Ubisoft soaks up Steam

French publisher building up Valve's online distribution service with more than 40 titles; Far Cry, Splinter Cell, and Assassin's Creed now available for prepurchase.


With more than 15 million subscribers, the Steam train is showing no signs of slowing down. Last month alone, Valve added high-profile publishers Epic Games and Atari to its growing list of companies that offer their wares on its digital delivery service. Today, Valve announced French publisher Ubisoft would put its full support behind the unlikely alliance of studios that offer their games on Steam.

Though Ubisoft has previously ventured onto Valve's service with Dark Messiah of Might and Magic in 2006, the publisher now plans to dramatically upscale its offerings on Steam with the addition of more than 40 titles in the coming weeks, including games from its Tom Clancy, Heroes of Might & Magic, and IL-2 Sturmovik franchises. According to Valve, Ubisoft's contribution amounts to the largest lineup from any single publisher or developer available on Steam.

Valve also said today that Crytek's 2004 hit first-person shooter Far Cry and Ubisoft Montreal's critically acclaimed stealth action game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell from 2003 are now available for download. As is common with new releases on Steam, the titles have been discounted by 10 percent for their first week, and currently run for $8.95 and $17.95, respectively. Steam users can also prepurchase the PC edition of Ubisoft's multimillion selling Assassin's Creed, which will be available for full download beginning April 9.

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Even if the games cost more on steam some times than at retails games go on sail a lot and they go down a lot.

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Keep the steam a-comin' - I'm all hot and misty eyed over this development. This kind of development is just what I like to hear, companies working together - not swallowing each other like some parasitic creature!

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Fantastic!!! :)

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Just the other week I had an urge to play Heroes of Might and Magic and wished they were sold on Steam since I didn't have any of the later ones. Thankfully my wish was answered.

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It is worth noting that Assassin's Creed on Steam is available for North American users only (at least at this time). European players will need to get it on a physical media.

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i will support this move. steam is for pc gamers, i will support anything that strictly pc ppl

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I don't know why but i'd rather have the shiny new box and DVD, except for the likes of HL series, I get that on steam.

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With steam the PC will never die

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Ubisoft = the best game publisher EVER

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Stem should be fine here... if I could download at more speed than 15kbs...

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well i never got anything from Steam only Demos, but now with Ubi going with Steam too wow I guess I dont have to go to a GameStop for notthing looking for a copy of "Assassin's Creed" PC Becuase everytime i go to a Gamestop I never find a PC copy of the game. Yes! Finally i could play the game on my PC :)

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It never ceases to amuse me that the fact that few people come to post something negative about Steam... Steam is awesome, it allows me to play games in school, and backs-up my games in case of a fatal crash. And seeing how many companies are currently partnering with Steam seems to me that it is here to stay... Long live the Steam

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I love steam as well, but it's true that there are a lot of Steam games cheaper at retail (even with the strong pound vs dollar that makes most stuff I buy in US currency cheaper). This is odd, because it used to be the other way around! Also, I don't think the whole global release thing is Valve's fault, but is more to do with the third-party publishers and terms they required when signing onto steam.

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I love steam, BUT, there is a huge but here (no phun intended). Many of the games in steam costs more than buying them retail for some reason xD There are only certain offers that I bites the dust for, last week I bought sam and max episode 1 to 6. Great deal. But games like this will be more expensive than their retail counterpart, which is wrong in so many ways. Let me give you a couple of examples : Call of duty 4 on steam 69.95 USD. COD4 retail 59.44 USD, free delivery.

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I like how every Gamespot article involving Steam apparently has to have some cornball water-related play on words in the title. So utterly clever. Har har har.

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Once again we non-Americans get raped. Even if we eventually see Ubisoft games on Steam, who believe we won't get to pay more than Americans? I love digital distribution, but I am not paying 15% more than retail just so I don't have to juggle discs. It's almost like they want us to download cracks.

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Other then the occassional MMO, I am not much into the digital download idea. I still like to get a CD and maybe a manual to page through while loading my game. Plus, if I DL only it just seems like I don't own anything.

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What possbile reason would lead these companies to only publish games on steam to a specific region? Why cut out a huge market sector but only selling to the US? I thought the idea of digital distribution was to make it easy to sell games around the world? Come on Valve wants wrong with a global launch and a global publisher release? At the end of the day it just annoys you client base and that is never a good thing.

Avatar image for Irongrinder1

For those interested: << LINK REMOVED >> It's a steam community group to show our displeasure at the current localization problems.

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Canada and the United States only WTH. Valve please keep it a WORLDWIDE distribution service.

Avatar image for smfes

Thanks Valve/Ubisoft for not making this available outside the US atleast not in Denmark DUH! -.-. Why can't we have Ubisoft lineup too, it doesn't make any god damn sense. Please!

Avatar image for Irongrinder1

And another hurray for only making it available to a small part of the world :( Seriously, when is this localization going to stop with digital distribution?

