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Ubisoft spins Wii wheels

Publisher's packed-in steering wheel accessory for its launch racing titles will also be sold separately.


When Nintendo unveiled the Wii controller at the 2005 Tokyo Game Show, it hinted that the nunchaku-like analog stick attachment was just one of many possible add-ons for the remote. At the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year, Nintendo showed off one such attachment in its booth. Dubbed the Zapper, it appeared to be nothing more than a shell that would hold allow a user to hold the Wii controller and its analog stick attachment comfortably in a one-handed, gunlike configuration.

Nintendo isn't the only company playing the shell game. Ubisoft will include a steering wheel attachment for the Wii controller with two of its eight Wii launch titles: GT Pro Series and Monster 4x4 World Circuit. The wheel will be compatible with a number of Wii racing titles.

However, the publisher confirmed for GameSpot today that it will also sell the wheel separately, so gamers eager to hit the streets with expected launch titles Need for Speed Carbon or ExciteTruck might be able to make use of the add-on without picking up Ubi's racers. Both GT Pro Series and Monster 4x4 World Circuit will retail for $49.99, while the steering wheel attachments will also be sold separately for $19.99.

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