Ubisoft soaks up Steam

French publisher building up Valve's online distribution service with more than 40 titles; Far Cry, Splinter Cell, and Assassin's Creed now available for prepurchase.


With more than 15 million subscribers, the Steam train is showing no signs of slowing down. Last month alone, Valve added high-profile publishers Epic Games and Atari to its growing list of companies that offer their wares on its digital delivery service. Today, Valve announced French publisher Ubisoft would put its full support behind the unlikely alliance of studios that offer their games on Steam.

Though Ubisoft has previously ventured onto Valve's service with Dark Messiah of Might and Magic in 2006, the publisher now plans to dramatically upscale its offerings on Steam with the addition of more than 40 titles in the coming weeks, including games from its Tom Clancy, Heroes of Might & Magic, and IL-2 Sturmovik franchises. According to Valve, Ubisoft's contribution amounts to the largest lineup from any single publisher or developer available on Steam.

Valve also said today that Crytek's 2004 hit first-person shooter Far Cry and Ubisoft Montreal's critically acclaimed stealth action game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell from 2003 are now available for download. As is common with new releases on Steam, the titles have been discounted by 10 percent for their first week, and currently run for $8.95 and $17.95, respectively. Steam users can also prepurchase the PC edition of Ubisoft's multimillion selling Assassin's Creed, which will be available for full download beginning April 9.

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