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Ubisoft: "We Recognize the Importance and Needs of PC Gamers"

Assassin's Creed publisher says it wants to "continue to improve how we create and support games for PC."

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In recent years, Assassin's Creed publisher Ubisoft has taken heat over its PC policies, including its DRM stance and the fact that PC games are often released after their console counterparts. Now, the publisher has promised to improve its support of PC gamers and the platform itself.

"We recognize the importance and needs of PC gamers, and want to continue to improve how we create and support games for PC," Ubisoft EU boss Alain Corre told MCV at Gamescom.

He said Ubisoft is already making strides in this area, explaining that the company's PC business has grown year-over-year. This is an indication of positive progress, he said.

Corre also explained that listening to feedback is important for Ubisoft; he pointed out that Ubisoft's reversal of its controversial DRM system in 2012 is an example of how the company responds to fans' reactions.

"We listen to feedback from players and continue to adapt accordingly; for instance, we switched to a simple, one-time activation for our PC games--a standard practice in the industry," he said. "We're also doing our best to bring our games to PC at the same time as the console versions."

Corre pointed out that two of Ubisoft's biggest games this fall, Assassin's Creed Unity and Far Cry 4, will be released simultaneously on console and PC. "And this will continue to be the goal for all our major titles," he said.

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