Ubisoft snares Sony exec

Developer champion Mark DeLoura skips out at SCEA, lands new tech role at Ubisoft.


The secret society of Sony Computer executives, long known for its elusiveness and reluctance of its members to speak absent a well-honed script, today lost one of their most public, available, and well-liked players. Mark DeLoura, most recently Sony Computer Entertainment America's manager of third-party relations, has resigned his post in Foster City and relocated to Ubisoft's San Francisco location. His new title there is technical director.

Speaking with GameSpot News, DeLoura said, "I'm here to help Ubi out with anything techy on their externally-developed titles. Also, of course, to help them vet developers from a technical standpoint, review technical design documents, work with milestones, etc."

In DeLoura's personal blog, he commented on the departure from Sony, saying he had "a lot of mixed feelings about [leaving], of course. So many things done, but so many things yet to do."

DeLoura had been at SCEA for almost five years and left the organization July 18. He began his new assignment at Ubisoft the following day.

"I've always really gotten along well with the people I've met at Ubisoft," DeLoura told GameSpot. "The company focuses on creating unique experiences and also likes working with developers on their own IP. They're also one of the few truly 'global' game publishers--look at where all the studios are located! These are things which really appeal to me."

In late 2005, Ubisoft worldwide technical director Julien Merceron left that company's Paris location, relocating to London after joining the Eidos organization. While Ubisoft today didn't comment on whether DeLoura would assume full or partial responsibility for Merceron's agenda at Ubisoft, DeLoura's skills may be used to fill the void Merceron's departure created.

Before SCEA, DeLoura was lead technical engineer at Nintendo of America. He also held numerous roles at CMP Media, most notably as editor in chief of Game Developer magazine.

DeLoura currently sits on the advisory board of the Game Developers Conference and is often a GDC session presenter.

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