Ubisoft Teases New Game; What Do You Think It Is?

"Survival is timeless"


Ubisoft is teasing a new game announcement by streaming a mysterious video of a cave painting depicting a man holding a bow in one hand and a large spear in the other. The embers of a fire can be seen flitting in front of the image.

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In addition to this, eerie music, the sounds of growling beasts, and ritualistic chanting can be heard in the background. There is also what sounds like normal speech, but there's a layered echo effect on the audio, which makes it difficult to make out what's being said. The video is slowly zooming out to reveal more of the painting, so keep an eye on it.

It is unclear what this project may be, but the most obvious guess would be a new entry in the Far Cry series, which has prominently featured both hunting gameplay and the bow and arrow weapon. The video description also says "survival is timeless" and survival has been a core theme of the Far Cry franchise.

In November 2014, Ubisoft addressed whether it will do a spin-off for Far Cry 4 akin to Far Cry 3's 80's action movies inspired Blood Dragon. Alex Hutchinson, creative director at Ubisoft Montreal, indicated while Blood Dragon 2 wasn't on the cards, it would consider another unique setting to spin-off into.

"That's was what was cool about [Blood Dragon], it was surprising," he said. "It was a great use of the Far Cry 3 base, and had an awesome soundtrack. But no, you won't get another one of those. But hopefully we'll be able to surprise you with something just as much."

The teaser may be related to this new spin-off. Of course, it could also be a brand new property, or something tied to For Honor, an action game that pits warriors from different civilizations against each other.

Another teaser image can be seen below.

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In February 2015, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said the Far Cry would be one of the company's tentpole franchises for years to come.

"The Far Cry franchise is here for the long-run and is a stronger contender in the shooter genre," he said during a conference call.

According to Guillemot, Far Cry 4 outperformed expectations for Ubisoft and interest in the game was the strongest in franchise history. The game has sold substantially more than Far Cry 3.

The open-world shooter managed strong sales despite launching on the same date as other high-profile blockbusters such as Dragon Age: Inquisition and Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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Avatar image for denieru90

Assassins Creed Neanderthal!!! The game i've been waiting for!!!

Avatar image for king_jamz

Article asks us to guess. But then has Far Cry everywhere in the same article.

Avatar image for Megawizard

" "A Broken Mess" for 200, Alex."

Avatar image for ggregd

Tom Clancy's Ugh Ooga Garrrrr - Piltdown

Avatar image for thepathofblood

It's the new "Far Cry: Primal"

Avatar image for naviney

Assassin breed, i'm sure something with assassin in it, sells pretty well with teens and is ubisoft most lucrative title.

Avatar image for Fade2black001

People still care about Ubisoft?

Avatar image for Megamanspet

The game is going to be: Far cry 5: Creed of Thieves. Ubisoft has signed a deal with Sony to use Sly Cooper in a new unique way. Setting is Austrilia and objective is the usual for Far Cry: Survival.

Avatar image for JalalBlack

An old Gen graphics game ?

Avatar image for gorillasmoothie

I'm bored

Avatar image for lorenzd

Ubisoft ARK knockoff

Avatar image for edviges

Super Mario or Sonic The Hedgehog

Avatar image for biggamerdude

@edviges: No, I think it's Kirby.

Avatar image for axl159

It's Far Cry Primal, IGN Turkey screwed up and announced it early via twitter. The tweet has been taken down.

Avatar image for hyksiu

Money is endless...

Avatar image for kirgom

It's obviously the new super mario!!! :P

Avatar image for lrdfancypants

I loved far cry 4.

Avatar image for sneef1212

warlord battlecry 5 :)

Avatar image for rincu

Maybe it's From Dust 2. Cave painting, some sort of face mask, primitive tools or weapons, it fits.

Avatar image for Hurvl

Far Cry 4: Cave Men or Far Cry 4: Yet another Yeti?

"The game has sold substantially more than Far Cry 3." This link tells me nothing about how much Far Cry 4 has sold, but I guess it's more than 4,5 million, so in a roundabout way I guess it says something about how successful Far Cry 4 is.

