Ubisoft says 'keep the faith' for Beyond Good & Evil 2 - Report

Producer Wang Xu tells fans to remain hopeful for sequel to 2003's warmly received action adventure game.


Ubisoft's Beyond Good & Evil series has been dormant since 2003, when gamers received the well-regarded original. A teaser trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2 popped up five years later, and in June, creator Michel Ancel said a small team was working on the game. However, series fans holding out for the true sequel should be prepared for the long haul.

Ubisoft tells gamers to put faith in the pork.
Ubisoft tells gamers to put faith in the pork.

Ubisoft producer Wang Xu told Eurogamer recently that gamers will need to "keep the faith" for Beyond Good & Evil 2. He also offered a statement on whether or not the upcoming HD rerelease of the original will be used to gauge interest in releasing the sequel.

"Yes it is true; please buy Beyond Good & Evil HD if you want more BG&E games," he said.

While the sequel may be long way off, gamers looking to play an updated version of the original can download Beyond Good & Evil HD via the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live beginning next week.

Released in November of 2003, Beyond Good & Evil won critical acclaim for its mix of traditional action adventure elements with stealth segments, a picture-taking gameplay mechanic, and an engaging story of a young woman pulled into a rebel faction to blow the lid off of an interstellar government conspiracy.

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