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Ubisoft Toxicity System Has A Fast-Track Contact To Local Police

The system is currently in place at a customer service center in the UK.


In an effort to curtail more extreme cases of harassment that take place through its online games, Ubisoft is working with the British police force using a new alert system.

As reported by the BBC, Ubisoft has set up a new system at its Newcastle-based Ubisoft Customer Relationship Center. While the call center deals with simple things like purchasing issues, they also now handle online toxicity problems occurring in its games. To help staff be better prepared for more serious situations, Ubisoft has formed a deal with Northumbria Police to provide training related to online interactions. In extreme cases, like where someone's life is threatened or some kind of serious potential harm could occur, staff at the call center can fast track the information to the police.

Damien Gloriuex, a senior director at the center, explained, "We have millions of players, and tens of millions of interactions--so how can we spot incidents? It is daunting, but at the same time it is very important, which is why we wanted to sign this deal and try to make things right. We wanted to focus on the most extreme cases, make sure we do the right thing there because it gives us a solid foundation to build the rest of our work around."

The report notes that this new system has been implemented at the Newcastle center as well as four other locations around the world, though did not specify where else those locations are. Andrew Holliday, a staff member at the center, told the BBC of a recent case that involved a case partially based in Norway, which resulted in Northumbria Police working with Norwegian authorities to resolve it. "It was a lot quicker, more efficient and safer than trying to do it as a private citizen," said Holliday.

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