Avatar image for dxshah786

Assassins Creed Year 0

Avatar image for dxshah786

@dxshah786 said:

Assassins Creed Year 0


Avatar image for Victer642

Doesn't matter what it is, I'll be climbing something to uncover the map like always.

Avatar image for xzerocarnagex

Id like to think an assassins creed game. One where spartacus is the heroe, you get caught by rome, trained as a gladiator in the ludas, have to fight in the collesiums and at some point break free and lead hordes of gladiators in a fight against rome and its generals. Id be happy someone pulling a real spartacus game off and not some rubbish f2p one they attempted back on last gen.

Spartacus deserves a real decent game and given fact that much of the assassins creed games look the part in history and look good, a spartacus version of assassins creed id welcome.

Id also like to point out spartacus was very handy with the spear, fingers crossed for me on that becoming reality because rome in that age was rife with betrayal, death and slavery and tons of wars all over the world..

But looking at the video, it does suggest some sort of caveman style farcry, who knows..

Avatar image for moonco

'Far Cry Primal' official title. Set during the Ice Age

Avatar image for Ayzed

Far cry **** yeeahh!

Judging from the sabertooth tiger and the mammoth in the cave man painting, It could be a far cry set in prehistoric times with megafauna and shit, how fucking awesome would that be??? it's not quiet dinosaurs for people who wanted that, but it's close.

Avatar image for lostn

Whatever it is, it will be open world and involve climbing up something high to get a vantage point and about 300 collectibles.

Avatar image for nikolistary

It's obviously Far Cry. Anybody that played 3 knows that audio from anywhere.

I'm hoping it's a spinoff and not a full fledged game. But I'm always excited for more far cry. I really didn't like 4, 2 and 3 were the best.

I think they're taking the feedback creatively this time, hence the survey from a while back.

I'm really interested in how voice and character development will go given the protagonist probably will not be able to speak eloquently. But neither did Ajay Ghale.

Avatar image for DarkAztaroth

Gematsu seems to say there's a leak on ''Far Cry Primal''

Avatar image for Orontes13

Some multiplayer sh*t no doubt.

Avatar image for RabbiSchmuley

judging by the image....maybe a Dark Souls knock-off, something to fill that bloodborne gap in the X1 library?

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UBISOFT... must be the next Assassins Creed. Assassins Creed Sparta exxxtreeem

Avatar image for fragwall

Another next-generation games that getting graphics downgrade.

Avatar image for Paoksis

can't milk enough

Avatar image for oflow

Cromagnon versus Neanderthal

Avatar image for yngsten

Assassins Cry: 10 000 BC

Avatar image for KimCheeWarriorX

assassin's creed 20

Avatar image for snugglebear

Probably that Lilo and Stitch dating sim they've been talking about off and on.

Avatar image for StOoGiEmEiStEr

@snugglebear: Yessss!

Avatar image for Kelreynn

Primal sounds like a great idea... Looking forward to seeing more of this... But when FC4 came out I opted for dragon age... FC4 worth a look? I loved FC3.

Avatar image for Saidrex

@Kelreynn: yes, it is much better than FC3. They actually improved gameplay significantly.

Avatar image for se7en1989

@Saidrex: LOL what? Far cry 4 was NOT better then 3....it was terrible.

Avatar image for Saidrex

@se7en1989: stop being dumb fanboy.

Far Cry 3 was mediocre at best. Far Cry 4 was an improvement in every aspect of the game

Avatar image for se7en1989

@Saidrex: pfff I guess if you like unfinished buggy games then far cry 4 is perfect for you, but the rest of us non fanboys (which by the way, look up the definition of a fanboy because thats what you are) will not except that garbage from boobiesoft.

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@se7en1989: apparently you haven't played it much or at all. Then why are you here commenting on topic you know nothing about?

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@Saidrex: Haven't played it much at all? I've beaten it unlike you I'm sure who probably got passed the intro and automatically declared it game of the year.

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I liked far cry 4 more than 3.