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Looks like Ubisoft is finally getting the Hint, I hope they can start releasing games on PC simultaneously though, hardly anyone is gonna buy AC for PC, everyone already bought it in November for their consoles! - but hey, they are lowering the system specs for Far Cry 2 (but still making sure it looks good), got rid of star force, and then put their stuff on Steam. Seriously though, what the hell happened with Ubisoft? It's like all of a sudden they forgot how to make PC games.

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It has seriously become one of the finest places to buy, play and keep your PC games updated. And it's not like Valve hasn't had to work hard--for years--at making Steam what it is today. All this recent support is the payoff.

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It doesnt matter if ubisoft come to steam. none, and i mean NONE of the games will be available in Australia! GG ubisoft

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This is such a good idea. I hope Steam just continues to grow in popularity and in the quality of offerings and the 'online' experience. At the risk of sounding like a fanboy, the console gaming communities have got nothing on Steam. Keep it up!

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lols, what a nice aprils fool joke. Oh what you're serious?

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Steam is godly, of epic proportions.

Avatar image for phoenixan_akrau

I can only hope that Beyond Good and Evil will come to Steam as well. Many of my friends want it, but don't like Gametap. :(

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"If EA buys steam ill cry But i dont think valve would let em" they should buy it and charge us games $80 for games like games are here in nz ea isn't like thq, rockstar atari etc not selling their games digitally here in nz, those companies are all 100000000000 places below ea in my book till they stop ripping us off by charging $80usd for games and not having their games on steam which makes it 1000x worse

Avatar image for imprezawrx500

cool but not avaliable here in nz like thq rockstar, 2k and some sega games mean I have another dev I wont but their overpriced retail games. Why should we have to pay $76-$82usd for the same game as games in usa? its nothing but publishers greed. most games are made in south east asia which is closer to nz than usa so no shipping excuses

Avatar image for benboz

Steam is awesome!

Avatar image for metalisticpain

If EA buys steam ill cry But i dont think valve would let em

Avatar image for JangoWuzHere

I sence a dark future if EA buys steam:O which they won't:P

Avatar image for Nikalai_88

Good, I will probably buy Rainbow Six 3 with its expansion, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Beyond Good & Evil.

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Unfortunately, the Ubisoft games aren't available to those of us that live outside of North America. Which kind of sucks, because with the number of Ubi titles to be released, there is a bunch that I'd want to get (like Rainbow 6 3 and the expansion, which I'm yet to play on PC). Hopefully, the Ubi games will soon be available to the rest of the world, because it's not like I miss out on enough games as it is, living in Australia and all... I'm sure there is a reason behind it, much like Rockstar's and Atari's games not being available on Steam for the rest of the world, but it sure would be nice if that could get sorted out. I wants me some Rainbow 6 3 (and Vegas 2 when it comes out on PC)! :)

Avatar image for Sick3r

I LOVE VALVE. GO VALVE. Other companies should learn from Valve and Steam. *cough* Microsoft *cough*

Avatar image for SSjbolt

w00 go steam!

Avatar image for frankfurter209

If anyone should be making piles of money with Steam, I'm glad it's Valve. They are practically the antithesis of EA

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this is what I'm talking about, steam is a great application for us PC gamers and the more games the merrier will be.

Avatar image for technowiz999

First off, EA won't be joining steam anytime soon because they have their own digital download service called direct download or something like that. Second, I love valve but why is no one afraid of a monopoly? Valve aren't the kind of people that would be jerks with a monopoly, but any new management might become that way. I wish there was another program exactly like steam just to give some competition. But for now...GO STEAM

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I dont like steam

Avatar image for DontEatCream

Steam + Audiosurf = God. Seriously. Audiosurf PWNs.

Avatar image for BigDaddy973

Go steam!!!!!

Avatar image for Narok

Whew, from the headlines I thought it meant that Ubisoft had BOUGHT Steam.

Avatar image for SpeedMan72

steam pwns!!

Avatar image for crackman64

This is only a prelude. Once EA joins, Steam will become immortal. But like EA will do that.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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ctg867: first off, due to licensing and other issues valve CANT release sales numbers for other publishers/companies games, only their own. however, your opinions are unfounded. pretty much every developer/publisher that has games over steam has publicly proclaimed how well their games are selling over steam, from activision/infinity ward with cod4 to thq and all the others, theres also the fact of how well audiosurf has sold and is selling, as well as the announcement that the orange box has sold more copies over steam alone than both the 360 and ps3 versions of the game combined. pc gaming isnt up in the air, its the fact that people look only at npd numbers, which are very outdated in terms of pc game sales (which are increasingly going online, as well as the fact that the pc gaming market in europe is thriving and bigger than console gaming, 2 areas which npd numbers show nothing of). just look at crysis's sales, npd numbers said the game was failing, yet then came the announcemet that the game had sold 1 million copies in a month and a half. in any case, FINALLY. been waiting for ubisoft to come to their senses.

Avatar image for Jd1680a

It seem like when steam announced it had 15 million subscribers. That kind of gave a good reason for everyone else to join up. Now EA and Microsoft's turn to use steam to their advantage.

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