Ubisoft Toronto collaborating on next Assassin's Creed

Ubisoft Toronto has five projects ready to go after finishing Splinter: Cell Blacklist.


Splinter Cell: Blacklist developer Ubisoft Toronto has already begun working with other Ubisoft studios on the next Assassin's Creed title, which is due after this year's Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

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Ubisoft Toronto studio manager Jade Raymond confirmed the news to Polygon and teased that the developer has five projects ready to go after shipping Splinter Cell: Blacklist in August.

"We have two big collaborations coming that we're not talking about, on two of the biggest franchises at Ubisoft," said Raymond. "We also have two new IP." The fifth project will be related to Splinter Cell.

Raymond also said that Ubisoft Toronto has completed its work on the multiplayer for the long-dormant Rainbow Six: Patriots.

While Raymond wouldn't talk about specifics relating to the next Assassin's Creed, she said it was great to be working with some of the people who helped start the Assassin's Creed franchise back in 2007.

"The thing that's great to me is that there is still some of my favorite people who, you know, we were in the trenches shipping that first one," said Raymond. "We lived through all of that stuff together and some of those guys are still on the franchise and have been there."

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is being developed by eight Ubisoft studios: Montreal, Singapore, Sofia, Annecy, Kiev, Quebec, Bucharest, and Montpellier. It will be released for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii U on October 29 in North America and November 1 in Europe.

For more on Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Avatar image for nl_skipper

Holy crap I don't even want to think about the logistics involved in developing a game across 8 different studios! It'll be a wonder if this game functions at all...

Avatar image for Sahle123

I feel like this is a bad business practice... :s

Avatar image for cuddlyfuzzle

@Sahle123 Are you an expert on business practices? What are your qualifications? if any

Avatar image for Sahle123

@cuddlyfuzzle @Sahle123 If you had read my post carefully you'll notice I used the word "feel." I didn't state that this is actually a bad business strategy. Lol, don't get so butthurt over comments.

Avatar image for Sahle123

@cuddlyfuzzle @Sahle123 There's nothing wrong with stating your opinion and it doesn't take a genius to understand the simple premises to business. Shouldn't you be crying on CoD or something right now?

Avatar image for cuddlyfuzzle

@Sahle123 Ah, yes, so 'I feel' you're just one of those losers stating their opinion about something of which you know nothing? gotcha. w

Avatar image for Shrabsters

I remember the good ol' days when quality out weighed quantity.

Avatar image for Drkr_Zen

Wow. Just... wow. After AC becoming a yearly series, the failure that was ACIII, Ubi telling gamers they want a yearly AC series and now this? I think I'm pretty much done with this series, unless I continue to buy them for $20 or less used.

I think I rather support a series with fresh ideas, smart gameplay design and something that ISN'T over-saturated with media and yearly releases that diminishes their quality.

Its been fun, Ubisoft, up until but not after ACII. But I'm supporting Dishonored from here on out for all my assassination and stealth needs.

Avatar image for soulless4now

Already? Can't say I'm not surprised.

Avatar image for vicrysty

I love thisfranchiseisthe best.I boughtall the gamesand I willcontinue tobuythem.

Avatar image for THMBZDownGNZUp

@vicrysty Sheep like you is why Ubisoft will tarnish and fatigue the Assassin's Creed name.

Avatar image for vicrysty

The best news. Every year an Assassin’s Creed. One that to happen in ancient Rome (gladiators, naval battles with the Roman galleys, Coliseum, battle formations tesdudo).

Avatar image for Alucard1475

As long as they keep selling, they'll keep making and no yammering is gonna stop that.

Avatar image for bongsyas_23

please let it be in ancient Antarctica, that would be a good setting

Avatar image for abhisheknerdy20

I am not ready for another ACV

Avatar image for speedy5212

I think its the leaked Assassin's Creed Rising Phoenix, maybe for the Vita.

Avatar image for dangermouse2k

AC 9 by next summer. I'm calling it.

Avatar image for Daian

Damn it's gotta be hell coordinating 8 studios for one thing.

Avatar image for deathstream


Have you played a recent AC game. They FEEL like they were made by 8 different studios. They are almost more mini-game compilations than action games now, with no two mini-games feeling like they belong in the same package.

Avatar image for Orgil220

@Daian that means what like 1000 developers, damn

Avatar image for Drkr_Zen

@Orgil220 @Daian Man, and just think of all those glitches...

Avatar image for Ayzed

I would like one of those nw games to be the next farcry on next gen, that would be sick as ****.

Avatar image for DarthLod

More more more. Milk milk milk. Meanwhile, I wont be buying any of these games.

Avatar image for Drkr_Zen

@DarthLod You and me both. Time to support Dishonored!

Avatar image for rantingraj

@Drkr_Zen @DarthLod dishonored was so overrated and comparing it AC games is just stupid! I am not saying it was a bad game but it was just ok. Where you have these big open worlds in AC games with some pretty neat story lines and side quests, dishonered had this linear game with little to no choices (the pacifist option was a joke) with an ok storyline. Even the graphics and the world depicted in the game was just ok whereas no one can deny that the locations they put in the AC games are some of the best ever made for video games!!

Avatar image for codeman101360

@rantingraj "dishonered had this linear game with little to no choices"

Not sure if troll... or just stupid.

Avatar image for 96augment

@DarthLod You know that they're making 2 new IP'?

