Ubisoft unveils Final Fantasy and Limbo inspired Child of Light

Developer Patrick Plourde unveils the first glimpse of Child of Light at GDC Europe 2013.


Ubisoft has shown a first glimpse of Child of Light, a downloadable title currently being developed at Ubisoft Montreal.

Patrick Plourde speaking at GDC Europe 2013.
Patrick Plourde speaking at GDC Europe 2013.

Speaking at a panel at GDC Europe, the game's developer Patrick Plourde--who was also the creative director on Far Cry 3--said Child of Light has been heavily inspired by the styles of Ghibli and Yoshitaka Amano, as well as classic Squaresoft PS1 RPG's Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy VIII.

Plourde said Child of Light will be a side-scroller that features RPG elements like stat growth and an epic "opera" story. The game will also feature co-op play.

The game is being designed as a "light" and "feminine" counterpoint to the male-focused games Plourde has previously worked on, and Plourde added that a third of the Child of Light development team is female.

Child of Light is being built using the UbiArt Framework, the same engine powering Rayman Legends and Rayman Origins. Plourde described it as a playable poem.

Platforms were not mentioned, but Plourde said he pitched the game to Ubisoft as a next-gen IP and confirmed the game would not be coming to mobile. Child of Light is due to be released in Winter 2013.

Plourde also added that Ubisoft was developing another unannounced game with the UbiArt Framework alongside Child of Light.

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