Ubisoft trawling out Trollz

Hirsute doll and remade one-time fad coming to the Game Boy Advance this fall in Trollz: Hair Affair.


Trollz: Hair Affair!

Ubisoft today announced that it is currently working on a new game featuring the Trollz, a contemporary take on the 1950s sensation. Trollz: Hair Affair will be available this fall for the Game Boy Advance. In the game, players will engage in the Trollz trifecta of "fashion, friendship, and magic." After the "cool senior" boys are accused of cheating, the Trollz girls must go back in time to prevent the boys from being shipped off to military school and *gasp* having their heads shaved. In addition to flying, shooting spell beads, and dancing, gamers can play dress-up by outfitting their characters in a variety of duds.

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