Avatar image for Wingus-T-Dingus

MDK? I'd love to see that come back at some point.

Avatar image for thenephariouson

"Raymond also said that Ubisoft Toronto has completed its work on the multiplayer for the long-dormant Rainbow Six: Patriots. "


About damn time!

Now...... Bring it on!!

Avatar image for gamerboy100

Slow down, Ubisoft. AC4 hasn't even been released yet!

Avatar image for Nibraybirk

The next Assassin's Creed should be about going back in time and getting rid of the person that came up with the idea of Assassin's Creed.

Avatar image for Fossil-

Who. The ****. Cares? Assassin's Creed needs to die already.

Avatar image for AlexFili

Ubisoft are pretty busy right now!

Avatar image for Elann2008

In 6 years, they managed to make a litter of Assassin's Creed games. Dear gawd. That's milking it like COD.

Avatar image for Hurvl

@Elann2008 At beginning of the article it says that they're already working on the next AC game after Black Flag, which really shows some extensive planning. Black Flag isn't set to release until half a year from now and they're *already* working on the one after it. I hope for the game's sake that such planning makes it a better game.

Avatar image for Orgil220

@Hurvl @Elann2008 It should be pretty easy, change the character, the city add 5 more animations, and we have AC5

Avatar image for Jason_da_psycho

Even without all of its bugs and framerate issues (on the PS3), Assassin's Creed III failed to intrigue me. I rarely give up on games before I complete them, and AC3 happened to be that one exception. It doesn't feel all that different from AC: Brotherhood. It's uninteresting and I'm tired of the storyline. I don't care about the Assassins or the Templars. While Connor is one of the handful of protagonists with Native American blood, and thus, gives the character a much more interesting narrative POV rarely experience by the public, the pacing is just too slow to keep me going. Maybe it's just me. Either case, AC has no business serving as an annual franchise. Ubisoft is just milking this franchise to death.

And is it just me or is Ubisoft trying really hard to be the next EA?

Activision is the successful evil which comes up with genuinely innovative ways to make money while disguising their ulterior motives. (Skylander is a genius move. Completely gimmicky and kids love it. And for once a genuine innovation in the industry. It doesn't feel like a hack job even though it totally is.)
EA is an Activision wannabe which comes up with cunning schemes and does a horrible job hiding their intentions, deliberately screwing their fanbase over. (The forced multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 doesn't help its case. Origin literally gives you no incentive to purchase directly from EA. Getting rid of the middle man should keep the prices down, but such is not the case of Origin. Why would I spend $60 plus taxes, shipping and notoriously awful customer service when I can purchase the same game on Amazon or even GameStop? Always is a follower when it comes to trends, except for coming up with ways to damage relationship with fanbase.)
Ubisoft is now trying to be EA when their IP's do not have the same level of brand recognition as EA's. Ubisoft's attempts on making money is comical. (Making AC an annual franchise. Pushing for microtransactions, like EA. Dumbing down their games. Reluctant to pursue new IP's. I do have to give them credit for Watch Dogs though.)

Avatar image for 96augment

@Jason_da_psycho Not all their games are dumbed down. Far Cry 3 and Raymon: Origins were really fun games for me.

Avatar image for Hurvl

"We have two big collaborations coming that we're not talking about," Oh, how I love when they're talking about stuff they can't talk about. Okay, whatever you say, I guess I have to take your word for it, because I can't form my own opinion based on so little info.

Avatar image for g1rldraco7

I just got a cold chill running down my spine.

Avatar image for foxrock66

Fix Ghost Recon while you're at it

Avatar image for hugoadan

wow! talking about milking a franchise to death...

Avatar image for koospetoors

You know, a series really loses its spark for me when they anxiously talk about a sequel to the sequel that's barely been announced a few weeks back. I swear at this rate we'll already know by next week what microtransactions we'll have in AC 5.

Do they even still care about releasing a quality product or is it just a race to see how much dough they can get out of one's wallet now?

Avatar image for b0sse

It might be that one of those games is a Prince of Persia game.

One could hope.

Avatar image for Elann2008


The last two were horrible. Although the cel-shaded one was beautiful to look at, it was one of the most repetitive games I've ever played.

Avatar image for b0sse

@Elann2008 @b0sse Indeed. They were both horrible. I'm hoping they release a new PoP game that continues on the greatness of the first trilogy starting with the Sands of Time.

Great 3 games.

Avatar image for TheAgingGamer

I don't have a problem with a game having an annual release for 2-3 years, but they should have some sort of rotation with their properties. Here's a theoretical timeline to explain what I mean:

2013: AC and SC

2014: SC and R6

2015: R6 and AC

2016: AC and SC

This is obviously just a rough example as I didn't include their other popular franchises or new IPs (i.e. Watchdogs) but it shows how they can still keep their brands relevant and have a game's story split between two games without the brands suffering from fatigue.

Avatar image for AvatarMan96

@TheAgingGamer Too bad it'll actually happen like this:

2013: AC

2014: AC

2015: AC

2016: AC

Avatar image for deth420

ubisoft...what happened to you!?

I received a free copy of AC 3, and i still have yet to play it. well i started it, but after 30 mins of hand holding i couldnt take it any more.

I havnt played the ghost recon. honestly they ruined that game for mw when they started doing all this future soldier crap.

Avatar image for Elann2008


The first 7 hours is a tutorial. No lie. Dig in. :P :)