Ubisoft to EA: 'We have a plan' to remain independent

Yves Guillemot statement to French radio suggests his company is working hard to prevent an EA takeover.


CBS MarketWatch is reporting some interesting if vague comments from Ubisoft CEO and president Yves Guillemot. According to the MarketWatch dispatch, its business wire partner, AFX News, reveals Guillemot told a French radio station this morning that his company is readying a defense to deflect any plan Electronic Arts might have to take over the company. "All the strategies have been studied, and we have a plan, which I cannot reveal," Ubisoft boss Guillemot reportedly said. Last month, EA acquired an almost 20 percent stake in the French publisher. Since then, a polite jostling has taken place between the two companies, with the Gauls crying "hostile takeover," while the buyers, EA, profess wanting to be nothing more than "good shareholders." Guillemot went into little additional detail today, according to AFX, saying only that the plan "will allow us to win in this matter; that is to say, to keep the creativity that constitutes Ubisoft's value today."

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