is reponsible for this, THANK YOU.

Avatar image for Media_Mind

don't know enough yet

Avatar image for p00phead

call of juarez on the pc plus the direct x 10 enhancement pack made the game look great

Avatar image for residude

whatever happened to the sequel to Gun, i saw it advertised, even in the latest Tony Hawks game but it never came out on sale? Not in the UK anyway

Avatar image for jadefury27

file this under "who cares" and "who asked for it". red dead revolver was very good and gun was ok, but this was a dookie game. i know ubisoft didn't make it but if any western title deserves a reboot\sequel it would be capcom's darkwatch or oddworld: strangers wrath.

Avatar image for Ultrabeatdown55

Man I loved GUN and Re Dead Revolver... The first Call of Juarez was good too.

Avatar image for Top-A-Gamer

ill have my eyes on this

Avatar image for King_Jeremy_77

Another CoJ, awesome! I'd love another Red Dead too.

Avatar image for aBathingApe_

Red Dead Revolver was good, just not up to the sales expectations of Rockstar Games. I'm not particularly excited about another Call of Juarez, however, I myself am not big on western games. I might pick it up when it hits the bargain bin.

Avatar image for DPhunkT

I liked Call of Juarez. It's different from the mass of modern warfare or space shooters. Pretty good western FPS for being developed by a Polish company.

Avatar image for xert420

What was wrong with Red Dead????......i liked it

Avatar image for doc18

looks cool :) can't wait to see what happens to it when it comes nearer the release date

Avatar image for YoungDab

The game was good,I had it for PC.Might just get this one,my grandma love this wild west crap.It's gonna drive her freakin crazy when she sees it.

Avatar image for Adziboy

I enjoyed Red Dead Revolver. Sure it had many things wrong with it but it was hella fun.

Avatar image for sortacanadian

I enjoyed Red Dead, but I wouldn't call it a quality game. I have CoJ for PC and I thought it was a pretty satisfying shooters. It's one of my favorite games and is totally under-appreciated. The only thing I didn't like about it was having to play as Billy...ughh...Im so excited for this sequel tho and hope it improves upon the first game without taking any of its good points away. Also it better not be crappy on PS3 like a good amount of other stuff.

Avatar image for gadragod

I loved Red Dead....

Avatar image for baystatethrashr

the first one was actually a hit at the store i work at we kept selling out of it for like a month

Avatar image for Hellboard

techland develop it? ok who convinced who? techland convinced ubisoft or vice versa? in any case i hope this wont hurt other games in result, but plz dont add any more annoying stealth missions..

Avatar image for Nibbles37

Gun and CoJ were both fantastic games and it truly is a shame they didn't sell too well.

Avatar image for BontraXenderKyl

I wish the new CoJ won't be as buggy as the first one.

Avatar image for maldoror19

I really liked COJ, but must confess to liking Gun a lot more. Both have great stories. And I think COJ2 could only be an improvement on both of them. Also, eagles_band, a western RPG like Oblivion would be my kind of game too!

Avatar image for makchady

please god no, call of juarez was arguably the worst game ive played on my 360, give me turning point instead. after playing games like the aforementioned gun and red dead revolver, call of juarez cant compare. too bad both those quality games wont get sequels

Avatar image for LagMan_pt

Good news indeed. Call of juarez is a pearl in the fps world and one of the best wild west stories ive ever seen. Best old west game yet in my opinion

Avatar image for Henninger

I'll keep an eye on this 1.

Avatar image for Un4givingAsault

Liked call of jaurez, im a fan of the western theme when its done right. Hopefully it can evovle into something great

Avatar image for hectic3

This is great news, I thought Call of Juarez was awesome, but I hope Dead Island will come out first.

Avatar image for asmodeus_z

The first was a pain - hopefully they have a more decent tutorial and dose more hints and signage on where to go and what to do.

Avatar image for rob101

Will this one be any good, because the first one had a long, long way to go before anyone would have considered it worth buying

Avatar image for Pete5506

I hope this one dose better then the 1st game did

Avatar image for socal982

I gave the first one a 8.0 here on Gamespot, Loved the take on the Genre, just remember I predicted this on a forum posting... Erie...

Avatar image for 73X

I really didn't know the first one did all that well.

Avatar image for Inconnux

people played the first one?

Avatar image for wmc540

Call of Duty should make a game set in the Wild West... that would be ideal.

Avatar image for wmc540

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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